How to Improve Spoken English! 14 Thinks U Can Do Today

school students shows english written board

Today we are going to talk about how to improve spoken English. Now, English is useful for daily life activity.

It will help you to communicate in a better way. Many people feel comfortable while they are listening to English. However, they feel uncomfortable when they will trying to speak English.

So, it’s important that you feel comfortable in both scenarios. Most people mix-up their own native language with English. Which not sound as good as need.

Some people lose a great opportunity for the job. Just because of their poor English or vernacular accent.

Perfect communication in English, will not only improve your friend’s connection. It will also, open up a good career option for you.

Therefore, if you like to give good direction to your life. For a better career then start improving you’re English now onwards.

Certain active practices can make you improve in spoken English.

1). Read Aloud:

Read is the best practice to do, to improve English! Read, in which you have an interest like storybooks, novel, or any hobby related books. Read aloud, so that you can hear your voice clearly.

Read at least 20-25 minutes in a day. Chose the book who has lots of different words. So, that while reading you can focus on those different words too.

Generally, when you read aloud it will give you confidence in yourself.

2). Listen to News:

Might be you think that listen news can be helpful or not. Yes, it is very helpful. Start to listen to daily news it will not only make you update. It also gives you knew words.

Popular channels like BBC, CCB channel will give you gentle English knowledge. Apart from that, you listen to the true achievers’ story in

Additionally, start listening to the news. It’s will improve your active listening in English. Plus when you will share the same news with your friend. Then you are exactly respecting what you heard.

This is also one learning strategy, in which you are sharing your knowledge too.

3). Listen to Music:

Start listening to English music one in a day. If you are completely new to English. Then listen to one music twice or thrice. Try to understand the words and lyrics.

Try to memorized words, if might you are not able to catchwords. Then see the lyrics song and understand it. Put this activity in your daily habit. While you are traveling or taking rest.

4). Record your Voice:

In my opinion recording your own voice is the best way of learning. Let me tell you how. When you are reading and recording your voice.

And start listening later to your voice. You get the notice, that where you are doing mistake in pronunciation. Also, you will find out the nervous voice of you. In which you have to improve later.

This kind of testing will make you improve in English. After knowing your mistake you can slowly work on that.

These are perfect tips for how to improve spoken english i have ever found.

5). Watch Movie:

If you really want to involve yourself in English. Then start to begin a part of the conversation. In other words, start watching English movies or English TV.

You can repeat the movie again and again. If you are not able to understand it once. Movies give you the idea of how characters are talking, and how their speech sounds.

Listening and hearing play a big role to improve your English. Regular listening English gives you 10% of improvement. It is one of the easiest ways of learning.

6). Write Down & Check on Dictionary:

Whether you are listening to the song or watching a movie. If you feel any words are not familiar to you then write it down in a notebook.

Similarly, if you are talking with a friend and catch any new words write it done too. Later when you get free time. Then find the meaning of those words on the dictionary.

Also, check their synonym words. And also make one or two sentences related to those words. It will increase your vocabulary too. Although it’s a good practice for finding new words.

Benefit, or write down, is that if later you forgot that word. Then also you can check out those words through your notebook.

Refer here “How to improve your vocabulary fast”.

7). Consider Reward & Penalties:

Make your learning more interesting. Make some rules, make some reward points. For example, if you are having a conversation with your friend on any topic.

Then fix one reward, for the person who not make more than 3 mistaken. Similarly, put 5 bucks penalties for a person. Who makes more than 5 mistakes.

It does not only make the conversation interesting. Plus possibility that you will hear the sentence very carefully of your friend. Because you want to win in this game right.

8). Make your Group:

If you are in school or college then make a WhatsUp group of your friends. Leave the question in a group on how to improve spoken English.

Fix one day in the week at home, and had the discussion in any selective topic. Bring every one 5/5 new words and his meaning with sentences.

Always try to talk in English while you are in your group. Probably you have 4 friends and all bring 5 words means you will get the 20 new words with meaning.

Select challenging topics every week. Do prepare yourself and start a discussion with your friend. This kind of activity gives you an extra boost.

9). Attention to mouth movement:

It has some tendency that correct mouth movement, give us the right sound of the word. Technically if your mouth does not have correct mouth movement. Then probably your words will sound wrong.

In other words, when we say that my friend has a pronunciation issue. Means my friend is not using mouth movement correctly.

Your lips and tongue correct movement only make correct pronunciation. This part of the portion is cannot be learned. It is only can make it with lots of practice.

10). Find online tuition:

If you feel very hard to learn English. Or you might be not comfortable with your friend. Then you can take the online English tuition.

It would be helpful for you. These days many online English tuitions are easily available. Normally, many online apps are also available. Who are ready to discuss with you in your problems.

English tuition will also help you to improve your grammar and vocabulary.

11). The rhythm of talk:

Whether you are watching movie or leasing music. Rhythm is very important in your English. In other words, it’s important that you focus on grammar too.

Correct pitching and intonation have a big role in English speaking delivery. So, work on the correct pitch and tone also comes under improving English.

12). Aim of new words:

If you could not able to carry the notebook or dictionary. Then make a habit that you collect new words. From your watching movies, news, music, and books.

Find 5 or 7 words daily and not only write down keep in your mind too. Revise the words once in a week. Old words which you have already in mind revise that in a month.

13). Don’t Think Much:

It’s all about how can you prepare your mind for your improvement. You can easily convention your mind for learning English. Your determination is very important for improvement.

There are many people around us, who plan for learning English. However, there are not following after a few days. It’s happening with all of us, you are not alone in this.

So, avoid this kind of thinking, and work on your English learning. It’s not a bit deal, it’s all about mindset.

Through the English language, you can communicate with the world easily. English comes under top language and every second person uses the English language.

14). Practice & Practice:

There is no other way apart from practice. As much as you will practice this step, you will get improve.

Might be in starting you will face little issue in memorization. Still do not break your rhythm, continue with your practice.

After a few weeks, you will see the improvement. Do not see the only video, practice speaking in front of the mirror.

Nervousness will only reduce when you will start work on that. So be patient and start slowly working on that.

Do not go in a super-fast way. Trust in yourself and start improving your English. I think finally you get the answer of your question of how to improve spoken English.