Career After 12th Science: PCB, High Salary, Easy Courses.

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This guide will help you out for choosing a career after 12th Science along with your interest and strength.

Career scope could be easier if you choose the science subject in your 11th and 12th standard.

Because science stream provides various platform for career growth not only in the medical field but in other fields like engineering, banking, agriculture too.

Your career could be developed more if you explore yourself and accept the challenges.

The Popularity of Science Stream.

Education playing a big role in human growth. Students always look at good guidance and subject stream for career growth.

Most of the parents want their children’s to pick the science stream. As science stream has been extremely powerful subject.

After entering in science stream students get involved with major theoretical and practical lab part. Which involve you in systematic science.

Selection of science stream is a good chose of you, as it develops your observation and experimental through.

 Generally, students after 12th science opt for the B.Teach course B.Sc Nursing course.

However, there is more major course are available after 12th science for which you can opt.

Career after 12th science can be more build if you chose the writing subject along with a subject group.

In my opinion, Medicine filled is one of the prominent and best career options after 12th science.

Key Subject:

The real fact of science is that its vast subject all most covers all the things.

Not only science can help to the human body but also help the universe to develop better and better.

Normally in 11th and 12th standard, you will with three subjects only. Chemistry, physics, and biology. These all subjects just work as a seed inside of own mind.

And if you fall in love with science or thinks beyond the topic means you are ready to choose core science subject for the future too.

Foundation subject like computer science also plays a major role in student growth.

As if you feel passionate  about computer then you go with computer science as well.


Chemistry gives the change to develop new chemical through experiment.

It provides the chance to study behavior, structure, and properties can be changed through a chemical reaction.

While reaction many times it’s found the answer to the big disease questions.


Physics provide the study of matter and its motions. It’s given the chance to study universe interact with energy.

Additionally, how forces works around us and how they shown their own behaviors. Physics give opportunities only not to study the small atoms but also to study the start.

In starting the study of science stream only gives the most unique topic like sound, electricity, light, and so on.


Biology is the study of planet and organisms. It will open the knowledge of the living beings and their lives.

It’s developing earth growth and environment.


This subject comes under biology. However, under this microbiology, you will study such as virus and fungi.


Under zoology, you will study the animals planets and their structures and behaviors.

Course after 12th Science.

We have more than ten plus courses are available after 12th science. You can select the course and subjects according to your interest.

  1. B.Sc. Nursing.
  2. B.Sc. biology.
  3. B.Sc. Agriculture.
  4. B.Sc. Zoology.
  5. BDS.
  6. General nursing.
  7. Paramedical course.
  8. Hotel management.
  9. Environmental science.
  10. Fashion technology.
  11. Designing course.
  12. CA program.
  13. Travel & tourism course.
  14. ICWA Program.
  15. Film course.
  16. Defense.
  17. MBBS.
  18. M.Sc.
  19. BGMS.
  20. B.Arch.
  22. BCA.
  23. BA.

Diploma Course after 12th Science.

  1. Physical medicine.
  2. Diploma in nursing.
  3. Diploma in drawing and painting.
  4. Computer and Hardware.
  5. Software and networking.
  6. Animation and multimedia.
  7. Hospital and health care management.
  8. Diploma in education.
  9. Mass communication.
  10. Web designing.
  11. Fashion designing.
  12. Computer course.
  13. Air hostess.
  14. Print media.
  15. Textile design.
  16. Foreign language course.

Course after 12th Science for PCB Group.

  1. B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics.
  2. BDS Dentistry.
  3. B.Sc. Biotechnology.
  4. BAMS Ayurveda.
  5. BUMS Unani.
  6. B.Sc. Food Technology.
  7. B.Sc. Horticulture.

How to select the Correct Subject Group.

Generally, the right subject group, you have to select in the class of 11th and 12th only.

Because mostly the subject of 12th strandard is going to help you, to find out the right path for the future.

You can also go to physics, chemistry along with mathematics subject. If you have an interest in mathematics then after 12th you can continue with

Else you can stick with science major subject and persue the career for the medical field.

If you have a dream to become an engineer then you can go with physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

Additionally, I would suggest kindly focus on your strength and weakness too.

Find out which subject makes you feel happy and which increase your curiosity about gaining knowledge.

Career scope in the Science Stream.

As career scope of science stream student is more secure. Hence, you can go in any other career option too which count under arts, commencer or human resource.

No matter after 12th science you move on civil engineering, chemical engineering or mechanical engineering too.

However, after completing the graduation degree only you can proceed for a good career option of field.

So, never drop out your study after selecting the subject, according to your interest and complete the course.

If you have full interest in science stream only then you can appear yourself in JEE main and NEET.

Besides if you go for engineering then many top specializations are also available like electrical engineering and computer science engineering.

After complete your degree you can apply for private or government jobs according to your nature of course.

You can be a healthcare consultant, entrepreneur, and engineer.

Course for Mathematics Students.

Mathematics has big career opportunities in teams of their growth and salary. However, it also depends on the course in which you had opt-in.

They can start building their career under the various platform, for example, lawyer, engineer, architects, designers, teacher, and government scope and so on.

  1. B.S. Chemistry
  2. B.S. in Physics.
  3. B.Sc.IT.
  4. B.Sc. Electronic.
  5. B.Sc. Computer science.
  6. B.Sc. Electronic & communication.

Non-science Bachelor Degree Course.

One more reason which makes science stream beneficial, that after 12th in science also you can persue other non-science bachelor course.

As I have mentioned above too.

Some popular course can also fulfill your dream jobs like law, business, and commerce.

If you have an interest in law then, no doubt that excellent career opportunities are waiting for you.

After completing high school you can peruse your dream with business and management too.

Many subjects which explore the details of specific specialization can make your career easy and more achievable.

Few courses which come under Law and business in case if you have an interest.

  1. B.Sc + LLB.
  2. B.Com + LLB.
  3. BBA + LLB.
  4. BBA.
  5. Event Management.
  6. BMM (Bachelor of Business Management).
  7. BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies). 
  8. BHM (Bachelor of hotel management).