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BSc Zoology Job Scope & Career: Govt Job/Private Job.

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Job Scope.

BSC Zoology Job Scope.

If you have completed your graduation from BSc zoology. Or if you are planning to pursue your career in zoology subject. Then this guide will be going to help you a lot.

Because today I will not only tell you the BSc zoology job scope. But other career opportunities too.

After completing the BSc zoology degree. You can move your career direction in two ways.

Either you focus on the long team achievement like start academic education. Such as MSc and Ph.D.

And second is that you can find a job after your zoology graduation. A long team plan like doing M.sc needs time, money, and passion.

However, after completing your academic education. You will see the high-paying careers in zoology field.

But if you don’t want to go for the master’s degree. Then you can also apply for the jobs which are available for zoology graduate students.

1. What are some zoology career opportunities?

Zoology is one of the old subjects. It has a lot of career opportunities with good job scope.

Zoology careers give you a lot of career options. People are not well aware of all his opportunities. But BSc zoology job scope is very bright in the future too.

Here I am telling you both career opportunities. With academic education which required a master’s degree along with Ph.D. / Post Doc and simple BSc zoology graduate-related jobs.

Let start with the best zoology career opportunities.


Might be you already like the profession. Or could be possible that you don’t want to go to this field.

But let me tell you in the last few years the lecturer’s salary goes up. You can also say that the lecturer is one of the high-paying jobs available in the market right now.

The teaching profession is never going to end. And in the last few decades, the teaching profession also getting promoted by the government. But for this job you have to complete a master’s degree such as MSc zoology.

Apart from that, you have to crack the NET (National Eligibility Test) exam too. Currently, the Net exam is conducting by the CBSE board.

Although the state government also conducts the exam for the teaching profession. Which is called SET (state Eligibility test).

You can apply for the lecturer job in any reputed university after cracking the Net or Set exam.


If you have a creative mind and like to do research then you can become a scientist. For that, you have to complete the MSc (master’s degree).

Plus you can do the alone research work for your best testing result. Else you can work as an internship in any reputed company.

After MSc, you have to complete the Ph.D. too. After that, you have to crack the CSIR-NET exam for becoming a researcher or scientist.

SSC (Staff Selection Commission):

If you are only a graduate then you are eligible for these jobs. SSC always comes with lots of job vacancies.

Most of the jobs in SSC come under the CGL and CHSL. This means under SSC job vacancy you will find the reputed job profile and salary.

Banking Job:

Yes in BSc zoology job scope you can also apply for the banking job. Such as bank Clerk or bank PO. For the banking career opportunity, you have to clear a few exams.

However, IBPS and SBI conducted exams are more important as compare to other exams.

Civil Services:

Most of the civil services require a graduation degree. Therefore you are also fit for the civil services.

In this, you will get reputed professional posts such as IPS, IAS, IFS, IRS, Indian forest services, and wildlife trust of India.

For civil service preparation, you have to choose the optional subject or any other subjects. So you can choose the subject as per your BSc zoology course only.

In another word, if you want to make your career in the civil line then you can start preparing for that.

Railway Jobs:

Any candidate who has a graduation degree can easily apply for a railway job.

Therefore, I have mentioned this career option here. If you are a BSc zoology graduate still you can apply for the railway job if you have an interest in the railway field.

Railway recruitment is happing through the RRB. This profession provides you the other benefits too along with a good salary.

2. Best BSc zoology job scope in India (Job Option).

Now after completing the graduation in zoology. You have two options for a good job scope. Either apply for government jobs or private jobs.

In private-sector job scope for zoology, the graduate candidate is a little down. Because private sector companies always looking for a master’s degree candidate.

Even after the master’s degree also some private sector does not pay a good salary to them. Hence, the best option for the BSc zoology job scope is the government sector.

In the government sector, you will get a good salary. So start to apply for government jobs or government undertaking jobs.

Best Job scope after BSc zoology (Government Companies/Agency/Institute):

  • Wildlife protection society of India.
  • Kerala Agricultural University.
  • Indian tiger welfare society.
  • Central Institute of fisheries technology.
  • Bombay natural history society.
  • Zoo outreach organization.
  • Wildlife Trust of India.
  • Central Zoo Authority.
  • Wildlife information development center.
  • Center for science and environment CSE.
  • Regional resource center of ministry environment and forest.

However, if you are open and interested in the private sector. Then you can try in these below mention the private sector for the job offer.

  • Collabera.
  • Medex.
  • CIFT.
  • HBL Global Pvt Lmt.
  • Wellcon animal health.
  • TTechnosol.

Now let me tell you some common work areas of this field.

Job Profile after BSc Zoology Course.

  1. Lab Technician.
  2. Zoo curator.
  3. Ecologist
  4. Animal breeders.
  5. Animal caretakers.
  6. Wildlife biologist.
  7. Animal trainers.
  8. Forensic experts.
  9. Biomedical Scientist.
  10. Veterinarian.
  11. Medical Representative.
  12. Nutrition Specialist.
  13. Documentary Sales.
  14. Research Scientist.
  15. Animal wildlife educator.

Apart from the private and government sector. BSc zoology job scope also covers the other employment area.

Such as Medical laboratories, education institutes, Pharma companies, environmental agencies, etc.

3. Zoology Jobs Salary in Average (Gov. Salary/ Private Salary).

The salary of this industry starts with a low amount. However, as per your experience, you will get a good package in the future.

The private sector is not paying much to zoology graduates. Therefore, you must try for government jobs because it provides a good payout.

So in the private job sector, you can expect 8,000 to 15,000 as a fresher. On the other side, the government sector can provide you a salary of 16,000 to 40,000INR.

Hence, in my opinion, I would say that you must try for government job preparation rather than doing MSc.

If you are experienced then in the private sector also you can earn up to 25,000INR approx.

Now if you are talking about a foreign job salary in BSc zoology. Then you can expect around 40,000INR in a foreign job.

Remember in India starting salary after BSc zoology is not very high. However, experienced will slowly increase your salary into a good package.

If you are not want to start your career with a low salary. Then you can go for a higher education degree.

Such as MSc in Pharma management, Dairy management, Bio-Chemistry, bio Informatics, Clinical research, genetics, etc.

After completing these zoology courses you can get a higher salary package in your industry.

If you want to do the MSc course through the famous institute? Then you can also join these below mention top zoology institute.

  • Indian Institute of forest management.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University.
  • The center for environmental education.
  • Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun.

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