How to Improve Memory Power 11 Effective Ways [Now].

Teacher teaching about how to improve memory power

We all want to improve our memory power.

So that we will clear our tuff exams or maybe need to perform in our office work.

Everyone needs healthy and strong memory power.

It’s good if we can memorize thinks quickly, as compared to another person.

After doing lots of work and study hard also we forgot lots of things.

Why it happens.

Why can not we remember things better?

Our brain is just like a hard drive and, it can store the memories in some limit only.

Loading lots of data in mind make it confusing sometimes. And new memory some time goes and store in short memory.

Not in the long one.

This one reason, the way we always forgot thinks.

So, any new part of memory that you do not have revise or use it. You will go to forget that study topic or stuff soon.

If we talk in a scientific way.

Then After learning any new topics, you realize that one or two hours later. We will able to remember only 75% of that topic.

And if you talk about after one day we will barely remember 20 or 30% or that topic.

Memory always loses most of the gaining memories, that does not mean that we can not regain those memories.

So, how to improve memory power.

Therefore, we are going to discuss tips which will put your memory in long term space and you will be able to remember things in a much better way.

No, I am not talking about store forcefully memories in mind.

We are going to talk about 11 Scientific and Worthy way.

1). Quickly method.

After completing any new topic. You will feel after a while that, only a few think you have remembered.

So, it’s good that you revise that same topic in after 20 or 25 mints.

Then revise again after 7 or 8 hours later that topic. And again do the final revision after one day.

Through that method, you are putting that topic in your long term memory. Its also relies on your mind that it’s an important part of your storage.

If you will revise that topic after 1 month or two months also, then it will have become your strong memory.

2). Understand your topics.

What happens with most of the student.

When we are learning any chapter or teacher teaching us the topic then, that point of time we have a good understanding.

However, we always forget later on. Because we do not understand the exact meaning of the topic.

So it’s important that you do not just focus fully on revies the topic.

First, of fall understand, the real meaning of a topic try to gain understating of that topic in your words.,

In that way, you will not be required to memories thing forcefully.

3). Change Activity.

Do not just continue your study with one topic. Change your activity or take a break after 20 or 25 mints.

For example, you have completed one topic in 20 minutes.

So, after that just lessen one song or take an around wake in the park. And then start with another topic.

It not only gives a break to your mind. It also gives you a bit boost for your next topic.

4). Lean new thinks or languages.

Try to lean also something new.

A new language is one of the best methods I could say.

However, everyone has not some kind of interest. So I will not force you for new language only.

In other words, I am just trying to say that learn always something new. Give challenges to your mind.

To remember new thinks quickly.

Which will boost your memory power! This is one kind of exercise for your mind.

5). Meditation or Exercise.

Yes, it also one of the secret methods to memories things fast. Physical exercise is worthy.

Because meditation will increase the oxygen to your brain. Plus exercise reduces the stress of your mind.

While doing exercise, when hands and eyes coordination with each other. It also happens because of mind building.

6). Drink Plenty of Water.

Usually, many of us forgot to drink water regularly.

Drinking water also helps memory power pumping up and body to work in a healthy way.

So, drink proper water.

Try to keep one water bottle in your hand always. And drink at list 2 or 3-liter water in a day.

7). Active lessening.

Yes, we use the phone lot and always using social media and other platforms.

So use your technology as memorization also. Use recorder, record the topic or part of the subject you are not able to memories.

And lessening that topic through you headphone twice or thrice in a day.

Then you will able to catch thinks fast. Your memory power will increase your lessening activity as well.

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8). Do not forget to laugh.

Yes, you will think, how come this step will help to improve memory power.

But, it is guys because lots of students forgot to laugh behind the study pressure.

So, a laugh is also an important part of your memory growth and wealth.

Try to spend some time with small children, play fun games, spend time with a close friend.

And make your mind stress free plus have a laugh is the best therapy ever guys.

9). Follow Good Diet.

If you need a healthy brain that contains the memory for a long time then, kindly follow the good diet as well.

Healthy food like fruits, nuts, fish provides you protein which gives lost of benefits to your brain.

Try to eat more vegetables and fruits. Fruits have a good antioxidant source.

Drink green tea, its contain polyphenols which protect against free radical. Because radical is not good for brain cell.

10). Memory Game and Puzzle.

Playing games is not bad if you are playing to improve memory-related games.

Give challenges to your mind, solve a daily new puzzle. Do not run behind one game in which you are already master.

Repeating games not going to help your mind to enhance.

I look forward to challenging games and when solve once. Find out another one.

11). Drink Cup of Coffee.

If you are taking coffee in the morning then it’s good for you. Because caffeine and antioxidants help your brain boost up.

Coffee will not only make you pumping, but it also makes your mood good.

So have a cup of coffee in the morning. Is not bad as per my opinion.

I have also followed the same every morning. And it gives me to boost up for my work.

I understand that each and every step is not possible for everyone.

Even I have also not able to follow all of this step. However, half of the step I have follow always.

This not only improves my memory power and also make me boost up for my work.

Help your friends or family member too. So, they do have an answer to the “question” of how to improve memory power.

So follow the step which you can and improve your long term memory power.