About Us

JobOpening (JO) was founded by Priti Kumari.


I love to help newcomers and college students, who need help regarding education and career. My favorite topics are education guide.


I have around 4 years of experience in the teaching field. After getting lots of experience. I have finally reached my goal.


My Idea is also helping those students. Those are looking for chose the better course, career, tips for education, how to fix accounts and more.

However, I have also provided information related to Online earning because many students manage their studies on their own, so they need extra income.

I have started this blog. Because I love writing and sharing knowledge. You will see the various topic in this blog which I have a cover like top app for study, online income, education & career, tips and tricks, and Exam Preparation information.


Blog information which publishing in JobOpening it’s comes after lots of research along with my experience (as I have 4years of teaching experience).

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