Why, Hotel Management Course. Top College & Institute.

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Today we are going to talk deeply regarding Hotel Management course details.

Hotel management course is career growth field and the selection of Hotel Management course is one of the best decisions.

But the first question comes from that.

Do you have an interest in this field?

If you have an interest in this, it’s great because this is the first requirement is need any study.

As a student, you might have lots of questions in your mind, which is very common.

Because choosing the right course is only going to fulfill the future dream.

Therefore, we’re going to talk about today:

  • What Hotel Management is all about?
  • Why Hotel Management Courses.

          Or Is Hotel management a good career option?

  • What is the requirement for hotel management?
  • How many Years is the Hotel management course?
  • Which Hotel management course is best?
  • Can Hotel management can be done after 10th or 12th.
  • Can hotel management do an MBA?
  • Where is Hotel Management Colleges or Institute?

          Or which college is best for Hotel Management?

  • Hotel Management Jobs & Profile.
  • What is the Starting Salary of Hotel Management?

1. What Hotel Management is all about?

Hotel management which runes by a group of people who fulfill the requirement of client needs plus managing and taking care of furniture, analysis, fixture and equipment, operational strategies, and many more.

Luxurious hotel management working platform.

Maintaining multiple tasks on a daily basis, no matter it can be cleaning hotels rooms or serving food to the client.

In other words, taking care of hotel property plus fulfilling the client’s requirement.

2. Why Hotel Management Courses or Is Hotel management a good career option?

If you have an interest in this field, then after completing this course and a few years of experience will provide you a good future earnings.

This course gives you the opportunity to develop your personality skill, engage with lots of different personalities, communication skill, traveling opportunities, abroad jobs opportunities, Styles uniform, luxurious hotel work environments, Ship job opportunity and many more.

So, after completing the study you will not only get the many options plus you can enhance your study and can get a more powerful platform to work.

For example the Taj Hotel.

3. What is the requirement for Hotel/Hostility management?

If you are planning to start your career with this course then it’s better you will know bit requirements of same.

Expecting from the candidate that they should be multitasking because work as we take your 10hr or 12hr.

Similarly, the presence of mind and humble nature is also required. A pleasant personality and customer-oriented makes you fit in this.

As per profession disciple in also required.

4. How many Years is the hotel management course or the Hotel management course duration?

Normally this course has been taken 2years to 3years and 4years depend on the course in which you have taken admission.

In other words, it depends on your course guys.

However, we have a few diploma courses also in the market which take the only 1year for hotel management.

Plus its also depend on which specialization you have chosen.

For example,

  • BHMCT [3 years]
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management [4 Years]
  • Certificate Course in Hotel & Hospitality Management [1 Year].

5. Which Hotel management course is best?

There are many courses that make student confusion in which they go.

However, if you find deep then you will get to know which is best for you.

I have also reached for you and made a list for you below.

Top Hotel Management Course.

  1. Bachelor of Hotel Management.
  2. BA In Hotel Management.
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality, travel & tourism.
  4. MBA in Hospitality Management.
  5. Master of Hotel management.
  6. Bsc in Hospitality & Hotel Administration.
  7. MBA in Hotel Management.
  8. Diploma in Hotel Management.
  9. Diploma in Food & Beverages Production.

6. Can Hotel management can be done after 10th or 12th.

Yes, you can do the hotel management course after 10th or 12th also.

There are few institutes are there who provide the hotel management course for 10th pass candidates.

However, if you have completed the 12th then you will get a bit better option of course in the market.

Similarly, you have graduated then also you have a big course option are available.

Refer here for “11 Best professional courses in India”.

7. Can a hotel management student do an MBA.

Yes, you can do the MBA, any student who has been completed the bachelor’s degree in any discipline can do the MBA.

You can do the MBA through some top colleges, for example, Agra Institute of Hotel Management and Jain University in Bangalore.

8. Can Hotel Management be done with Commerce?

Yes, you can do the Hotel Management course after completing 12th in commerce as well.

Opportunities are there for commerce students also.

There are diploma and degree both courses are available in the market. Depend on your interest and investment which you like to go with.

9. Where is hotel management colleges or Institute or which college is best for hotel management?

There are many colleges are available in India to which you can apply for.

If you like to take admitted to your city the might be you are very much aware of your nearest colleges and institute.

However, if you are looking for the best one or might be you have a plan you go out of your city then here are some top colleges or institutions you can refer.

  1. Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore.
  2. AIHMCT, Bangalore.
  3. IHM, PUSA, New Delhi.
  4. Indian School of Hospitality Gurgaon.
  5. Instituted of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Mumbai/Lucknow.
  6. Rizvi College of Hotel Management, Mumbai.
  7. IHM, Jodhpur.

10. Hotel Management Jobs & Profile.

You will get a very interesting job profile and various options after completing some specialization in Hotel management also.

The best part of hotel management is that it gives you many platforms to make yourself stand.

Profile Name like:

  1. Front Office Manager.
  2. Hotel manager.
  3. Housekeeping Manager.
  4. Food and Beverage Manager.
  5. Chef.
  6. Steward.
  7. Floor Supervisors.

In Hotel/Hospitality Industry requirement is always happing for example,

  • Hyatt Hotel.
  • The Taj Group of Hotel.
  • Accor Hotel.
  • Oberoi Grop of Hotel.
  • Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts Group.

11. What is the Starting Salary of hotel management?

After completing the course starting salary for freshers can be 10k to 15k per month.

After completing training in a top hotel your salary will be increased up to 20k per month.

If you talk about General Manager it could be 3 lakh to 45 lakh per year. However, if we talk about the accountant then it could be 1.5 lakh to 5.45 lakh per year.