How to become an Air hostess. Eligibility, Course, Salary…

Jet flying with cabin crew

How to become an air hostess.

This guide is going to give you all the information which required, to become an air hostess.

After reading this post, Your concept for this profile is going to be more clear and visible.

We have lots of big career options available in the market like an engineer and doctor.

But very few career options are available in the market, which gives you money, plus luxuries lift style.

Around 2 years back, very few counts of students give importance to air hostess career options.

However, the current time is changed totally. And an air hostess job is a very popular career option shows among all students.

Therefore, today I am going to talk about some necessary points. Which will be going to help you to become an air hostess.

1). Basic requirements to become an Air hostess.

Usually, people think that this is a very easy job to do. But it’s not true.

The Air hostess profession requires lots of patience and talent.

If you are planning to start your career in this field. Then you have to know the basic requirements.

Girl,s or boy’s who so every going to pursue this career. It compulsory that, they should have soft skills, pleasant voice, teamwork, able to work in a long shift, helping nature, good communication skills, and presence of mind.

If you have these skills inside you. Then you can definitely choose the air hostess profile as your career option.

2). Air hostess requirement Height and Weight.

While you are planning to become an air hostess. Height and weight are a matter, so if you are a girl then your height should be around 5.2inches (157 cm).

The boy’s height required 5.5 inches (170 cm).

3). What would be age requirements for an Air hostess?

To start your career, as an air hostess. Your age should be between 18 years to 26 years.

Plus many girls think that only fair screen girls can apply for this profile. I am glad to say it’s not true. Brown screen girls can also apply for this job.

If you have the skill and ability. Then the body color does not matter much.

4). What qualification needs to be an Air hostess?

It’s not compulsory that you have to do any specific course to become an air hostess.

The basic requirement for an air hostess career is that you should pass out the 10+2 class with any stream.

However, these days, competition is a bit high for this profile too.

So, if you completed any degree or might be planning to pursue any diploma course then it would be, plus point for you.

Still, if you have enough confidence in yourself including the skill which mentioned above. Then you can apply for air hostess jobs without any diploma too.

5). What course are available for Airhostess.

You can do a diploma or degree in this profession. There are many institutes also available who provide 3 months or 6 months of small courses.

These institutes will teach you about personality development, skill development, teamwork, and many more things.

Plus you can apply for a 1-year diploma course or 3-year degree course. It’s totally up to you.

Some famous Diploma course names mentioned below for you.

  • Diploma in professional cabin crew.
  • Diploma in airline management.
  • Diploma in professional ground staff service.

You can also refer to these colleges or institutes which mention below for a good training course.

  • Air hostess Academy Pune/Delhi.
  • Frank Finn Institute of Air Hostess Training. Delhi/Mumbai.
  • Universal Airhostess Academy. Chennai.

6). How long does it take to become an air hostess?

As I have mentioned before that, you can start your career at the age of 18 years.

However, if you are looking for an international flight and taking seriously your career for future growth.

Then you have to wait until 21 years of age. Because after that you will able to take international fights too, which is going to be a very good turning point of your career.

7). Language proficiency for an Airhostess.

It’s important that you should know the English language frequently.

Apart from that one more language is required. Means at list two languages is compulsory, you should know.

If you want to fly for an international flight then it’s required that you should know a foreign language.

For example, if you like to take a flight for Canada then French is a compulsory language that you need to know.

8). What are the differences between air hostess and flight attendants?

Guys, there is no difference between both. Flight attendant men’s number of the crew member who available in flight and an air hostess is a part of a flight.

So they are also called a flight attendant. So, do not confusion on this.

9). Airhostess lifestyle.

It’s true that this profession looks very styles. And if you like traveling to different places and enjoying flight travel then, it would be the best career option for you.

But, this job is not as easy as it shows. You have to be very polite and cam in front of your customer.

While cracking the interview you have to give your medical test too. It’s important that you should not have any BP problems or medical issues.

Eye side required at list 6/6. No week eye side person will be selected.

So, it’s true that air hostess life looks glamorous, but for that, you have to work really hard and pleasantly. Then only you will grow in this field.

9). Airhostess Salary.

If you plan to join this field after 12th class only then, as a fresher you might get a salary between 3 lakh to 5 lakh per annum.

As a fresher, it’s a good amount of money. Many of the degree students not able to get this kind of package in starting.

However, after getting some experience you will be able to earn 30,000 bucks to 50,000 bucks a month too.

So, it depends on the airline also in which you join plus how much experience you have.

I have also provided deep information about allowances and perks, which you can earn in this profession.

10). Air hostess training fees or course fees.

It totally depends on your selection of institute.  After that, what is your planning, of course, you like to go with a short term course or long term course.

According to the selection of a college or university, you have to pay the fees.

Still, if you talk about on an average, the 45,000 to 1.1 lakh can be an annual fee for air hostess course.

11). How to apply for an air hostess.

If you have all the criteria which I have mention before then after completing 12th, you can apply for a job directly. Make the list of airlines and take follow up with them.

Do not consider fake agencies, since this job profile gets a boom.

There are many fake agencies are available on the market. Who asks you for a little amount of money and giving you the fake commitment of the job.

Apply through online job pottles like or

Put your resume there. And check daily newspaper headlines too.

Many of institute gives direct placement too. For that, you have to talk to the institutes or university direct.

  Bonus tips for students who want to become an air hostess.

If you are looking for a domestic flight job then the passport is not required.

However, if you like to fly internationally then, it’s good that you apply for a passport and keep it with you. We don’t know when opportunities come in your door.

Do not make any tattoos in your body it’s not allowed. If airlines know that you have tattoos then you will be not selected.

Mostly airline prefers Unmarried girls. After joining as air hostess if you get married then, there are some rules according to that you can continue your job.

However, it has some terms and condition and it also depends on an airline in which you are working.

12). How to become an air hostess after 10th.

No doubt that students are passionate about this career. And looking for air hostess or flight steward after 10th standard.

However, the fact is that you cannot start this career after 10th pass.

Because the minimum qualification is required is 10+2th. So, after completing your 10+2th only you are eligible for a cabin crew interview.

Usually, airline prefers the candidate who has a graduate degree. Still, after 12th you are eligible to apply for air hostess post.

If you are planning to peruse the travel and tourism or hostility course. Then you will get the extra point in your interview.

13). Actual Duties of Air hostess or flight Steward.

There is multiple tasks that you have to do as an air hostess. However, I have tried to mention a few in this guide for example.

As a flight steward, you have to do the flight announcement after coordinating with the inter-department. Check out the passenger safety.

Make sure amount the passenger comfort in flight. Assisting passengers with their languages and boarding pass.

Helping passengers for food, blanket, reading, or so on. Explain proper safety procedures, so that passenger does not do any mistake in flying flight.

14). Where to apply for an Air hostess job.

There are many companies are hiring for cabin crew posts too. Normally, they give an advertisement in a newspaper or online job portals.

You can apply directly or walk-in for an interview. If the organizer selects you for the position, then you will be sent for the screening test.

For example, height, weight, medical test, and so on.

Few recruiters frequently take the hiring of the candidate. For example, Air India, Qatar Airline, Go Air, Jet Airways, British Airways, United Air, Gulf Air, and many more.

15). What is Examination Process to become an Air hostess?

Generally, most of the airline takes the examination or interview by his own company rules. However, most of the airline follows four rules.

  1. Writing Exam: Just to check your aptitude test. I would not very difficult as normal as you prepare for a normal interview.
  2. Group Discussion: Here, they will check your communication skill, presence of mind, and attitude, and so on.
  3. Interview: After all of this, the organization will check your overall capability and mental strength.
  4. Screening Test: Finally, they will check your height, eye side, weight, and physical standards.

16). Can Male can be an Air hostess.

Yes, absolutely male can also apply for cabin crew posts. And all of the information provides above will apply for becoming a male air hostess too.

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