6 Month Courses After 12th Science (Best Courses).

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6 month courses after 12th science

6 Month Courses After 12th Science.

Choosing your career path in a huge course list after 12th. Is one of the hard parts to do. Not all short term courses are good for your career growth.

Most of us search questions like which is the best course after 12th or what to do after intermediate.

It’s good that you are worried about your course choice. No matter if it’s 6 month course or 3 months course.

Choosing short-term courses could be more pain full because you do not have many options.

But, don’t worry, I have researched a lot for you. And listed out some of the best 6 month courses after 12th science.

Six months’ course is quite popular as compared to 2 3 months course. Many students also want 1 month course after 12th.

Which can be good if you want to learn any particular skill set.

But if you want short term courses for a job then a minimum of 6 month courses are best for you.

If you think can short term courses after 12th science gives the value of the certificate.

Then the answer is yes if you choose the right course after 12th class and get the certificate through the authorized institution.

Then six months course can also play a huge role in your career path.

Most of the short term courses are also called a 6 month certificate programs. So do not confuse if you see the course name as a certificate course.

6 month Courses after 12th Science (Courses List).

Course Name. Duration. Eligibility.
Certificate in Food & Nutrition.  6 months Class 10th.
Certificate in Poultry Farming. 6 Months. Class 8.
Certificate in Environmental Studies. 6 Months. 12th class.
Certificate in Water Harvesting & Management. 6 Months. Class 10th.
Certificate in Laboratory Techniques. 6 Months. 12th Class.
Certificate in Organic Farming. 6 Months. 12th class.
Certificate in Clinical Psychology. 6 Months. 12th Class.
Certificate in Naturopathy & Yoga Science. 6 Months. 12th Class.
Certificate In Beekeeping. 6 Months. 8 Class.
PG Certificate in Agriculture Policy. 6 Months. Undergraduate.
Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM). 16 Months. 10th class
Certificate in Sericulture. 6 Months. 2 years’ experience in sericulture and 10th class.

Othe Benefits.

Above mentioned short terms course gives the job opportunities after intermediate. Plus you can also join these courses for the subject specializations.

Certificate courses in science give you the subject of complete knowledge in shorts. Which increases your job opportunities.

Many students also do this course after graduation or degree. Because they want to job oriented courses after degree.

Online certificate courses in India are quite popular these days. Students want short term courses with a high salary.

After having Post-graduation or graduation also people like to apply for these 6 month courses.

Long term course does not only give you success. If you select the right and best certificate courses. Then you can get job opportunities after inter only.

Many students like to go with 1 Month course, 2 months course, or 2 Week certificate programs. In my opinion, it’s not that much worthy.

If you want to do the short term course. Then please go for 6 month courses after 12th science. Or if you can manage then one year’s courses after 12.

6 Month Medical Certificate Courses After 12th (Popular Courses).

To Certificate Courses.
Course Duration. 6 Months to 1 Year.
 Basic Eligibility. 12th Standard With Science Subjects.

Biology Subjects as a Compulsory.

10th Mark Sheet.

Any Experience in Healthcare (Optional).

Average Fees (Depends on Institute). 1200 to 24000 INR.
Online Courses in Medical. MediGrad, Coursera, EDX Etc.
Popular Job Prospects. Lab Technician, Dental Assistant, Physical Therapist, Hospital Administration, etc.
Fresher Average Salary. 1.20L to 5L INR.


One thing I would like to make you notices. There are tons of other certificate programs are also available.

After 12th class, you can move in multiple other lines too. Do not restrict yourself to checking what best available for you and in which you have an interest and go for it.

I have mentioned a few other certificate programs or online certificate course details. Which you consider if you want to do something different apart from the science stream.

Let’s see some value of certificate courses in India.


Healthcare & Paramedical Certificate Courses.

1. Dental Assistant Certificate.
2. Nursing Care Assistant.
3. MRI Technician Certificate.
4. Certificate in Home-based healthcare.
5. General Nursing & Midwifery.
6. Certificate in Food & Nutrition.
7. CT Scan Technician Certificate.
8. Certificate in HIV 7 Family Education.
9. Certificate in Community Radio.
10. Certificate in Community & Rural Healthcare.
11. Certificate in Healthcare & Waste Management.
12. Medical Laboratory Assistant Certificate.

Computer Certificate Course.

1. Certificate in MS Office Proficiency.
2. Certificate in App Development.
3. Certificate in Graphic Design.
4. Programing Language Certificate.
5. Certificate in Animation & Game Design.
6. Certificate in Web Designing.
7. Certificate in SEO & SME.
8. Certificate in Information Technology.
9. Certificate in Digital Marketing.
10 Certificate in VFX & Animation.

Management Certificate Courses.

1. Certificate in NGO Management.
2. Certificate in Co-Operation.
3. Certificate in Business Skills.
4. Certificate in Tourism studies & Management.
5. Certificate in International Humanitarian Law.
6. Certificate in Energy Technology & Management.

Banking & Accounting Certificate Courses.

1. Certificate in Tally.
2. Certificate in Computerized Accounting.

Agriculture & Allied Certificate Course.

1. Certificate in Organic farming.
2. Certificate in Beekeeping.
3. Visual & Performing Arts Certificate Course.
4. Painting.
5. Hindustani Music.
6. Carnatic Music.
7. Applied Arts.
8. Indigenous Art Practice.

Other Certificate Course.

1. Certificate in Photography.
2. Certificate in Interior Design.
3. Certificate in Ticketing.
4. Air Hostess Certificate.
5. Certificate Disaster Management.
6. Certificate in Environmental Studies.

(Bonus Information).

Best Job Oriented Short Term Courses after 12th.

If you want short term courses with a high salary after 12th.Then you can pursue 6 months duration courses Such as.


Job Oriented Short Term Courses.

1. Diploma in Digital Marketing.
2. Diploma in Hotel Management.
3. Diploma in Web Designing.
4. Diploma in Advertising & Marketing.
5. Diploma in Event Management.
6. Diploma in Photography.
7. Diploma in Multimedia & 3D Animation.

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