Courses After Bhms: PG/Diploma/Short-Term.

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Courses After Bhms.

Courses After Bhms.

After completing the Bhms degree students are looking for short duration courses.

But many students plan for the PG degree right after bhms or higher studies after Bhms. Means students want to fulfill their dream careers.

Having a graduate degree in BHMS is not enough for a higher job profile. These days having a degree program is just called like basic degree program.

Certificate courses after Bhms or master’s degree make student’s experts in specific topics and subjects.

Courses like PG courses after Bhms and a list of diploma courses after Bhms helps students to gain extra and deep knowledge about the topic.

So if you have plans to pursue the management courses to traditional medical science courses.

Then you can plan for the same right after your bachelor degree (in homeopathic medicine and surgery).

Check down below list of courses, which opens lots of career options after bhms.

Diploma and Certificate Courses after BHMS.

The list is covering two types of bhms courses. First is diploma courses after bhms and second is bhms PG courses. Both have good potential come under the best course after bhms.

Higher study courses are always in demand because very few students carry the patients to complete the master’s degrees.

Students get taught about healthcare administration, medical technology, Pharmedical Management, and Homeopathy.

If students don’t want to invest 2 years for master degree in bhms, then students can also have the options for short term diploma courses after graduation.

  • Diploma in Food & Nutrition.
  • Diploma in Medical Trichology.
  • Diploma in Electro Homeopathy.
  • PG Diploma in Social & Preventive Healthcare.
  • PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management.
  • PG Diploma in Health Science Research.
  • PG Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery.
  • PG Diploma in Clinical Dialectology.
  • PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management.
  • PG Diploma in Preventive & Promotive Healthcare.

Higher Studies after BHMS.

Bhms medical courses are highly famous. It gives multiple subjects options to the students. You can build you are career in homeopathy course or nutrition course.

Other specializations are also there such as research, gynecology, acupuncture, etc.

If might you have completed the diploma program or bachelor’s degree. And still searching after diploma which course is best for bhms.

Then check the list down below for a few popular higher studies program.

  • MD in Homeopathy.
  • MSC Courses after BHMS.
  • MBA & MHA.
  • PG Diploma Courses.

MSc Courses After BHMS.

  • MSc Genetic.
  • MSc Food Science.
  • MSc Applied Psychology.
  • MSc Epidemiology.
  • MSc Applied Apsychology.
  • MSc Human Genome.
  • MSc Clinical Research.
  • MSc Medical Biochemistry.
  • MSc Health Science & Yoga Therapy.

MD in Homeopathy.

  • MD Psychiatry (Hom).
  • MD Allopathy (Hom).
  • MD Materia Medica (Hom).
  • MD Pharmacy (Hom).
  • MD Pratice of Medicine (Hom).
  • MD Endocrinology (Hom).
  • MD Pediatrics.

PG Diploma Courses.

  • Diploma in Food & Nutrition.
  • Diploma in Electro Homeopathy.
  • Diploma in Medical Trichology.
  • PG Diploma in Social & Preventive.
  • PG Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery.
  • PG Diploma in Clinical Diabetology.
  • PG Diploma in Health Science Promotive.
  • PG Diploma in Hospital & Health Management.
  • PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management.
  • PGDM Acupuncture.


  • Master of Hospital Administration.
  • MBA in Hospital Management.
  • MBA in Healthcare Management.
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management.

MBA in Hospital/Healthcare Management.

MBA in healthcare management deal with several medical areas. Which is required for medicine line business and Pharmaceutical management.

MBA after bhms taught you powerful skills like communicating well with insurance companies along with strong relationships, medical practitioners, handling clinical pharmacy, handling patient’s families, and so on.

Hospitality management courses after Bhms are also good for the other medical effective techniques.

Such as Medico legal system knowledge, medical ethics, quality management, supply management, hospital data system, etc.

M.D in Homeopathy.

MD Homeopathy is three years of study which mostly focus on practical clinical training. The theoretical methodology is there but less as compared to practical practices.

Among the bhms medical science student mostly like to choose for better learning about researching and development area.

MD programs courses have multiple specializations for students. You can choose the best MD programs as per your interest in becoming a doctor after BHMS.

  • MD in Psychiatry (Hom).
  • MD in Repertory (Hom).
  • MD in Endocrinology (Hom).
  • MD in Pediatrics (Hom).
  • MD in Homeopathic Pharmacy (Hom).
  • MD in Practice of Medicine (Hom).
  • MD on Organ on of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy (Hom).

MSc Programs.

Apart from MD program, another best medical degree after bhms is MSc program. It gives you the best master science program knowledge and deep topics details.

MSC programs help students to build their career path in the medical research field. Here you will get the several major MSc courses after bhms.

  • MSc in Clinical Research.
  • MSc Food & Nutrition.
  • MSc in Epidemiology.
  • Master of Science in Psychiatry.
  • Master in Emergency Medicine.
  • MSc on Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
  • Master of Science in Regenerative Medicine.
  • Master of Hospital Management.
  • MSc in Endocrinology.

Top Colleges for Courses after BHMS.

  • National Institute of Homoeopathy (Kolkata).
  • St Stephens College (New Delhi).
  • Hindu College (New Delhi).
  • Jain University (Bangalore).
  • Masras Christian College (Chennai).
  • Kalinga University (Raipur).
  • Hansraj College (New Delhi).
  • LJ University (Ahmedabad).
  • Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College (Vadodara).
  • KUHS Thrissur (Kerala University of Health Science).
  • Bharati Vidypeeth Homoeopathic Medical College (Pune).

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