Simple Online Work From Home- CAPTCHA Entry [Top 12].

Student using laptop to do captcha filling online work
Online Work.

Simple Online Work From Home.

Captcha entry or captcha solving gives us the freedom to earn money while we are sitting at home.

The easiest and simple way to work. Only required good typing speed, so that you can solve as much as a captcha and get more tasks.

But why Captcha Entry?

Let’s drive in this…


In Captcha solving jobs, you do not require any technical skill, no need to clear any entrance or competitive exam.

Just need basic knowledge of English and computer with internet that’s all.

As everyone knows that no one gives you the money in free.


So here also you need to complete a daily basic task and you will get paid.

In starting might be you not get a high amount of earning because it’s a very easy job. But you can manage your pocket money and extra income very easily.

That’s why I would suggest you that do this work in your free time. Give one hour a day at least.

But please do not plan to quit your job till the time you are not a master in this field.

If you are a student now then, it is the best option for you. Because you can easily manage the time according to your study frame.

Most of the companies might be paying you around $0.40 to $1.00 for every 1000 correct captcha solving.

Good Typing Speed Good Money as Simple.

As thousands of companies available in the market, it’s important that you choose the right and genuine platform.

I have done a deep search in Captcha entry companies’ details.

And get some very profitable and trusted band which, I am sharing today.

I have done this research because many of you guys requested online jobs details. In which you can invest less effort with good earning.

Now, let’s talk about a few legitimate companies with details for the Captcha Entry platform.

Top 12 Sites for Captcha Entry Jobs.

1). 2Captcha.

Here you will get the minimum payout of $0.05. It depends on how much correct captcha you have done.

You can withdraw your money here through WebMoney.

You need to give your 30-40 minutes in a day and you can get a daily service load in your profile.

Sign up in 2Captcha is very simple.

2). Kolotibablo.

Kolotibablo is the international Captcha entry site and he is very strict with his policies.

If they will find any kind of unwanted activity in your account. Then most probably they will block your account as well.

But, do not worried about all this, till time you are not doing anything wrong.

In this site, you are able to see the latest top member’s name who achieved the payout of $150.00 to $200.

After completing 1000 captcha on these sites you can get the payout between $0.35 to $1.00.

Sign up for Kolotibablo here and start your work today.

3). Pro-Tyers.

One more great platform for Captcha solving job. This is not a big site like Kolotibablo but still, they work genuinely and you can trust Pro Tyers.

After completing the job you can earn between $0.45 to $1.50 or each 1000 Captcha image you solve.

They provide payment withdrawal facilities with Payza and PayPal.

Sign up for Pro Tyers here.

4). MegaTypers.

This is one of the top Captcha entry sides. You can join here for free.

Also, you can earn between $100 to $200.00 per month. If you are really serious about your work.

In starting you will get $0.45 per 1000 word image solving and after becoming an experience you might get $1.50 per word Captcha.

You can withdraw your money here through WebMoney, PayPal, etc…

Join MegaTyers here and start your work today.

5). Captcha2Cash.

Next is Captcha2Cash if you really work seriously here.

Then you will get a good amount of money. After sign up you need to start your work with the latest software.

Also, Captcha2Cash guidelines will help you to learn things fast.

You will get the payment to withdraw option through Payza and Perfect money.

Sign up for Captcha2Cash here.

6). Virtual-Bee.

This is one of the oldest and good service provider company we have on this list.

Virtual-Bee has been launched in 2001 and still people happily working with them.

Also, apart from Captcha entry they provide other tasks as well which is one of the best parts of the site.

Virtual-Bee works a bit differently as compared to other Captcha sites. It gives you one small test and according to your marks, you will be assigned for work.

Sign up VirtualBee here.

7). FastTypers.

The admin team of this website required your scanned photo ID proof and a utility bill to be a member.

Therefore, this website takes a few days to approve your membership.

Although, if you do not use the account for around 100 days. Then the company will remove your account by default.

Website: FastTypers

8). QlinkGroup.

You can also register yourself in the Qlink group. After joining this captcha entry job you have to give a small test. It is quite easy after that you can start work here.

You can download the software also to work with the Qlink group. On the downloading page, you will get each little information, which required for start work.

Usually, this site paid weekly. The best part of this captcha site that’s it has a two-word captcha service.

Remember one part you have to enter 800 captchas at least every week. So that you will receive the payment without any issue.

9). PixProfits.

One of the popular captcha entry side. Because this site pays well for every 1000 captcha entry.

Therefore registration for this site gets close very frequently.

If you visit the site and it shows that registration is closed, which means you have to visit regular PixProfits to check the open registration.

10). CaptchaTypers.

The market has lots of Captcha solving site and you can easily find many fake sites too.

Many fake sides will ask you to pay the registration fee (in the name of captcha typers) for the admin panel of CaptchaTypers!

But do not do that. You just need to mark an email on [email protected]. And they will provide you the details free.

On this side normally, you have to type a little fast. Otherwise, they will ban your account for the next 30 minutes.

Here, you can claim a minimum payment request of $2.00. You can earn $1.50 for every 1000 right captcha feeling.


All around the world, people are using this website. This website gives multiple online job options.

And captcha entry work in most of them. Which you will find very easily on

You can search for the job here according to your skill and you can hire people also if might you have any task.

12). ReCaptcha.

This is a simple captcha site provided by Google. Google introducing a new version of captcha work which smart captcha.

The best part of this site, that it provides easy captcha. Hence, you have to read the instruction clearly which mention by google.

However, Recaptcha is very smart and increases the difficulty of catching words as per its usage.

Payout of captcha entry in $0.0015 to $0.003 which is a good payout as compared to other captcha sides.


As per my knowledge and experience, I have tried my best to gives you as much information.

If you really want to earn some money, but not have the technical skill then you can join this site and start work from your home.

I am not saying that you will able to earn 1lakh of rupees from these sites.

But still, you can easily manage your pocket money and it could be possible that you can support your home as well.

Again, I will not suggest that anyone leave their own job and do this full time till the time you are not master in this platform.

Take this as part-time and when you will reach a good position, then you can take your career decision accordingly.

If you are looking for any more information related to this subject then please mention below.

So that I will research best for you and help you out.

Captcha Entry Work With Daily Payout.

If you like to earn money daily through captcha entry jobs.

Then it’s possible because many online captcha entry sides are available. Which provides the captcha entry work with daily payout too.

Now let see the genuine online website names that provide daily payout without investment.


Guru in one of the trusted websites we have for online earning. This is also one kind of freelancers website which helps lots of customers to find their online employee for work.

They offer multiple platforms on which you can choose your preference. Such as programming and development, design and arts, business, and many more.

There you will get the option of writing and translation in which you can make your profile for work.

Put your skills information along with other basic information. After creating the profile you will get the work on a daily basis.

And if you will do the work correctly then the possibility is there that the guru website will provide you more works.


Another best platform for a captcha entry job. It does not only provide online captcha jobs but also provide lots of other areas of work.

So is another genuine website. It offers the opportunity to work in multiple areas such as video, photo, audios, admin, marketing, and writing.

Now if you are specifically want to earn money in online captcha jobs. Then create your profile underwriting and translation and login in daily for the captcha entry work.


I tried a genuine freelancer website for online earning. You can create your profile under multiple skills such as financial experts, project managers, designers, and so on.

Here also you can earn a good source of money if you are serious about online work.

So create your profile under and chose your working platform as per your talent.

Be active with your account. Always login to your account to find the work. Check your account every day and after getting the work fulfills the need.

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