Dental Lab Technician Course & Career Path.

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Dental Lab Technician Course.

Dental Lab Technician Course.

Dental laboratory technology programs can be pursued as career options after 12th science. Various colleges, dental schools, and universities run the dental lab technician course.

The dental council of India also provides the best diploma course after 12th for becoming a lab technician.

Else you can give the examination which conducted by National Board for Certification in dental laboratory technology.

If the student gets clear the exam then the candidate will become a CDT (Certified Dental Technician) or CDTS (Certified Dental Technician Specialize).

In the dental lab technician certificate course, you will see multiple major study areas. Such as ceramics, removable partial dentures, implants, complete dentures, etc.

Students who want to build their career in dental technician program can pursue the dental lab technician degree course or diploma in dental lab technician.

The dental lab technician certificate course taught students about many laboratory settings, dental radiology, dental implants, dental laboratory technology, dental hygiene, and so on.

As you are searching for results on how to become a dental technician or what are courses available for dental technicians.

Here you will get dental technician program details after 12th science. Along with major dental specialization courses name.

Dental Lab Technician Courses.

  • Diploma in Dental Hygienist.
  • Diploma in Dental Mechanic.
  • Diploma in Dental Assistant.
  • Diploma in Dental Laboratory Technology.
  • Bachelor Degree in Dental Lab Technology.

Other Major Dental Lab Technician Courses.

  • Dental Anatomy Course.
  • Dental Materials Course.
  • Denture Techniques Course.
  • Crowns and Bridges Course.
  • Dental Ceramics Course.
  • Orthodontics and Pedodontics Course.

Dental Anatomy Course.

A student who chooses the dental anatomy course study. They have to studies about how bone, muscle, teeth work together.

Basically, a student will get deep knowledge about the tooth anatomy, alignment of teeth, and tooth contour.

This dental course also taught about the anatomical structure requirements for artificial tooth creation.

Dental Materials Course.

In this dental technician program, students get the chance to study chemical makeup and advance in materials.

The student will also test that why metals like gypsum, resins, waxes, acrylics and are used in dentistry.

Other topics such as health and safety measures also get covers in this medical lab technology course.

Dental Techniques Course.

In this medical lab technician course, students get involved in dental techniques procedures, and materials used for the creation of dentures.

Under this medical course, students usually get hands-on training for the creation of dental prostheses, base plates, curing ceramic teeth, polishing, and so on.

The dental materials course allows you to discuss the practical application of creating dentures and fabricating emergency dentures.

Dental Ceramics Course.

Ceramics course gives the studies of the casting ceramic restorations, preparing processes, constructing.

Plus other sub-topics such as color theory, metal substructures. And porcelain build-up techniques and replicating a patient’s current tooth color.

Career Path.

After completing the bachelor’s degree in dental lab technician certificate programs.

Students can able to assist the dental firm in construct and assemble false teeth.

Many big dental firms and medical fields are available that hire dental lab technicians.

The candidate can also do the specialization or higher degree course in a dental technician for better salary and career growth.

Top Recruitment Areas.

  • Hospital Dental Clinics.
  • Private Dental Offices.
  • Military Base Dental Laboratories.
  • Commercial Dental Laboratories.
  • Dental Product Manufactures.

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