14 Steps, How To Become a Model [Learn Now].

beautiful girl smiling for modeling
Beautiful Girl.

Become a model.

In this guide, I am going to talk that how you can become a model.

Most of the students think that they, can only able to make his career-best. If they pursue for engineering, doctor, Lawyer, accounted, etc.

But, in the last few years, one more career path has entered in this fast and forward life and its called Modeling Industry.

The fashion industry has a big role in this revolution.

If you see a few years back then a very short number of students are looking modeling as a career.

However, now everyone knows that modeling career also has a good opportunity in the market.

Plus it has the potential of giving a good amount of money.

Only this career field has power. Who can provide you styles lift style, expensive clothes, fame, and popularity!

Today, we have lots of newcomers who want to become a model. But, not getting correct guides.

Currently, this field also has lost of competition.

Not only the girl’s boys model also giving tough competition in the market.

Therefore, I am going to share the 12 steps today. Which not only helps you to understand the model industry.

It also clears your number of questions, which always comes in your mind.

1). What type of model you can be.

There are major four categories of modeling platform is available.

First Print model, second showroom molding, third is television modeling and forth is Ramp walk modeling.

So, as per your interest, you can choose the category.

The fashion industry has needed models.

Who has an attractive personality, good face cut, great high, perfect wait, impressive body language, soft skill plus good communication skills!

Models are basically the person who promote, display or advertises the god’s behalf of a big brand.

Big companies have this mindset that.  If good looking models hold their products. Then it will look more attractive and they can able to make more sell.

If you are want to be a model, then two things are very important in starting.

First very good take care of your body and second you should need good modeling shoots for a portfolio.

2). What about Print Modeling.

Usually, in print modeling models need to do the photo shoot for a magazine, newspaper, catalog, calendar and more so.

You can say this could be your starting phase and through this, you will start your journey as a model female/Male.

3). What about Television Modeling.

In this basically, models need to do the modeling for advertising purpose, for example, adds. Which comes between movies and serials, while we are watching TV.

Plus need to do small add shoot, for internet marketing purpose too.

4). What about Showroom Modeling.

In this category, models are doing work for big businessman and retail companies.

Or could be possible that you will get, the project from the garment business.

Because in this filed, models need to advertise trending or upcoming fashion products.

If new models get the chance on showroom modeling then, it could be a big opportunity for you.

But, for that active personality is matter lot. So, if you have then it’s a plus point for you.

5). What about Ramp Walking Modeling.

Ramp Walk modeling is the platform, through that fashion industry big designers showing own upcoming new dress.

Walking in the ramp is the most common dream of every model.

Because from there you will get the attention of lots of big brand eyes.

And many of prevision famous models gets his big breakthrough here only.

Every new model girl or boys need portfolio photo gallery.

Because it shows your body language and your facial expression in front of the camera.

6). What is the size of the Model Required?

If you like to become a model, then size is a matter for you.

Modeling required good height person. If we talk about girls then it should be around 5.7 inches to 6.00 inches.

However, man’s heights required is 5.9 to 6.2 inches.

7). What is the weight required for Models?

You have to maintain your wait and need to follow the diet foods.

It will make you healthy and you will able to maintain your correct weight too.

Girl’s model’s weight should be around 54kg to 60kg and boys models are 60kg to 75kg.

8). What is the age criteria?

Model industries always looking for a good looking and fresh face.

No doubt, in starting you have to struggle for your first break but as soon as you will enter in this industry you will be learning lot.

Starting age for girl’s model is 16years to 23years and for boys 18years to 25years.

9). What course required for becoming a Model?

If you are serious about your passion. And you really want to be, in the fashion field. Then you have to pursue the modeling course.

There are many institute and college who provide 3 months, 6 months and 1-year modeling course.

It up to you how much period course you like to do. You can also join the modeling school for this.

But, I would suggest that you do at list 1-year or bachelor degree modeling course with respective college.

Because competition in the market is high now. And if you do not want to stand in a long line then, you have to invest little money today, for your education.

Bachelor degree program is also best for fashion, designing, fashion accessories. You can apply in any modeling college like mention below.

  • Drexel University
  • Fashion Institute of technology.
  • Pearl Academy Delhi.
  • Academy of Art University.
  • AAFT (Noida).
  • Prime focus academy of media and entertainment studies Goregaon Mumbai.

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10). How much model does make!

If we talk about the income then in the modeling industry.

When you will start then you will not be going to get any monthly salary, like other normal employers.

It depends on how much assignment you will do. And after completing the modeling or photo shoot you will get you money.

But, not to worries because models normally get 5,000 bucks to 20,000 bucks for one advertisement or photo short. Which is quite a good income!

And once you will get a few experiences, you will get the high payout for one advertisement too.

So, as a fresher model or new model, if you get 5,000 bucks for one add and you did 4 adds in one month.

Then your total earning is going to be 20,000 bucks.

11). How Portfolio should be and how it helps to become a model.

Yes, every model needs good portfolios. Always shoot your portfolios with professionals photographer.

New faces models always get recognized my portfolios only.

New fashion models also, always carry his portfolios with them.

Now, Some important tips while you are making Portfolios.

  • Do not repeat the single shoot photos in your portfolios.
  • Shows your self-presentation in your portfolios.
  • Always make the black and white color of portfolios.
  • Models portfolios photo size should be 8*10, 9*12, or 11*14 Standard Size.
  • Shoot photos in all angle head short, body short, action short, and catalog short.

12). To become a model which step needs to take care of.

As I have mentioned before also, that the modeling industry is currently quite competitive.

Many old famous models are there for competition. Plus new hottest models come of all the time.

So, you have to be very smart here.

Always need to take care of your hair cut, beauty care, face care, fitness care, makeup, personality development skill required, body language, and communication skill.

Be knowledgeable of beauty tips, diet foods, confidence in voice and soft skill.

13). How to approach for modeling as a fresher.

Normally, new model girls and boys give his resume and portfolios to any random person. Who commits for the modeling job.

Do not follow this kind of step, do not give your resume and portfolios any of random people.

Or might someone ask your online model portfolios, then don’t give right away!

Might be they miss use your photos.

While you are doing a photo shoot for portfolios asked a photographer for good contacts.

Talk to fashion consultant that, what improvement required in your modeling career.

If any of your friends can help you the provide them to your details. Talk to good agencies for modeling option.

Portfolios photographer and fashion consultant only can give you the right connection.

Because they are already connected with that industry. So, take tips from those and do not share your photos random.

14). What is the future of modeling?

In the last few years, the fashion industry comes in a boom.

Lots of demand and money has come into the country. Because of the fashion industry. Defiantly it has bright future.

If you have an attractive personality, good height, etc. Then you can be a model.

After the age of 25years if you did not get the modeling project, then also as per your experience basic you can easily continue your career.

As a fashion designer, TV angering, photographer, Film showroom, tread shows, fashion consultant and many more.

So, you can see modeling has a big option in the market and become a model is a good career chose.


I hope this guide will provide you enough information regarding model career.

Now, it’s your turn, let me know which step of guide you like more.

Or if have any question related to model career, then please mention below.