Books for UPSC Beginners: IAS/UPSC [Must Read].

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Books for UPSC Beginners.

Common Question what is Best books for UPSC beginners.

Students felt their situation in a tight spot when it comes to UPSC preparation books for beginners.

Because a good start only can push you up for the best IAS preparation and success.

But, how should I start my IAS for beginners? What are the basic books for UPSC would be good for easy understanding and learning?

Don’t worry here I have mentioned selecting the best books for UPSC beginners. Because only UPSC study skills will not go to work if you don’t have the right UPSC books.

You will also get the information about which NCERT books to read for UPSC prelims.

We all know NCERT Books are the foundation of UPSC preparation.

Let start with the best books for UPSC beginners (Prelims Paper I).

1. India Ancient Past (Writer: RS Sharma).
2. Indian Art and Culture (Writer Nitin Singhania).
3. Medieval Indian History.
4. Indian Polity 5th Edition Laxmi-Kanth.
5. Indian Economy 11th Edition (Writer: Ramesh Singh).
6. Our Constitution.
7. Certificate in Physical & Human Geography.
8. A Brief History of Modern Indian Spectrum.

Book List for IAS Prelims Paper 2.

1. Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency.
2. Reading Comprehension for Civil Service Preliminary Exam.
3. Basic Numeracy for CSAT General Studies (Paper 2).
4. Logical Reasoning / Analytical Ability.
5. Interpersonal & Communication Skills (Writer: Arun Sharma).

GS Manual Paper I and Paper 2 for UPSC Prelims.

Practice Set (IAS Prelims Paper 1).

Practice Set (IAS Prelims Paper 2).

Text-books for UPSC Mains Paper III.

  1. Descriptive English (By S.P.Bakshi).
  2. IAS Mains Compulsory English (Solved Paper).

Essay: Text-book for UPSC Mains Paper III.

General Studies I: Text-Books for UPSC (Main Paper IV).

1. History of the Modern World (Writer: Jain Mathur).
2. Indian Art and Culture (Plus Prelims Books).
3. Indian & World Geography (By Majid Husain).
4. Certificate of P and M Geo (Plus Prelims Books).
5. Social Problem in India (By Ram Ahuja).
6. New look at modern Indian history (Writer: BL Grover).
7. India struggle for Independence (BY Bipin Chandra).
8. A Brief History of modern India (Plus Prelims Books).
9. Contemporary Issues in Globalization (By Soumyen Sikdar).

General Studies II: Text-books for UPSC Mains Paper V.

1. Our Parliament.
2. Indian Polity 5th Edition.
3. Governance in India.
4. Introduction to the constitution of India.
5. Select Constitutions.
6. Challenge & Strategy.
7. Public Institutions in India.

General Studies III: Text-book for UPSC Mains Paper VI.

General Studies IV: Text-books for UPSC Main Paper VII.

GS Manual (1/2/3/4) for UPSC Main GS Paper (All in One).

1. IAS Mains Paper One (Indian Heritage and Culture History and Geography of the world and society).
2. IAS Mains Paper Two (Governance Constitution / Polity Social Justice and International Relations).
3. IAS Mains Paper Three (Technology Economics Development Bio Diversity Environment/Security and Disaster Management).
4. IAS Mains Paper 4 Ethics Integrity and Aptitude.

UPSC CSE Mains Previous Years Solved (Question Paper Books).

NCERT Books (UPSC Beginners).

  1. NCERT Books: (UPSC as a Bundle).
  2. NCERT Text-books from Class 6 to 12.

UPSC Interview Books.

1. Common Mistakes at UPSC CSE (Civil Service Examination): By Abhishek Dular.
2. CSE (Civil Services Interview): By Madhukar Bhagat.
3. Esencia Current Affairs (By H.S. Sidhu).

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