How to Quit Your Job Over Text or Email [With Sample].

Men is quitting his job over text
Quitting Job.

If you are thinking that how to quit your job over text. Then this article will help you a lot. Many of us want to quit the job over text or email.

Maybe some of your friends also told you that “I quit over text”. So the question comes how to quit your job without facing the boss. Or is a resignation by text in legal or not.

First focus the “reason for your quitting job” are worthy to intimate in the phone or not. It also depends on how many months or years you have expended on your company.

Maybe you are totally exhausted and only want to quit your job over text. But quitting a job over the phone is not at all polite way.

If you have only spent only a few days in the company. Like 5 or 15 days and want to quit your job over text.

Then sometimes it’s fine because you are just new to the company. And your resume also not going to affect because of that.

But if you have experienced and had a long relationship with the company. Then please do not do this mistake.

Because through that your lots of paperwork can be stuck with the company. Plus you might face issuing in withdraw your PF (provident fund) amount and last working days salary.

It also not good for your new job profile. Because almost all companies do the previous company verification. For just the purpose of your positive record or negative record.

I will never suggest anyone quit your job over text. Better you quit your job in a professional way.


Quitting a job is a professional way will show your good career relationship. And might be in future you required any letter of reference or recommendation.

Then your boss or your management team can only able to help you out.

Reason to Quit Your Job Over Text or Phone.

It could be possible that you are in any big trouble. Such as family emergency, personal problem, boss not available at the office, etc. Or might you really not want to face your boss’s behavior.

Then you can do that. You can call him and give him at least two weeks of notice period over the phone. Make sure you mention the date and month of the last day.

In another scenario if might your boss is not co-operating with you or not available in the office. You can visit your HR team. And decision with him the most possible way for how to quit the job in an immediate way.

Before Quitting the job over text or phone.

If might you have assigned any client project or daily client work. Then make sure before calling your boss you get to finish all your pending work.

Through this, you will not feel the award situation in front of your boss. Plus if might your boss cross-questioning you related to your work? Then you should do have the proper answer to that.

Might be you want to quit your job and want to work from home. Or you are planning for any business.

In this situation don’t try to share thinks in front of the boss. Because it might be the possibility that they will refuse your resignation request.

Tips For Quitting Job Over Text or Phone.

1. Connect to your supervisor first:

If you have any supervision in your department. Then text him that you want to talk to him on an urgent basis. After that make the call and share your reason to him.

Try to give all possible reasons why you are not able to serve a long notice period.

Second, if might your supervisor is not available. Or might be not giving you the right direction. You can contact the manager and provide him all the explanation.

If still, you are facing an issue. Then as I have mentioned above. Visit your human resource team and ask them for help in an immediate way.

2. Don’t talk much on the phone or text.

If your supervisor or manager him you the time on a phone call. Then don’t take much in resignation reason much. Because as much as you will talk. Matter can possible goes in the wrong way.

Just give you one line reason with the strong point and talk future. About the pending paperwork and all.

3. Apologies for your immediate information:

If you are not able to give any notice period. Then don’t forget to apologies over the phone. And tell them the situation is not is your control. Therefore you are quitting your job over the phone.

4. Talk Professionally:

If your supervisor is ready to help you out. Then don’t start complaining about the other co-workers. Or don’t show you pain related to the office. Because it can make your bad impression on him.

5. Ask an important question.

Don’t forget to ask about the paperwork and all. Do remind your manager about your last paycheck collection.

Plus talk to him about required paperwork and can be possible all work on email if possible.

6. Follow-up.

If you are resignation from your job through over phone or email. Then you should need to take the proper follow up.

Because sometimes because of heavy workload. Could be possible that your manager can forget the farther processor.

So ideally, take your own responsibility to take the follow up of your resignation and finish up your work as soon as.

An Important Step If You Are Quit Your Job Over Email.

If you can manage to serve two weeks of the notice period. Then you can notify this information to your boss through email resignation letter too.

Down below I have mentioned how you can frame the email resignation in a proper way.

Name of the person whom you are notified.

When you ready to email your resignation letter to your boss. Then mention the supervisor’s email address along with your manager.

You can address or greet the person as a manager or supervisor. It’s good to add your HR email address too.

Plus you can add your personal email address. So that you also have the proof of your resignation letter.

What step needs to follow on email.

  • The subject line should be “Resignation Letter”.
  • Don’t forget to mention your joining date along with the effective resignation date.
  • Mention you like to receive a final paycheck in your same account.
  • If you don’t want to mention the reason for quitting. Then just mention a personal issue or family issue.
  • You can want any leave adjustment or medical adjustment you can mention on that.
  • Also, ask for compensation if you have pending any.
  • Provide necessary information. Such as your connect phone number or email address.

Resignation Email Template.

Check the email resignation letter format down below for more clear information:

Subject- Resignation-Rohan Sharma [Name].

First Paragraph:

Mention the effective date of your resignation date. Write down this information in your first paragraph.

Middle Paragraph:

In the middle, you can tank you to the company or management for the awesome opportunity to be part of his company. And you can also mention how to appreciate you are the work environment and management stuff.

Final Paragraph:

In last you can offer the Human resource or manager to contact you any time for any required information and details.



  • You’re Name.
  • Your Employee ID.
  • Department Name.
  • Phone number.
  • Email Address.