Career After Economics Honours [Don’t Waste Time].

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Career After Economics Honours.

Career Options after BA Economics.

If you want the better course options for your future growth. This means indirectly you are looking for better career growth and a smart salary package without any confusion.

It’s common to have a question like “what can you do with an economics degree”.

Trust me there are lots of job opportunities is available after completing a BA economics degree or MA Economics degree.

As clear you know the career opportunities of your subject. You will get more boost in your study and career planning.

An economic career is an extremely reputed and rewarding area of work. It does not only help the public policy and GDP to a bank.

But also help in social development, actuary, statistics, finance, marketing, and data science.

Economics’ future in India is rich and analytics. B.A economics covers subjects like microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Graduation in economics thought you about the principle of banking, work for the economy, finance, marketing, etc.

Because economics deals with a large number of areas. A career in economics after graduation is very bright.

If might in future you have a plan to pursue M.A economics then you will get the better career option in the same.

Career Options after BA Economics.

Scope of BA Economics.

After 12th class, it’s a very as usual question every student has. What to do after 12th which enhance your career options and job opportunities.

If economics then why economics subject. The answer is this, economics subjects give good job options after graduation degree.

You can continue the postgraduate economic degree as well side by side for more deep knowledge. It gives you the option to become an economist or actuary.

Still thinking what to do with an economics degree then check all career after economics honors down below in detail.

Career after Economics Honours.

1. Policy-Making.

After completing the B.A Economics degree or MA Economics degree you will get a better knowledge of the economy.

Therefore, after completing the course you can easily think of yourself as a researcher or policymakers.

Once you have set your mind to serve your country for the best development.

Then you can apply for the best career options like a central banker, technical policymaking role, and assist finance minister.

2. Indian Economic Service.

The next career option after ba economics honours is Indian economic service. Through the civil service or jobs also you work for the Indian economy in many ways.

As an economist or civil officer, you can implement the development program and policy. 

For that, you have to also deal with the other area of the zone. Such as regulation, economic reforms, monitoring, price fixation, and so on.

3. Development Sector Organizations.

This field gives you the opportunity to do research like a policymaker. But both job description development and policymaker are slightly different.

In this position, you work for the development after much research in an area like urban development, healthcare, economic policy, agriculture, rural, etc.

Indirectly you work for the civil society and government for better improvement. 

4. Economics & Its Related Disciples.

It has a huge area of work Ph.D. in economics let you know this subject area in deep. 

Such as agriculture economics, environmental economics, political science, financial economics, banking economics, etc.

You can pursue an MBA in finance after graduation in economics too. For strong financial knowledge.

A career in economics after graduation is bright. But having a master’s degree in economics make your career stability more strong.

Jobs for economics postgraduates in India are much more as compared to BA in economics.

5. Sales Executive/Analyst.

The sales manager is another B.A Economics jobs. As a sales manager or analyst, you have to make a career in company sales.

In this position, you also have to take care of the company’s particular geographical area for business.

Many big companies cover the sales business country’s ways or city ways.

6. Economist (Corporate Sector Films).

Economist jobs for economics postgraduates in India are famous.

If you want to become an economist then you should need to learn high development techniques and analytical skills.

These techniques will help to solve complex issues. It also helps companies and governments for future planning or advanced planning.

Economists also do multiples work.

Such as data analysis, design company policy, develop economic policies, research economics issues, conduct surveys, data collection, and so on.

7. Rural Development.

The goal of a rural development officer is to improve the economic condition of small cities and farmers.

The education of rural development and the Indian economy taught how to deal with multiple real-time situations.

B.A economic value increases more when you talk about a profession like this which increases the country’s environment.

8. Management Consulting.

Another career after economics honours is management consulting. As a management consulting you basically work for analytical problem-solving.

The demand for this profile is very high in both private industries and the government sector. 

When the companies stuck with the economic problem. And after having all research also their problem not solve. Then they approach the management consultant or professional.

The consultant does deep analyses of the company. As per their experience and knowledge, later they provide the best resolution he/she find for the company’s economic problem.

Master of economics jobs prospects will be higher in this area. Such as investment projects, financial management, financial officer, etc.

9. Human Resource.

Economics future career in India you can see in the Human Resource position too. As a human resource, you work for unemployed people.

You do the recruiting of candidates, screening, placing workers, handle employee relations, coordinate with admin and operations, etc.

10. Finance.

Doing economics after 12th is great to have the basic skills of finance. If you want you can pursue a specialization in finance after an economics degree.

Later you can easily apply for a career in financial service. Such as private banking, investment banking, corporate banking, and wealth.

11. Actuarial Science.

A career in economics after graduation will be faster if you choose actuarial science. This profession actually does analyze risk and uncertainty calculation.

Students of this filed always have a strong knowledge of finance, statistics, mathematics, funds related information’s.

If you have a strong knowledge of these subjects. Then you can apply for the economic industries like investment firms, pension funds, and insurance industry, so on.

This profession required BSc (Hons) Economics. We do have a ba scope in India.

But if you pursue the economic course with The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Then your career pillar would be very much strong with the highest paying jobs.

12. System Analysis.

One more top list in ba economics jobs is system analysis.

As a system analysis, you have to design a new computer system, maintain the old system, project leads, give training sessions, etc.

13. Operation Manager.

Another best career after economic honous is operation Manager. These kinds of jobs for economics graduates freshers are very common.

As an operation manager, you have handled multiple responsibilities and duties.

Such as formulating strategy, planning, improving performance, control, procuring material, embracing design, teamwork, great supervision, etc.

Economics’ future career in India shows in middle job opportunities to a high job opportunity.

Job Profile.

Economist Cost Estimator.
Economic Research. Investment Analyst.
Foreign trade Analyst. Investment Analyst.
Sales Analyst. Securities Analyst Trainee.
Investment Administrator. Financial Service Manager.
Customer Profit Analyst. Fixed Income Portfolio Manager.
Human Resourse Manager. Executive Assistant.
Operation Manager. Assistant HR.
Project Manager. Operations Team Leader.

Top Recruiter Companies.

  • IBM Group.
  • Wipro Technologies.
  • Accenture.
  • Capgemini.
  • Intelent Global Service.

Higher Education after BA Economics.

BA economics degree is just the starting step in a big field. Through choosing higher education and higher studies.

You actually enhance your career growth and prospects. There are lots of career options is available after the UG course.

However, selecting a course that relates to your higher study makes your career life more easy and flexible. Let see top higher education option in BA economics down below.

Career after Economics Honours (Specialization).

  1. M.Com.
  2. B.Ed.
  3. LLB.
  4. Sc in Economics.
  5. MA in Economics.
  6. MBA.
  7. PGDM.

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