BSc Nutrition and Dietetics Eligibility/Subjects/Fees.

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BSc Nutrition and Dietetics.

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics.

BSc nutrition degree students get knowledge of the area, such as food science, dietetics, public health safety, holistic understanding, human physiology, and more.

It is undergraduate three years to four years of regular course BSc dietician can be done by the distance learning too.

Nutrition course provides the basic knowledge about food microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and prepares a proper healthy diet chat.

If students want to achieve huge career growth in this, along with the highest job profile.

Then the student must need to take a few years of work experience after bachelor of dietetics.

Or else a student can pursue the Master in public health, which also boosts student career growth path.

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics Course Details.

BSc nutrition & dietetics course helps students understand the human nutrition deals.

It also gives the basic knowledge of what essential nutrients in food are necessary for the human body.

How food nutrition and dietetics can effects the human body and prevent multiple diseases.

Good nutrition food is very important in case of various diseases, growing child, pregnant lady, and biological development.

A Dietitian course in a bachelor’s degree course is also called a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics.

BSc course duration is usually 3 Years, but some university of colleges also takes 4 Years as per their course syllabus.

For BSc food nutrition and dietetics minimum percentage requires is 50% in student 12th standard.

Study nutrition is very interesting if you have a real interest in the subject. There are multiple short-term course option is also available apart from the BSc course.

Such as a diploma in nutrition and dietetics or certification in nutrition and dietetics.

However, in my opinion, pursuing a BSc in Nutrition dietetics will be the best option for a student’s career prospects.

Career opportunities are very vast after a food and nutrition degree such as top employments roles like Food Quality manager, Nutrition, Dietitian, nutritionist, etc.

Why BSc Nutrition and Dietetics Degree.

BSc science course like nutrition and dietetics allows you to work in both areas either self-employment or job opportunities in the market.

Student can open their own nutrition clinic, yoga diet instructor, health care clinic, gyms diet-related center, or private clinic for dietetics prescription.

Students get a deep knowledge of clinical nutrition.

It helps to develop a nutrition career path in various areas such as community service, research, hospitals, academics, etc.

Degree in dietetics course opens up the healthcare demanding filed area in which students no need to worry about future career graph plus it has the option of the higher education too.

Youth of the world are most aware of the balanced diet and nutrition foods which also shows this industry will be even greater future.

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics Eligibility.

Before applying the admission for BSc in nutrition and dietetics, let’s see the BSc eligibility criteria such as 50% minimum marks required in their 10+2 standard. And should be with a recognized school.

Another nutrition course eligibility is that students should have the biology subject in on their 12th subjects.

The minimum age required is 17 Years, and some colleges for admission also ask to give entrance exams under their BSc dietician course eligibility criteria.

BSc Nutrition & Dietetics Admission Process.

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics admission process happens in two ways direct admission and entrance exam-based admission.

Bachelor’s in nutrition course details, you can check online in college official website.

Students can fill up the course application form which is available in both online and offline registration.

In BSc application admission details students have to mention the final marks obtained in the 10+2 standard. Either entrance examination passing marks.

BSc Nutrition & Dietetics Entrance Exams.

For dietician course admission to a college students can also attempt into numbers of entrance exam. Some of the BSc entrance exams also help to get on the diploma admission.

Let see few popular Bsc nutrition entrance exams.

  • KCET.
  • NEST.
  • KEAM.

Best Colleges for Nutrition and Dietetics.

  • Mumbai University (Mubai).
  • Kanpur University (Maumbai).
  • RVS College of Arts & Science.
  • Chandigarh University (Chandigarh).
  • SGT University (Haryana).
  • LPU (Jalandhar).
  • Delhi University (Delhi).
  • Queen Mary’s College (Tamil Nadu).
  • Galgotias University (Noida).
  • Mount Carmel College (Bangalore).
  • D. Goenku University.
  • Shoolini University (Himachal Pradesh).
  • Andhar University (Andhra Pradesh).

BSc Nutrition and Diet Course Fees Structure.

Now understand the BSc fees structure for the dietitian course. Admission fees for nutrition courses will vary as per college and university student choice.

However, if we talk about the basic B.Sc. nutrition and dietetics fees structure then it’s approximately between 55k INR to 3. LPA INR.

The best way to know the nutrition course fees is to visit the college’s official website, and in the admission, tab checks the full course fees details.

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics Subjects & Syllabus.

Semester I.

Semester II.

Human Physiology. Human Nutrition.
Food Chemistry. Nutritional Biochemistry.
Soft Skills and Communication Skills. Mother and Child Health.
Food and Nutrition. Public health and Nutrition.

Semester III.

Semester IV.

Food Industry Management. Science of Bakery & Confectionery.
Food Microbiology. Introduction to food Science.
Food Quality Analysis. Introduction to food science.
Food Meal and Diet Planning.

Semester V.

Semester VI.

Food Processing Operations & Management. Food Service Management.
Introduction to Dietetics. Diet & Patient Counselling.
Nutritional Ethics. Food Biotechnology.
Food Packing & marketing Management. Dietetics 2.

Higher Studies in Nutrition Course.

After completing the BSc science course (nutrition and dietetics) students can plan for higher education for their next career goal.

Job opportunities after BSc nutrition dietetics are also available, but if students want to study further, then they can choose higher studies options.

  • MSc. Food and Nutrition.
  • MSC Nutrition.
  • MSC in Dietetics.
  • MSc Applied Nutrition.
  • MSc Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • MBA.
  • PG in Diploma Dietetics & Public Health.
  • Phile (Food and Nutrition)

Career Prospects after B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics.

Dieticians and nutrition present a large career scope in medical science. Job opportunities plus the scope of career paths are tremendous.

Popular job roles are available in the health care center, which makes you a professional nutritionist.

A career around food lifestyle and spanning healthcare makes the job interesting and enjoy full. Government and private both sector hire for nutrition jobs.

If students complete the advanced and specialized degree in modern diet practice, then their career path going to will be more fruitful with smart payout.

Top Employment Area after B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics.

  • Public Health Department.
  • Health & Wellness industries.
  • Airlines Care Programs.
  • Health Organization.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Ambulatory Career Programs.
  • Sports and Fitness Centers.
  • Quantity Food Service Establishment.
  • Government Research Institute.
  • Private Research Institute.
  • Consultant for Multinational Companies.
  • Community Development Programme.
  • Hospitals.
  • Food Industry.

Job Profiles after BSc Nutrition.

  • Dietician.
  • Marketing Manager.
  • Clinical Dietician.
  • Nutritionist.
  • Research & Development Manager.
  • Public Health Professional.
  • Consultant.
  • Child & Maternal Dietician.
  • Agriculture Food Technician.
  • Food psychologist.
  • Sports Nutritionist.

Skills for BSc Dietetics.

  • Work under Pressure.
  • Time Management.
  • Understand the Foods and Nutrition.

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