BSc Physics Scope, Jobs, Salary, Career Options.

Light blue color in baground with black text words BSc Physics Scope.BSc Physics Scope.
BSc Physics Scope.

BSc physics scope

BSc Physics jobs are available in multiple areas of industries. Such as oil and gas industries, agriculture, construction companies, pyrotechnics manufacturers, and other major markets.

BSc physics scope also can drive your career option for the high profiles jobs like space, energy, motion, etc.

Physics subjects are always a great option for students who want to make their career in research or analyst.

Jobs for BSc physics fresher can be easily access able in the areas. Such as las assistant, analyst, researcher, etc.

Career Options After BSc Physics & Job Scope.

Jobs after BSc physics are available in both the private and public sectors. For example, courses after BSc physics you can apply for these job profile Nanotechnologist, Research associate, acoustic Consultant and so on.

Let see few more BSc Physics Job Opportunities.

  • Technician.
  • Scientist
  • Professor.
  • Radiologist.
  • Lab Supervisor.
  • Senior Physicist.
  • Assistant Scientist.
  • Consulting Physicist.
  • Teacher.
  • Radiation Oncologist.

Study for MSC.

The second Best career option after BSc physics is to go for higher education. Having an MSc physics degree will give you more career opportunities in both the private and public sectors.

A career after BSc physics will be more fruitful if you complete the master’s degree.

Because the government does have many government job recruitments which required MSC courses as eligibility.

Another valid reason for study MSc or higher studies is jobs. Means jobs after MSc physics can maybe drive you in the industry like ISRO, VSSC, SSPL, DRDO, and so on.

The next solid reason is the scope after BSc physics gives you a good salary, But having an MSc physics degree will give you a more reputed profession and salary package.

BSc Physics Jobs.

As I have mentioned above job opportunities after BSc physics, or the scope of BSc physics is quite countless.

After BSc career options give you multiple industries according to your marks, experience, knowledge, and skills.

Some Popular Jobs after BSc Physics.

  1. Research.
  2. Academics.
  3. Radiologist.
  4. IT Consultant.
  5. Scientist.
  6. Quality Control Manager.
  7. Statistician
  8. Space Engineering.
  9. Teaching.
  10. Laboratory.

Private Sectors Jobs.

After knowing about the top areas of recruitment for BSc Physics, let see some other job profile which you can do after bsc courses.

Job Position.

  • Lab Supervisor.
  • Senior Physicist.
  • Research Associate.
  • Consulting Physicist.
  • Technician.

Top Recruitment Firms.

  • TCS (Tata Consultancy Service).
  • Atomic Labs.
  • NASA.
  • Tesla.
  • Analog Devices.
  • Solar Industries India Ltd.

Salary Package for B.Sc Physics.

B.Sc Physics salary totally depend on the candidate course subjects, skills, knowledge, specialization, performance in interview, city location.

However, you will see the down below on an average B.Sc physics job salary.

Job Profile. Average Salary.
Radiologist. INR 5.75L to 6L PA.
Statistician. INR 3.50L to 4.5L PA.
Lab Supervisor. INR 2.75L to 3L PA.

Entrance exam for MSc & PhD.

After having a bachelor’s degree in Physics Course. If you have a plan for the post-graduation courses for the best job opportunities after BSc physics.

Then you can refer few top entrance exams for MSc. This means if you have thought after BSc physics which course is best. Then go for the master’s degree Study MSc.

Down Below you will get the top entrance exams name for getting admission in the IIT’s, NIIT’s and other top Universities.

Entrance Exam. Courses Provided.
IIT JAM (Joint Admission Test).
  • MSc Physics.
  • MSC Astronomy.
  • Joint MSc PhD in Physics.
  • MSc Applied Geophysics.
  • Joint MSC PhD in Geophysics.
  • Joint MSc PhD in Atmosphere & Ocean Science.
JEST (Joint Entrance Screening Test)
  • MSc Programmer in Physics.
  • PhD Programmer in Physics.
  • Integrated PhD Programmer.
  • Integrated MSc-PhD Programmer.
OUAT (Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology).
  • MSc Programmer in Physics.
  • PhD Programmer in Physics.
NEST (National Entrance Screening Test).
  • Integrated MSc Programmer in Basic Science.
IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education & Research).
  • Integrated PhD Programmer.
  • Integrated BS-MS in Physics.
  • PhD Programmer in Physics Science.

Postgraduate courses after BSc physics.

In the bsc physics scope let see after bsc physics which course is best for your career options.

  • Biophysics.
  • Astrophysics.
  • Fluid Physics.
  • Molecular Physics.
  • Optical Physics.
  • Geophysics.
  • Acoustical Physics.
  • Astrophysics.
  • Fiber Optical Physics.
  • Plasma physics.
  • Health Physics.
  • Materials Physics.

Job Opportunity Abroad for BSc Physics.

On other hand, if you have plan your career after BSc physics in abroad. Then you can apply for the same.

As we know B.Sc physic course deals with natural science, research, and innovation.

Therefore the demand of physics students is always required for several profiles. B.Sc. physical degree gives you multiple job opportunities in the world.

Few popular job profiles in the world of Physics.

  • Astronomer.
  • Metallurgist.
  • Geophysicist.
  • Nanotechnologist.
  • Physicist.
  • Acoustician

Top Recruitment Companies.

  1. Vector Recruitment.
  2. Cactus Communications.
  3. Atomic Weapons Establishment.
  4. QinetiQ.

Other BSc Physics scope for Abroad Students.

Several Job profiles you can apply in abroad after B.Sc. physics course.

  • Communication research Scientist.
  • Applied Physicist (technology R&D).
  • Radiation Protection Adviser.
  • Micro fabrication Engineer Scientist Micro traps.
  • Quantum Photonics science & Engineers.
  • Principle Beam line Scientist.

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