Biotechnology Engineering Subjects & Eligibility.

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Biotechnology Engineering Subjects.

Biotechnology engineering subjects give the knowledge of the field which makes technology advanced. If you are planning to enter the biotechnology field.

Then it fairly shows that you want to become a biotech engineer. Biotechnology engineering is one of the fasted growing career sectors we have in India.

Before taking admission in biotechnology engineering. Or choosing a course it’s great to go through the biotechnology syllabus and subjects information.

Knowing your course subjects will make your study easier and convenient. 

Students always ask how many subjects in b tech we have to cover. You will get the all answer down below.

However, first, understand before knowing the subjects you have to select the type of biotechnology in which you want to take admission.

There are four types of biotechnology filed we have.

1. Medical Biotechnology:

In medical Biotechnology, you will work to improve the technology which is required for human health.

Development of the antibiotics and usage of the medical tools are major in medical biotechnology.

2. Agriculture Biotechnology:

Here you will be a part of the organization that takes care of genetically modified plants. Gene technology, Plant improvement, plants help, increasing the crop yield.

3. Applications of Biotechnology:

Applications of biotechnology cover many other applications. Such as Abiotic Stress, Nutrient Supplementation, etc.

4. Industrial Biotechnology:

Biotechnology also gives area in cosmetic and detergent products. Few famous areas in industrial biotechnology are Biofuels, Healthcare, and Strength Fibers.

Various Core Courses.

In Biotechnology engineering, we can see the various core courses and topics.  You can select the course by checking down the below list.

Food Microbiology. Organic Chemistry.
Protein Science. Human Biology.
Immunology. Plant Science.
Structural Biochemistry. Chemistry.
Genomics & Bioinformatics. Environmental Microbiology.
Molecular Genetics. Biological Chemistry.
Metabolism. Cell Biology & Biological System.

B.E Biotechnology Engineering Subjects & Syllabus.

Courses and Subjects always vary according to the universities and institutes.

However, I have mentioned the B.E biotechnology Engineering subjects and syllabus which generally covers by most of the universities and colleges. Semester I
1. English.
2. Mathematics.
3. Physics.
4. Chemistry.
5. Basic Engineering. Semester II
1. Mathematics LS II
2. Material Science.
3. Biochemistry.
4. Principles of Environmental Science.
5. Basic Engineering II. Semester III
1. Immunology.
2. Enzyme Technology.
3. Chemical Process Calculations.
4. Genetics & Cytogenetic.
5. Computer Skills.
6. Mechanical Operations and heat transfer.
7. French Language Phase I/Japanese Language
8. Microbiology. Semester IV
1. Biophysics.
2. Momentum Transfer.
3. Biostatistics.
4. Molecular Biology.
5. French Language Phase II/German Language
6. Bioprocess Principles.
7. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics. Semester V
1. Animal Biotechnology.
2. Mass Transfer.
3. Analytics Techniques.
4. Mass Transfer Laboratory.
5. Plant Biotechnology.
6. Personality Development V
7. Medical Biotechnology.
8. Vector Biology & gene manipulation. Semester VI.
1. Bioinformatics.
2. Plant Biotechnology.
3. Protein Engineering.
4. Instrumentation & Process Control.
5. Genomics & Proteomics. Semester VII
1. Food Biotechnology.
2. Bioreactor Design.
3. Fermentation Technology.
4. Bioseparation Technology. Semester VIII
1. Bionanotechnology.
2. Bioethics.

Biotechnology Engineering Eligibility.

Study Biotechnology builds your career as a biotechnology engineer or medical biotechnology engineer.

The scope and future of biology are very bright and clear. Even year by year you will get the good salary packages and increments as per your knowledge and experience.

But to achieve all these goals first step is to come to get eligible for the biotechnology course.

  • Candidate should be pass out 10+2 with PCB (Physics/Chemistry/Biology).
  • Few engineering institutes ask for mathematics as a compulsory subject.
  • A candidate who has biology in the 12th standard can also apply for admission to various colleges.
  • If you are willing to take admission in diploma biotechnology engineering. Then having 55% marks in 10th class is required. SC/ST get the admission in relaxed marks.
  • Government colleges normally consider 75% marks in 12th standard for UG degree courses.
  • Admission through the entrance exam is also another option you have. Such as JEE (Joint Entrance Examination).


After completing the B.E Biotechnology Engineering course. If you have to wish to continue your study in biotechnology files.

Then see the various specialization core subject for you.

Biophysics. Genetics.
Microbiology. Biochemistry.
Immunology. Ecology.
Pharmacology. Bio-Statistics.
Molecular Biology. Virology.
Animal Husbandry. Fisheries.

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