BSc Physics Syllabus and Subjects [List Semester Wise].

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BSc Physics Syllabus & Subjects.

BSc physics Syllabus & Subjects.

BSc (Bachelor of Science) all courses are famous and career-oriented. In all BSc courses list, today you are going to talk about the bachelor in physics syllabus and subjects.

BSc physics science required dedicated study and hard work on both theories and practices.

BSc physics course and BSc physics science with computer science both are students’ favorite choices.

However, before beginning with the BSc physical course and career it’s good to understand the BSc physical syllabus.

BSC Physics Syllabus.

BSc physical subjects teach about science, energy, power, and so on. Most likely BSc physics taught about the nature through which our whole world work.

So check out the BSc physics syllabus semester wise down below along with major subjects and information.

Semester 1.

Semester 2.

Mechanics and Properties of Matter. Optics.
Foundation Course Math’s. Calculus.
Physics Lab 1. Physics Lab 2.


Semester 3.

Semester 4.

Electricity and Magnetism. Nuclear Physics.
Solid State Physics. Basic Electronics.
Classical Mechanics and Relativity. Electromagnetic Theory.


Semester 5.

Semester 6.

Statistical Mechanics. Instrumentation.
Quantum Mechanics. Atomic and Molecular Physics.
Oscillations and Waves. Renewable Energy.

BSc Physics Syllabus Semester Wise.

Here you will see the BSc physics syllabus 1st year to bsc 3rd Year physics syllabus of all subjects and information.

Physics BSc 1st year is more popular because of mathematical physics and mechanics. Let start with First-year syllabus of the Bachelor of Science in physics.

Semester 1.

BSc Physics Subjects. BSc Physics Syllabus.
Mechanics. Fundamental of motion, force, gravity, elasticity. This topic gives a bit of knowledge to students about engineering and mechanical engineering.

Along with fundamentals of Rotational Dynamics, Work and Energy, Gravitation, etc.

Chemistry. The syllabus covers organic chemistry and bonding solid forces. For students basic knowledge of chemical functions and structures.
Mathematics Physics. Special Integrals, Vector Calculus, Multiple Integrals, etc.

Semester 2.

BSc Physics Subjects. BSc Physics Syllabus.
Oscillations and Waves. Waves Optics and Motions, Diffraction, Collinear harmonic oscillations, etc.
Electricity and Magnetism. Properties of Matter, Electromagnetic Induction, Electric circuits, etc.
Technical Writing & Communication in English. Technical writing, Learning about documenting technical details and interpreting for making ethical structure.

Semester 3.

BSc Physics Subjects. BSc Physics Syllabus.
Thermal Physics. Atmosphere, Kinetic theory of gases, properties, thermodynamics, distribution of velocities, etc.
Digital Electronics. Shift registers, Boolean, Timers, analog & Digital Circuits, CRO, etc.
Computer Programming & Microprocessors. Control Statements, Array Structure, Functions of contemporary, etc.

Semester 4.

BSc Physics Subjects. BSc Physics Syllabus.
Analog System and Applications. Bipolar Junction, Conversion, Sinusoidal Oscillators, Semiconductor Diodes, Operational Amplifiers, etc.
Mathematical Analysis & Statistic. Sequences & Series Uniform, Convergence and intelligence integration, Beta and gamma functions.
Modern Physics. Quantum Mechanics, Planck’s Quantum, Fission and fusion, etc.

Semester 5.

BSc Physics Subjects. BSc Physics Syllabus.
Quantum Mechanics. Bound States, Time Dependent, Hydrogen, etc.
Atomic & Molecular Physics. Superconductivity, crystal structure, band theory, lattice dynamics, etc.
Elective. As per students choice of selection.

Semester 6.

BSc Physics Subjects. BSc Physics Syllabus.
Statistical Physics. Fermi Dirac Statistics, Quantum theory of Radiation, etc.
Electromagnetic Theory. Maxwell Equations, Polarization, EM Wave Propagation, etc.
Elective.  As per students choice of subject.

B.Sc Physics Subjects (Core Subjects).

Courses after bsc physics will totally depends what core subjects you have chosen in bachelor degree.

Or in bsc physics Courses after BSc physics, will depend on what core subjects you have chosen in bachelor’s degree or BSc physics honours.

As we know natural science under physics degree taught us about the motions, space, time waves, digital systems, etc.

As we know natural science under physics degree taught us about the motions, space, time waves, digital system, etc.

Core Subjects (Major Subjects).

  • Electromagnetism & Photonics.
  • Classical Mechanics.
  • Optics & Acoustics.
  • Relativistic Mechanics.
  • Condensed Matter Physics.
  • Thermodynamics & Statistical mechanics.
  • High Energy Particle Physics.
  • Quantum Mechanics, Molecular Physics & atomic physics.

B.Sc Physics Subjects (Lab Subjects).

After knowing about the core subjects in the BSc physics course we should also need to look at the BSc 1st semester syllabus lab subjects to physics BSc 2nd-year lab subjects.

Because BSc physics honours syllabus is not going to complete without lab subjects and elective subjects.

Lab Subjects.

  • Elements of modern Physics Lab.
  • Waves & Optics Lab.
  • Statistical Mechanics Lab.
  • Solid State Physics Lab.
  • Electromagnetic Theory Lab.

Elective Subjects.

  • Atmospheric Physics.
  • Nanomaterial’s & Application.
  • Verilog & FPGA based System Design.
  • Physics of The earth.
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics.

B.Sc Physics Projects.

In the list of BSc courses, Bsc physics science carries the education of space and time. In another word, it is just similar to power and energy concepts.

Most of the famous BSc physical projects are stand-in topics like:

  • Effect of Solar Power.
  • Energy gap in Superconductor.
  • Contraction & Application of heat senor.
  • Design & Construction.
  • The Phenomenology of Jets in Astrophysics.

BSc Physics Syllabus DU.

Semester 1.

Semester 2.

Mathematics Physics I. Electricity & Magnetism.
Mechanics. Waves & Optics.
Lab Number 1. Lab Number 3.
Lab Number 2. Lab Number 4.

Semester 3.

Semester 4.

Mathematical Physics II. Mathematical Physics III.
Thermal Physics. Elements of Modern Physics.
Digital System & Application. Analog Systems & Applications.
Lab Number 5. Lab Number 8.
Lab Number 6. Lab Number 9.
Lab Number 7. Lab Number 10.

List of BSc Physics Subjects.

BSc all subjects are very interesting and informatics. Which makes BSc physics science a popular course for their students.

Many popular universities and colleges present multiple subjects in their courses. Down below I have tried to provide you the BSc physics subject’s year wise.

It could be possible that many colleges and universities have some extra subjects which might be not listed here.

Because I have mentioned above every college have their own subjects list. However, most of the colleges have these subjects.

BSc Physics Subjects 1st Year.

  • Computer Programming & thermodynamics.
  • Waves & Optics I.
  • Semiconductor Devices.
  • Mechanics and Properties of Matter.
  • Classical Mechanics & theory of Relativity.
  • Properties of Matter & kinetic theory of Gases.
  • Physics Lab.
  • Physics Chemistry I.

BSc Physics Subjects 2nd Year.

  • Digital electronics.
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics.
  • Quantum & Laser Physics.
  • Statistical Physics.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Waves & Optics II.
  • Electricity Magnetism & electromagnetic Theory.

BSc Physics Subjects 3rd Year.

  • Statistical Mechanics.
  • Applied Optics.
  • Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy.
  • Solid State & Nano Physics.
  • Quantum Mechanics.
  • Wave & Optics III.
  • Oscillations and Wave.
  • Physics Lab Number II.

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