Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India [Latest Update].

Men is counting his salary.

We always think about “correct career path” and what are the highest paying jobs in India are. Might be you think that only a high qualification person gets the highest salary. But this not true, with a small qualification degree also you can earn a huge amount of money.

So let’s see the top 10 highest paying jobs in India, through that you can make a bright future.


1. Spiritual Leader.

One of the highest paying jobs is becoming a spiritual leader. No matter you are working individually or with an organization. After become spiritual you will drive lots of money in your account.

For example, in Indian Ram Dev baba is one of the spiritual leaders of yoga. He also runs the Ayurveda practitioner which is very good too.

Hence, as a spiritual leader, he also teaches a lot. There is no doubt that he has lots of wrathful knowledge, which makes him the richest too.

Becoming a spiritual leader required knowledge and humanity work. After having good knowledge if you work with a small organization too, then also you can earn the net amount of money.

If you check the spiritual leader list. Then lots of spiritual larder in India carries billion of rupees on their account. And comes under the top richest person list.

This career not required any specific qualification or degree.

2. Ambassador.

Another highest paying job in India has become an ambassador. It’s also called a high commission of the Republic of India. This position comes with very handsome and one of the highest paying jobs in India.

This position required the qualification. Such as graduate, postgraduate, IAS and etc.

After becoming an ambassador person get offer higher position role too. After several years of experience.

For this position candidate normally gets hired by the president of India. Ambassador is getting paid around US$8,000 per month.

However, as compared to other countries the payout of Indian ambassador is low. But still, it is one of the highest paying jobs in India. They also get extra payout according to their posting and all.

3. Lawyer.

Law is a profession that always is in demand. Under the law, you can serve the service for the public and neighbors. This is a very interesting career for anyone. Some point of life we all want legal advanced for our home, business, office, society and so on.

Lawyers are capable to handle lots of issues and they get the great payout to. Their payout also depends on what kind of client they have and what matters you are handling.

Still, the lawyer comes in the highest paying jobs in India. This profession required a good experience, for a great payout. They have various areas of specialization Such as Civil law, corporate law, Labor law, Family law, taxation law and so on.

If you get selected through your college campus then, the possibility is there that you can get the starting payout between 35,000 to 45,000.

In India, we have lots of good law schools and institutes. For Example.

4. Management Specialists.

If you want to become a management specialist then better join the top business school or institute. Management specialists person basically identify the risk management and financial managers of the business. As per your experience and knowledge, you will get the highest payout.

Big companies always hire the management specialist’s person and pay well too. Therefore the salary package always offers the best. Salary also depends on areas of specialization you did.

However, some high profile company pays up to $40,000 to $45,000 too for their management specialists.

Some colleges are available in India through which if you get a pass out. Then you should not need to find the jobs. Because these colleges are that popular. As companies will give you the jobs hand to hand.

Top colleges are like IIM, JBIM, Harvard, and more. After passing out from these colleges your salary can start up to 2.3 million.

5. Management professional.

Another one highest paying jobs in India is a management professional. Which covers most of the business area. Such as operation and logistic, human resources, marketing finance and more.

You can choose any of the reputed colleges for a management course. However, it’s better if you chose the college that does have campus selection. Through that, you can get the campus selection benefit.

The administrator course also comes under management professional course. So it’s totally your choice which path you chose for a career. MBA student is normally getting the highest salary in the market.

But, it also depends on which specialization you will cover and which College you have selected.

Many industries required MBA students for their health management, media management, and international management work.

6. Chartered Accountant.

A chartered accountant is one of the fruitful profession and always show in demand. Startup to big companies, business houses, everyone wants the chartered accountant.

You can easily build a career in this field if you have a commerce stream. Arts and science students also make a career in the CA field.

To graph the best opportunity of the market you have to complete the accountant degree course like along with three accountant tests.

Every year lakh of students applied for CA. However, only a few are able to reach to the final exam.

CA cover various parts such as understand the taxes, accounting, actual auditing and more.

Experience CA can earn around 5lakh to 7lakh per month. If you have clear the CA in the first attempt then as a fresh you can also earn around 11 lakh to 15lakh.

For more details in subject and profession check out the article here.

7. Commercial Pilot.

Commercial pilot career also comes under the highest paying jobs in India. As a pilot, you have to send you lots of time in the air. But this career gives the glamorous and money both.

However, your commercial pilot license takes lots of money. If you are pass out 12th standard with math and physics. Then you can pursue a commercial pilot course.

In the past few years, many new private airline companies come up. Because of that vacancy of commercial pilot get increase and salary also increase. India keeps growing in this field which is tremendous.

Because of domestic to international route demand of pilot are improving day by day. 

Becoming a commercial pilot is quite expensive. However, after completing the course you can earn 1.5lakh to 2lakh per month as a fresher.

8. Doctor.

Best job in Indian in terms of payout and respect. India has a huge population which increases the health problem and needs of health care.

Pick the good college work hard in your MBBS and better if go for a specialized degree. No doubt that the salary package in this line is awesome. But, for medical education, you have to invest too.

Few categories such as pathology, dentists, orthopedics, and cardiology are usually taken the career in a good financial stage.

As per your skill you can work under government, private and open your own clinic too.

9. Drilling Engineer.

This profession works on create oil wells and oil rigs. Very few people are knowing about this profession and course.

Most of the vacancy for drilling engineer comes from Oil India limited and they also select the top candidates. Other top private oil and natural gas exploration also hiring for drilling engineering these days.

Salary of drilling engineering can be around 2lakh to 2.5lakh. This salary also depends on your experience and position.

To enter on this platform you need to pursue a Master of Technology degree and bachelor of technology degree.

10. Engineering.

One of the top student’s choices for career and salary of a job depends on your college pass out too. This means if you chose the good college and institute for engineering education. Then you will not get much fight in the market for the job.

Irrespective of your institute certificate salary also goes high. As engineering do have lots of professional’s category, but few are very much demanding on the market. Such as chemical engineering, instrumentation, and control engineering, Petroleum engineering, etc.

If you like to establish your career abroad then you should choose the engineering profession such as genetic engineering, biotechnology, and agriculture information technology. Because these fields have a very good scope in abroad along with a good salary package.