Forensic Science Course After 12th: Awesome Course.

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Forensic Science Course After 12th.

This article is all about forensic science course after 12th and his other aspects. Such as degree, specialization, course fee, colleges, and much more.

If science is your passion and you love to work under forensic then the science stream allows you to study forensic science courses.

Forensic Science Course After 12th.

Engineering and science always come in top priority in the student list. And course like forensic science allows students to explore their personal and professional career.

You may differently know the famous character of Sherlock Holmes, he knows how to present the tremendous work progress under forensic science.

So, if you are too interested in the forensic science course after 12th. Then this guide will be going to help you a lot.

What is Forensic Science?

To identify the physical evidence by the testing, examine, identify in the incident sport. It helps to recognize and identify the aspect.

Which protects the public health and wealth. The forensic science course after 12th has a great combination of study. Such as chemistry, biology, physics, and math’s.

It helps to solve the major cases which happen in society. To solve the investigation and legal issues forensic science use is knowledge and mythology power. Modern society understands the importance of forensic science.

Forensic Science Courses after 12th.

There is multiple forensic science course after 12th is available in India and global to get certified.

It’s available in all most in all level Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate, doctoral degree, etc.

One of the popular courses after 12th class is BSc in a forensic science course.

Forensic science does have lots of branches. And various course types available for you. Few forensic science sub-branch courses are also quite popular.

1. Digital forensics.
2. Forensic Accounting.
3. Forensic Chemistry.
4. Forensic DNA Analysis.
5. Computational Forensic.
6. Forensic Microbiology.
7. Forensic Pathology.
8. Bloodstain Pattern Analysis.
9. Forensic Engineering.
10. Forensic Toxicology.
11.  Forensic Linguistics.
12. Forensic Psychology.

Diploma Course:

Diploma in Document Examination.
Diploma in Fingerprint Examination.
Diploma in Forensic Science & Criminology.
Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic psychology.
Postgraduate Diploma in Investigation & Computer forensic.

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Degree Course:

1. BSc in Forensic science
2. B.Tech Computer Science. (It Security & Forensic)


1. PG Diploma in Forensic Science.
2. M.Sc in Forensic science
3. MSc. In Forensic Chemistry
4. MSc. In It security & Forensic
5. MSc in Forensic Odontology
6. M.Tech in IT Security & Incident Report.
7. MSc in Digital Forensic & information Security.
8. PG Diploma in Forensic management.
9. PG Diploma in Forensic accounting.
10. PG Diploma in Forensic document examination.
11. PG Diploma in Fingerprint Science.

 Doctoral Degree:

Ph.D. in Forensic Science.
Ph.D. in Digital Forensic.
Ph.D. in Forensic Pathology.
Ph.D. in Forensic Chemistry.
MPhil in Forensic Science.

 Duration of Courses in Forensic Science.

S.No                Courses        Duration
1. BSc Forensic Science 3 years
2. BSc Hons. Forensic Science. 3 years
3. M.Sc Forensic Science. 2 years
4.  M.Sc Forensic science & Criminology. 2 years
5. MSc information security & cyber forensic. 2 years
6. Ph.D. in forensic science. 3 years
7. MD forensic medicine & toxicology. 2 years

 Eligibility for forensic science course after 12th.

If you want to get admission into or BSc course for forensic science. Then 10+2 pass out with science stream and 70% marks is must require.

For an MSc master’s degree, you have to complete the BSc in forensic science first.

After completing the reverent master’s degree program such as MSc. Then after Msc in forensic science degree, you are eligible for the Doctoral degree.

Diploma course eligibility is only a 10+2 mark sheet.

Specialization Courses.

1. Forensic Serology.
2. Clinical forensic medicine.
3. Forensic Biology.
4. Forensic Chemistry.
5. Dactyloscopy.
6. Forensic Ballistics.
7. Forensic Botany.
8. Forensic Entomology.
9. Cytology.
10. Forensic Toxicology.

Skill Required:

  • Technical Skill.
  • Science knowledge in various fields.
  • Analytical Skills.
  • Patience.
  • Intelligent.
  • Good Observation.

Career & Scope in Forensic Science.

The scope of forensic science is very bright. Not only the government but private jobs are also easily available in the market.

This career has the potential to increase your potencies and knowledge. If you have completed a high degree in this course then you can open your own forensic science office.

Forensic science has a lot of job opportunities. As public safety investigation of incidents is always happens. You can also choose the opportunity to work as a detective or banks.

Some job profile I will like to share with you which can make you motivated for a forensic science course.

Forensic Scientist. Fingerprint Expert.
Forensic Photographer. Forensic Expert.
Forensic Geologists. Investigative officers.
Forensic Pathologists. Forensic Engineer
Forensic Linguists. Handwriting Expert.

 Course Fee.

All institutes and colleges have different fee structures according to their course covering topics or syllabus.

On and Average Idea.

Bachelor’s degree in forensic science after 12th takes approx. INR 32,000 to INR 2, 20,000-course fee.

A Master’s degree in forensic science after a bachelor’s degree takes approx. INR 25,000 to INR 2, 10,000-course fee.

A Ph.D. course in forensic science after a master’s degree takes approx. INR 50,000 to INR 1, 50,000-course fee.

I will recommend after finalizing the course in forensic science better you confirm with the college or university in which you have an interest. Because fee structure can be varied as I mentioned above.

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Forensic Science Jobs.

It has lots of lucrative posts and positions. I have listed a few forensic science job details below for you.

Investigative officers. Forensic expert.
Teacher. Forensic accountant.
Laboratory assistant. Cyber forensic expert.
Laboratory in charge. Forensic anthropologists.
Forensic artist’s sculptors. Fingerprint expert.
Forensic Psychiatrist. Forensic Architects.
Forensic toxicologist. Forensic Deontologist.
Forensic engineer. Forensic Chemist.

Top Recruiter of forensic science.

Now let see the top recruiter companies for forensic science.

  • Hospital.
  • University.
  • Banks.
  • Army.
  • Intelligence Bureau.
  • Policy department.
  • Income tax department.
  • Quality Control Bureau.
  • Commercial tax department.
  • Private detective agencies.

Forensic Science Salary in India.

The salary you will get differently handsome in the forensic science field. However, government job salary normally follows the salary structure prepare by the government.

But in private companies, you will get a little high as compared to government jobs.

A number of factors also define your salary. Such as your specialization, your college or institute, your location, etc.

After completing the course you could get the starting salary approx. 3 lac to 4 lac. After have experienced in this sector you can also earn approx. 6 lac to 8 lac.

 Top Forensic Scientist Colleges.

Most of the top courses are available in the government colleges. Such as digital marketing course, engineering course, medical course, and diploma course.

Private colleges and universities normally charge a high fee as compare to a government college.

So it’s total up to you which college you refer to for your forensic science course after 12th.

List of Colleges or Universities for the Forensic Science Course.

  • Manipal University, Manipal.
  • Anna University (University).
  • Banaras Hindu University.
  • Lovely Professional University (Jalandhar).
  • Government institute of forensic science (Aurangabad).
  • Sharda University, (Greater Noida).
  • The University of Madras.
  • The University of Delhi.
  • Chandigarh University.
  • The University of Lucknow.
  • Punjabi University.
  • University of Mumbai (Mumbai).
  • Gujarat Forensic Science University.
  • Osmania University (Hyderabad).
  • Forensic Science College in a foreign university.
  • The University of Cumbria.
  • University Sains Malaysia.
  • University kebangsaan Malaysia.

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