Blood Banking Course & Components Separation.

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Blood Banking Course.

Blood Banking Course.

Blood bank training courses give knowledge and techniques like phlebotomists. Students gain knowledge of how to work in different medical scenarios.

Such as collecting blood for blood bank, tests, analyzing the collected blood, screening, and mentioning right patients naming types in blood banking.

The blood bank certificate course also taught you how to collect blood for the blood center with the guidance of clinical laboratory technologists.

In a blood bank technician course, students get involved in laboratory tools, knowing about blood bank branches, understanding of blood bank samples, and so on.

Blood bank courses have a huge potential for jobs and smart earning. Candidates with perfect knowledge can earn on an average of 1500 INR per hour.

Here you will get the all blood bank course details with eligibility, jobs, course duration, recruitments areas, etc.

Blood Banking Course.

The blood bank technician course is available in both diploma and degree forms. Some top colleges of India provide blood technician courses.

Such as NIMS University, Maharashtra University of Health Science, NIMS University Jaipur, etc.

  • Diploma in Blood Banking.
  • Certificate in Blood bank Technician.
  • Blood Bank Technician Course.
  • BSc Blood Banking Technology.
  • MSc in Blood Bank Technology.

Diploma in Blood Banking.

We know a career in diploma is amazing therefore if you want to choose the short term course then a diploma in blood bank technology would be a good choice.

After completing the blood bank certificate course students get job roles like identifying potential donors, knowledge of various equipment, necessary texts, etc.

A blood test diploma course is a career-oriented or vocational training course. This course also known as the DBBT course means Diploma in Blood Bank Technology.

Blood bank diploma course is one of old course we have in India but very few students know about the same.

If the candidate wants to pursue blood banking career after 12th then this course will be the better option.

Course Duration.

Diploma blood bank course duration will vary as per college and institute. However, usually, it takes 2 years to 3 years of study.

3 Years Blood bank diploma course in India is basically considered for the 10th standard students.


For take admission in diploma blood bank course or DBBT Course minimum eligibility is 10th and 12th pass out mark sheet.

Minimum marks required is 50% or more than 50% for admission.

Diploma in Blood Bank Technology.

Admission Process.

Blood bank admission for diploma courses required 12th standard students with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

To start blood bank job courses after 12th students have to visit to the college official site and in admission section required to check the admission date and process.

Diploma in Blood Bank Course Syllabus.

Check the list of some important subjects covers in diploma in blood bank technology (DBBT).

Subjects & Syllabus. Subjects & Syllabus.
Blood Grouping. Immunohematology.
Selection of Donors. Blood Collection.
Coombs Test. Cellular Components.
Plasma Components. Quality Control.
Compatibility test. Plasma Components.
Transfusion Medicine. Transfusion Equipment’s.
Transfusion Practices. Importance of HLA.

Blood Banking Job Responsibilities.

  • Right selection of donors.
  • Following the Safety Procedures.
  • Understand Patients Results and Medical History.
  • Follow the blood Grouping System.
  • Test the Plasma Components.
  • Screening of Blood for Identify infection.
  • Maintain the Quality Control.
  • Do the Blood Collection.
  • Follow the Transfusion Practices.
  • Educated the Donor or Patients.
  • Compete the Documentation.
  • Perform Task like CLIP & OSHA.
  • Perform the Centrifugal Process.
  • Provide Coverage areas like Chemistry, Blood gas & Coagulation.

Diploma in Blood Bank Technology Jobs.

Diploma in blood banking course is like diploma in government jobs diploma salary and options of great job opportunities by the private sector too. Checkout some of major recruiters areas and job profiles in DBBT.

Top Recruitment Areas.

  • Government Hospitals.
  • Government Blood Banks.
  • Private Hospitals.
  • NGOs.
  • Private Blood Banks.

Top Recruitment Companies.

  • Max Hospitals.
  • Max Hospitals.
  • Seven hills hospitals.
  • P Birla Hospital.
  • Apollo Hospital.
  • Lata Mangeshkar Medical Foundation.

Job Profiles.

  • Blood Bank Technician.
  • Transfusion Technician.
  • Assistant Technician.


Salary after DBBT course could be between 9k INR to 15K INR per month. However, if candidate get the government job then salary be will applicable as per pay scale and grade abroad.

BSc in Blood Bank Technician.

Bachelor of Science in blood banking is a six semester course with 3 years. In this blood bank training courses students’ knowledge of various medical analyses.

Such as bacteriology, chemical, microscopic, immunologic along with lab testing, molecular biology lab, clinical endocrinology and so on.

Bsc in Blood Bank Technician Eligibility.

As like DBBT 10+2 pass out with science subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Admission process required minimum 50% of aggregate for this course admission.

Entrance Exam Preparations.

Admission of BSc in blood bank technology based on both criteria either with merit or with entrance exam.

If student have choice to any particular college admission then they can clear the entrance for that college or university.

  1. JEE Mains.
  2. JEE Advanced.
  3. JNUEE.

Blood bank Technician Jobs.

  • Clinical Operations Manager.
  • Blood Bank Technician.
  • Pathology Lab Technology.
  • Blood Bank administrator.
  • Blood Collection Authority.
  • Lab Technician.
  • Medical Billing Specialist.

Types of Blood Bank Technicians.

  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).
  • Community Medical Services.
  • Blood Bank Administration.
  • Nutrition & Dietetics Virologist.
  • Occupational Therapist.
  • Naturopathy & Yogic Science.

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