Career in Psychology After 12th (Multiple Career Options).

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Career in Psychology After 12th.

Student confusion is very common about a career in psychology after 12th. Thinking about the best career after 12th is absolutely right.

Psychology education and course study give you the thinking ability to find the thinks out of the box. Visibility of the thinks which not possible to see other people.

Therefore, psychology is a good career in India. It comes under top paying Indian jobs.

A psychology study in India provides lots of employments. If still you are thinking is Psychology is a good career option or not.

Then the answer is yes, psychology careers and salaries are quite smart. Psychology degree best part is that as you are getting the experience. Your knowledge of psychology subjects and salary will increase more.

Most of the psychology jobs provide a higher salary and comfort. Specialization in psychology will allow you to grow more.

Top Specialization Subjects:

Clinical Psychology. Counseling Psychology.
School Psychology. Forensic Psychology.
Development in Psychology. Social Psychology.
  • Career Counselor.

One of the relaxing career scopes of Psychology is a career counselor. As a career counselor, you have to consult with the different students, teachers, researchers regarding their job prospects.

Basically, you will guide the students regarding their job of a career through doing skill tests, aptitude tests, analyses his/her subject interest, etc.

Through your supervision candidate get career development, education development, social development, life development.

As a counselor, you can work at the top university and schools. School Psychology salary in India is also high as compared to other subjects.

If you don’t want to join the job under another organization. Then you can also open your independent practice providing counseling, consultancy service, psychotherapy, etc.

  • Clinical Psychology.

The second demanding career option in psychology is clinical psychology. This profession taking care of human mental health and emotional disorder.

The scope of psychology is this area is very high because of its taking care of the many aspects. Such as distress, sustainable development, mental illness.

Usually, most of the engaging zone for this profession is administration, research work, consultant, forensic testimony, program development, etc.

 Means dig the patient’s mind and find the area in which resolution is required or treatment is required. And for all this treatment processer you have to act in front of the patient just like a friend.

A career as psychology will be much more profitable if you can open your own clinic, hospital, or health center.

  • Counselling Psychologist.

If you want to make your career in the researcher filed after 12th class. Then counseling Psychologists is the best career option for you. As a Psychologist, you have done the research and applied for work in many ways.

You will cover the lots of different work of domain. Such as career development, supervision, and training, prevention and health, etc.

Many Psychologists candidates like to do their own independent practice. Else more careers can be followed, for example, counseling, assessment, groups, organizations, hospitals, etc.

You can also do the practice in big firms to develop your skills and get more salary. Few famous practice centers are veteran’s administration medical centers, industrial organizations, mental health centers.

  • Forensic Psychologist.

Interesting and exciting career option after 12th science. Job opportunities available in both the private and government sector. You can also apply for the job in firms, prisons, government agencies, schools, etc.

  • Industrial or Organizational Psychologist.

This profession actually helps the employees to improve job quality skills. Plus through good work performance employees gets the increment and promotion.

Not only employees industrial or organizational psychologists do help the companies for their rights, determine training needs, intradepartmental communication, and improving interdepartmental.

  • Special Education Teacher.

Is Psychology is a good career in India. Yes, it gives you the opportunity to develop and design the education program for the student who has a physical disability (Mental or physical).

  • Neuro Psychologist.

Another best career in psychology after 12th. In the psychology course, you will get the knowledge of the physical system and behavior. After completing this course after 12th.

You can make your career in many areas. Such as oncology programs, stroke, and head injury programs, medical practices specializing in neurology, etc.

Job Profiles.

A career in psychology after 12th and graduation in psychology.

1. Psychotherapist.
2. Counselor.
3. Clinical Psychologist.
4. Psychiatrist Nurse.
5. Consultant.
6. Psychiatrist Nurse.
7. Practitioner.
8. Art Therapist.
9. Teacher.
10. Psychiatrist.
11. Social Worker.
12. Practitioner.
13. Community Worker.
14. Neuropsychologist.

Top Recruitment Areas.

1. Forensic.
2. Welfare Organization.
3. Rehabilitation Centers.
4. Development of Prevention Programs.
5. Child or Youth guidance Centre.
6. Advertising Industry.
7. University or School
8. Psychology Research Centre.
9. Psychological Assessment and Testing.
10. Teaching.
11. NGO’s
12. Survey Institute.
13. Educational Consultancies.

Psychology Salary in India.

Psychology is India also famous because of his handsome salary packages. Even school psychology salary in India is also very high.

Psychology salary will also depend on your experience, course degree, working area, specialization, etc.

If I talk about the average salary of psychology candidates. Then it could be around 2.5 Lakhs to 3.5 Lakhs per year.

If you have complete the master’s degree in psychology or M.Phile then salary could be very much higher.

Let see the psychology careers and salaries both in the same chat. Course Name. Average Salary (Approx.).
1. BA in Psychology. 1.2 Lakhs to 3.20 Lakhs.
2. BA (Hons) Applied Psychology. 1.80 Lakhs to 6.50Lakhs.
3. BA Hons Psychology. 3 Lakhs to 12.50 Lakhs.
4. BA in Journalism/ Psychology/English. 3.10 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs.

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