How to Become a Software Engineer After 12th [Careers].

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How to Become a Software Engineer After 12th.

How to Become a Software Engineer After 12th.

How to become a software engineer after 12th is one of the demanding question students have after 12th class. Computer science is a famous industry.

And careers like software engineering enhance the charm of the computer science industry. There are several ways are available to become a software engineer in India.

If you think that only perfect and advanced mathematics is enough for this career then it’s not true. Software engineer degree also taught about calculus, algebra, statistics, etc.

But again the question comes what to study to become a software engineer.

So let’s begin with the details.

How to become a software engineer after 12th.

Two ways are available to pursue a career in software engineering. First short term computer science courses like Diploma and Certificates.

Second in long time course for software degree. Means bachelor’s degree courses. Such as software development, software developer degree or software engineering

List of software Engineering Courses after 12th.

Type of Courses. Software Engineering Courses.
Bachelor Degree.
  • BCA. (3 Years).
  • B.Tech. (4 Years).
  • BSC Computer Science (3Years).
  • BSc in Software Engineering.
  • BSc Software Development & Security.
  • Bachelors in Software Technology.
  • BSc in Software System Development.
  • Bachelor in Applied Software Engineering.
  • BE Computer Science.
Diploma Course.
  • Diploma in Computer Science.
  • Diploma in Computer Application.
  • Diploma in Software Engineering.
  • Diploma in Computer Programmer.
Master Degree.
  • MCA (3 Years).
  • M.Sc IT (2 Years).
  • M.Tech (2Years).

Internship Program/Project.

For becoming a software engineer, a software engineer degree is not sufficient.

If your goal is big in the computer science industry, then start an internship program during your bachelor course or training.

It will teach you the things which you might learn after two or three jobs experience or job changes.

Many software engineer companies prefer to hire a candidate who has some kind of internship program.

But why internship, because internship programs make you prepare for future job tasks.

It enhances your skills and knowledge. It gives you a practical overview. It also helps to develop your skills under pressure.

Addition Skills.

Learn software engineering is not enough till the time you do not have any additional skills.

Software engineering is a vast field it involves lots of other computer science parts too. Therefore know only one subject many be make your career slow.

Remember qualification for software engineer only required your intermediate degree.

But after getting into software engineer education many other subjects also matter a lot. Such as programming, designing, networking, security, data analysis, etc. 


Being a software engineer with higher qualifications will also give you a great job position and salary growth.

However, if you are tired of the long-term courses but still what to study to become a software engineer for a higher post.

Then you can go for the certification which not only develops your field knowledge but also gives you a good hick in job procurement.

Few Top Famous Certification.

  • Microsoft Certification.
  • Microsoft Azure.
  • Amazon Web Service Certification.
  • Computer-Aided Design.
  • Scrum.
  • Oracle.

Programming Languages.

No matter how good you are in the theoretical part. When it comes to software engineering. Then IT Companies always admire the candidate who knows the coding or programming.

All the software through which companies are running their business get executes by the languages of coding only. Like Java, C Program, C++, Python.

So keep the knowledge of any coding program can make your career easy in the computer science line.

Choose any one language and do the short term course on that. It will stand out to you from another candidate while you are giving the interview for becoming a software engineer.


There are various specialization options are available. You can choose the specialization in any of the software engineering.

But two are more famous software engineering in application and software and software engineering in system development.

If you are working then you can pursue this Master’s degree course by distance learning or correspondence.

Software Engineering Associate Degrees.

This kind of software engineer degree takes two years of study. Software engineering associate degrees give you an entry-level position in the software engineering line.

So if you don’t want to go with the 3 years or 4 years of software engineer education. Then you can choose this option as well.

Software Engineering Associate Programs.

  1. Database Management System.
  2. Web Application Development.
  3. Operating System.
  4. Networking.

How to become a software engineer after 12th: Key Skills.

Most Popular Software Engineering Classes.

Object-Oriented Software Development. Computer Security.
Project Management. User Interface.

Software Engineer Branches.

Software Development. Software Quality.
Software Engineering Tools. Software Engineering Management.
Software Engineering Management. Software Testing.
Software Design. Software Configuration Management.

Best Software Engineering College in India.

  1. IIT (Kanpur).
  2. IIT (Madras).
  3. IIT (Delhi).
  4. IIT (Hyderabad).
  5. IIT (Guwahati).
  6. Amity University (Gurgaon).
  7. NIT (National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra).
  8. Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science (Chennai).
  9. PSG College of Technology (Coimbatore).
  10. Indian Institute of Information Technology (Allahabad).
  11. Birla Institute of Technology (Ranchi).
  12. RV College of Engineering (Bangalore).

Job Profiles.

  • Software Designers.
  • Software Developer.
  • Software Programmers.
  • Project Manager.
  • Information System Manager.
  • Software Executive.

Top Recruitment Company.

  • TCS.
  • IBM.
  • Infosys.
  • Google.
  • Microsoft.
  • Persistent.
  • Oracle.
  • Accenture.
  • Wipro Limited.
  • .Tata InfoTech Limited.

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