How to Change Gmail Password [Easily & Quick].

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Gmail Account.

Majority of people use the Google Gmail account. For the security reason, it’s good that you change the Gmail account password always.

But, how to change your Gmail password.

Franking speaking changing your Gmail password is very easy. No matter you are using desktop, iPhone, or Android version phone.

Still, you can reset your password or change your Gmail password easily.

Also, if might you forget your password, then also through google reset you can change the password.

Let’s drive into in.

Step1: Sign in for Google account. Top right side corner you will get the option of Sign in.

Step 2: After that google will ask you, your email ID or Phone number.

Step 3: If might you have set the two-factor authentication for verification, then you have to verify that.

Step 4: So, after reaching the home page, left side you will get the menu option. And you have to click on security option.

Step 5: There you will get the section of the password.

Step 6: Now, click on the password button and put your current password, for your verification. After that, you will see the box to fill out a new password.

Hence, you have put your new password, but the strong one. Make sure your password is a mix of a capital letter, special character, letter, and number.

After saving your new password, your account is now again secure. Besides, if might you have not set the two-factor authentication yet.

Then you can set that now, from security page only. You can also good practice if you check recovery method of your google account.

Change your Gmail password in Android | iPhone.

Step 1: After login to Gmail account in your mobile app. In the home screen, you will find the red and white icon in the top left corner.

Step 2: After click that menu you will get the multiple options, you have to find the setting option.

Step 3: If might you have login in more than one account. Then it will ask you to choose the Gmail account in which password you want to change.

Or perhaps it will show you the single account only, select that account.

Step 4: Next, you have to click on Manage your Google Account. You will find this option on the top of the page only.

Now, one option will visible to you with name Sign-in & security. Kindly click on that, then select the option of password (change your password).

However, now again you have to put your current password here, for verification purpose. Here you will get the option of entering a new password.

So, kindly put a strong password, as I have recommended above also.

Generally, you have to put the new password twice. For just confirmation that no mistake will happen.

Resetting A forget Password of Gmail account.

If you want to recover the password of Gmail account then click here first. Next, the account recovery page will ask you, your email address.

After putting email address details you have to click next.

Then, Enter the password page comes, down there one more tab is visible in the name of Try another way.

You have to click twice in Try another way box option. Now, google page will ask you, two option one for code receiving by text or call.

I in my opinion kindly select text option. Because if you select call then, it very rarely happens that you will receive the call instantly.

However, after receiving the six-digit text code from google. Verify that text code in google recovery page.

If may you receive a call from Google, then you have to describe the same code which you will hear in the call.

Now, you have to type the new password twice. And you have to put at least 8 characters for your password.

Last you have to select the change password blue-button box option. And you are all set, now your password has been changed successfully.