Career Option in Economics: After B.A or 12th Class.

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Career Option in Economics.

This article is all about career option in economics or career options after economics honors. Economics honors have a huge opportunity in career areas.

Now the question comes why economics career is best.

So economics career has a wide range of opportunities in which you handle the production, distribution, service, and consumption of goods.

Private and government sector both wants the economic graduate candidates.

Plus other private banks and RBI (Reserve bank of India) also provide you the golden opportunity of a career.

Career option in economics is vast. You can apply in MNC, KPO, Business journals, the teaching profession, and many more areas.

You can also connect your career area in buying and selling service. It builds your knowledge not only for money handling or economic working.

But also teaching you the behavior and relationship with the customer.

So if you have planning to choose economic as your subject then goes for it. Because the career option in economics does have lots of job opportunities.

A Career in Economics in India.

As globalization of India gets increased. Important of a career in economics in India also get increased. As per the economic demand job option for economic students are get increased too.

If you looking for the best career option in economics then first complete the M.A in economics. Because a master’s degree will only provide you the best career path in this line.

Either you can do the Ph.D. from any famous university or college.

Only a degree will not be going to help you out. A few major skills are also required to make your career in economics in India.

For Example,

  • Knowledge of good mathematics.
  • Understanding of implication analytically.
  • Always aware of the current affair.
  • The ability to research economic aspects.
  • Logical mindset for work prospects.
  • Positive mindset and optimism.

Now let’s talk about job opportunities and areas of jobs in which you can study. In the last few years, the Indian government and private sector both do come up with a new career option in economics.

These areas have own subject of study and work. As you know the economy in a wild range of subjects.

Therefore it does have lots of branches. And you can choose the career option according to your interest.

Indian Economic Service. 

For this job profile, MA or MSc in economics is the minimum requirement. Under this profession, you have to do the economic planning and national sample survey kind of work.

Teaching Profession.

If you have completed the MA or Ph.D. in economics then you can apply for the teaching profession.

The teaching profession not only provides a comfortable job but also gives you a good payout.

Banking Service.

One of the huge career options in economics is the banking sector. RBI hire the economist for their branches and they organize the exam itself.

Apart from that Indian do have lots of great research center like National Council of Applied Economic Research, Institute of economic growth, and Indian council of social science research and so on for good job option.

International Agencies.

If you are very much sharp in economics graduation with good marks and knowledge.

Then you can apply in the international organization. Such as The international labor Organization or World bank.

Top Job Roles for Economics Candidates.

  1. Equity Analyst.
  2. Financial Risk Analyst.
  3. Cost Accountant.
  4. Business Economist.
  5. Agriculture economist.
  6. Investment analyst.
  7. Labor economist.
  8. Data analyst.
  9. Industrial economist.

Career in Economics after Graduation/ Economic Graduation Jobs.

Many top-level jobs and posts are available for economics students after graduation only. Means after economics graduation you can apply for the top government post.

Such as Indian Civil service, planning commission, planning board, ministry of economic affairs and reserve bank of India.

So career options in economics are huge for both BA and MA students. After graduation, you can also try on some famous private sector, for example, International ads agencies or NEOs.

Financial Consultancy also hires economics graduate students.

Many other career area is also available for you after graduation. Such as economic advisor, executive, consultant, analyst, financial analyst and so on.

Most Demanding Sector for Economic Graduate or MA.

  • Stock Broker.
  • Marketing.
  • Economist.
  • Auditor.
  • Management.
  • Advertising.
  • Retailing.
  • Communication.
  • Data Analyst.
  • Media Analyst.
  • Economic research.
  • Financial consultant.
  • Public sector roles.
  • Banking & finance.
  • Education & research.
  • Insurance investment.
  • System Analysis.

Economics Jobs Salary/ Economic Degree Jobs Salary.

A career in the economic field provides you a good salary package. However, it depends on what job profile you are handling and where you are working.

Private and government both have different salary slab. Which depends on what responsibility and post you are in.

Still, the average salary of an economist annually can be approx. $102,240.

And if you are fresher and just start your occupation with the top company then your salary could be possible approx. $55,000 to $58,000.

These figures are on an average estimate. The salary package is finally decided by the organization only in which you will get the seat.

Although these are around figure I have provides you to just let you know that. How good a career option you have selected for your future.

Few Top Industries For Economist Good Job Salary.

  1. Finance and insurance.
  2. Federal government.
  3. Technical Consultant service.
  4. State government.
  5. Education & hospitals.

Highest Paying Jobs for Economics Majors.

Now we will see the highest paying jobs for economics majors. Because the economics profession does have a lot of areas of a zone in which you can earn the highest annual salary.

After having an economic degree you are eligible for a lot of new projects and research. Which makes your normal lifestyle more interesting and engaging.

Below I have mentioned the top highest paying jobs list. However, some of the profile might require additional certification or degree. But these jobs are very popular in the market.

And if you want to focus on the selective highest paying career only.

Economic Degree Jobs.

Credit Analyst (Responsibility: Need to handle the client’s credit score by accruing specific).

Personal Finance Advisor (Responsibility: Need to handle the client’s term and long term financial goal).

Market Research Analyst (Responsibilities: Need to research product stability in various economics conditions).

Supply Chain Analyst (Responsibilities: Here you need to find out the industry determines areas for improvement).

Business Reporter (Responsibilities: Here you need to find the business reports and stories).

Economic Consultant (Responsibilities: Need to work in produce analyses, economic and finance).

Loan Officer (Responsibilities: Here need to determine the applicants and determining a solution for the client).

Portfolio Manager (Responsibilities: Need to make the best decision for fund investment through economic climate and economic trends).

Management Consultant (Responsibilities: Need to improve operational improvement through both public and private organizations).

Senior Financial Analyst (Responsibilities: Need to find a beneficial investment decision).

Statistician (Responsibilities: Need to do the calculation for the project such as risk management and business).

Economist (Responsibilities: Need to research to develop a business model and forecast).

A Quantitative Analyst (Responsibilities: Need to work under statistical method and mathematic for risk management).

Actuary (Responsibilities: Need to research and define the financial outcome for a certain business risk).