Courses After BSc Botany [15+Degree & Diploma].

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Courses After BSc Botany.

Courses after BSc Botany.

PG courses after BSc botany or master’s degree helps you to understand the deep branches of the botany subjects.

You can easily able to find a career option after BSc botany course. Because BSc career options are vast in all areas.

And job opportunities is also endless for BSc botany student. However, pursuing a master’s degree in botany will make your career strong and fruitful.

Multiple botany jobs options are available as career options after BSc botany. But if you want to earn a handsome salary after BSc botany.

Then rather than choosing jobs after BSc, you can apply for a master’s degree in botany in my opinion.

So if you are looking for the answer of after BSc botany which course is best or courses after BSc botany. Then you are in the right place here you will get the list of botanist

Master’s Degree in Botany.

Students pursue a master’s degree for multiple reasons. Like because they want after BSc and MSc jobs in higher companies along with higher salaries.

Taking BSc courses after 12th science is a smart decision if you have an interest in science, and later pursuing an MSc degree is the best career option again.

As I have mentioned above having a bachelor’s degree and a job is only a starting phase.

This means after botany job opportunities is for sure there, or you can do the part the job too. But after MSC botany you will get better career options.

Check down below top courses after BSc botany degree.

  • MSc Botany.
  • MSc Horticulture.
  • MSc in Ecology.
  • MSc Biotechnology.
  • MSC Biochemistry.
  • MSc in Marine Science.
  • MSc Microbiology.
  • Master of Agriculture Resources & Management.
  • Master of Applied Science.
  • MSC in Plant Biotechnology.

MSc Botany.

The Student those are looking for the best option after can go for the MSC botany which teaches about plant species, genetics and how to create qualified botanists.

Top Job Profile.

  • Research Scientist.
  • Incident Manager.
  • Secondary school Teacher.
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist.
  • HR Manager.

MSc Horticulture.

Yes, BSc botany graduates can pursue an MSc horticulture course it taught you about breeding, shipment, plant harvesting, etc.

Top Job Profiles.

  • Forest Officer.
  • Field Officer.
  • Assistant Professor.
  • Horticulturist.
  • Horticulture Education Supervisor.

MSc Biotechnology.

Biotechnology is a little different from the botany field. Students who want to grow their career route in biotechnology can pursue the MSc biotechnology.

It taught about the biotechnology core concepts. Such as the technology of living organisms and the application of science and technology.

Top Job Profiles.

  • Biochemist.
  • Biotechnologist.
  • Assistant Scientist.
  • Professor.
  • Researcher.

Doctoral Degree Courses.

After completing your bachelor’s degree in botany which comes in the list of the best BSc courses after 12th and MSc. You can enhance your career path with doctoral degree courses.

Courses after MSC botany open up your knowledge in a large way and it also grows your career after MSc botany.

  • MPhil in Botany.
  • Ph.D. Research in Botany.

Medical Courses after BSc Botany.

If you want to pursue your study option in the medical field only after completing BSc botany or if you are Bsc medical student.

In both study cases, like if you are in technology-based student. Or a laboratory-based student you can make your different career path.

Here down below you will get the master’s degree courses names.

  • MSc Medical Technology.
  • MSc Biochemistry.
  • MSC Biotechnology.
  • MSC Health Care Science.
  • MSc Cardiac Perfusion Technology.
  • MSc Medical Biotechnology.
  • MSc Medical Physiology.
  • MSc Medical Biotechnology.
  • MSc Medical Molecular Biology.
  • MSc Biomedical Technology.
  • MSc Biomedical Engineering.
  • MSc Bioorganic Chemistry.

Now, if the candidate is doing the BSc laboratory technology and has an interest in practice you can refer down below PG courses options.

  • MSc Laboratory Technology.
  • MSc Radiology & Imagine.
  • MSC Bioinformatics.
  • MSc Operation Theatre Technique.
  • Diploma in Operation Theatre Technique.

Certificate Courses in Medical Line.

Another course option for those students who are doing jobs after BSc botany or BSc medical technology.

You can pursue the 1 Year certificate courses after graduation or a BSc degree. After BSc course, these certificate courses are very helpful.

  • Hospital Aides Certificate course.
  • Certificate in Dialysis technology.
  • Ophthalmic Technician Course.
  • Certificate Medical Recodes Management.
  • CSSD Technician Course.
  • Certificate Course in ECG.
  • Certificate in Clinical Pastoral Education.
  • Certificate in Radiography Course.
  • Certificate in EEG ENMG Technician Course.
  • Certificate in OT Technicians Course.
  • Certificate in Post Graduate Course in Health Care Administration.

Diploma Courses after BSc Botany.

Students who want to make their career in science and technology can also pursue the diploma courses after BSc botany.

BSc botany degree along with diploma course degree provides students good job advancement and opportunities.

Diploma courses after graduation give you a significant area of development and you can also use your BSc botany subject’s knowledge here to grow in many ways.

Part-time BSc botany jobs and diplomas can be possible if you manage your time wisely.

Usually, most students prefer to go to diploma courses after 12th. But if you have complete the graduation still diploma can play a big role in your career route.

You can choose 1 Year diploma courses after graduation in BSc botany. Let see few popular post-graduation diploma courses after BSc botany.

  • Diploma in Applied Botany.
  • Post-Graduation Diploma in Biotechnology.
  • Post-Graduation Diploma in Clinical Research.
  • Post-Graduation Diploma in Pharma Biotechnology.

Agriculture courses after BSc botany.

Many students want to pursue an MSc agriculture course right after BSc botany. You can pursue,

MSc agriculture course after BSc botany. But not all colleges allow the same. Very rare colleges are available in India who allows BSc botany student for MSc agriculture admission.

Else you can pursue your career in MSc horticulture if you have an interest in an agriculture course.

  • MSc Horticulture.
  • MSc Agriculture.

List of top Colleges for MSc Courses after BSc Botany.

  • Xaviers College (Mumbai).
  • Fergusson College (Pune).
  • Ramjas College (New Delhi).
  • Apex University (Jaipur).
  • Assam Downtown University (Guwahati).
  • Lovely Professional University (Jalandhar).
  • DY Patil University (Navi Mumbai).
  • Sage University (Indore).
  • T John Group of Institute (Bangalore).
  • KIIT University (Bhubaneswar).
  • VELS University (Chennai).
  • Mody university (Sikar).
  • Sai Group of Institutions (Dehradun).

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