How To Write a Letter of Resignation [Sample].

A Men writing a letter.

To grab the new opportunity in a new organization you have to write a letter of resignation to your current boss. No matter what reason you have to leave the organization in good ways it’s a protocol that you should submit the resignation letter.

Writing a resignation letter is the information that you are quitting from your current post and want to leave the company in a positive note.

What is a Resignation?

Resignation is one kind of action to show your purpose of leaving the organization. This letter is an official message that your intent to leave the job. Including your last working date and month.

A perfect resignation letter can move you out smoothly from an organization easily. Some company takes two weeks to four week time for pre-information regarding resignation.

Its cover the steps for example:

  • Basic Resignation Letter.
  • Thank you letter.
  • The handoff.

Why Should You Write a Registration Letter?

Writing a letter resignation show the professional way to move from the company. Resign letter shows your real intent of future planning and relationship bonds with the current company.

Also, you are indirectly information your manager that they can hire someone else for your position and responsibilities. A letter of resignation is a perfect document to inform the numbers of the department once for all relevant work.

Perfect resign letter can give you the career down and also for the letter of recommendation. Even if you want to return to your previous company its help as a positive appraisal.

Tips To Write a Resignation Letter.

Resign letter format should be shorter the better. This letter not required a long explanation for why you are leaving or quitting the job.

Letter format should need professional and direct information. Check the down blow point which shows some resign letter writing tips.

  • Mention in your first sentence that you are quitting the job.
  • Don’t criticize any employee or insult anyone in profession.
  • Mention your last date of work to as per company guidelines.
  • Mention the company name and department name.
  • Mention the position name and other id details.
  • Your experience with your company.
  • Offer to replace you.

The Two-week Point in The Registration Letter.

Try do not give the quick quit letter or instant job leaving letter. Because the company also needs time to fulfill your place.

So it’s better if you go for a proper resignation letter. Another one is if you have any kind of issue related to your position or office behavior then better you talk to your manager or boss. Rather mention in resign letter better you first try to communicate to your senior.

Format for Resignation Letter.

Letter Date: Top left to mention the current date when you write a resignation letter. Means above the address.

Address: Mention the company name in the top right only and company formal address along with the city, zip code and more.

Addressee: The addressee is normally your manager or supervisor. After that, you have to mention your manager’s name along with the department, unit, team and so on.

Resignation Declaration: Better clear the resign reason in the first letter sentence.

Date of departure: Clear departure date will be good for the forwarding processer and it helps your manager to coordinate other thinks with HR.

Reason for leaving: You can provide the general reason which will not get affect your relationship. Such as health concern, career change, relocation and want to spend time with family.

Thank you section: You can thank the opportunity which the company gives you. Plus you can thank your manager for great work support.

Signature: Might be if you are submitting the hard copy then write down your name of that or make the signature on the letter.

Best Registration Letter Sample.

Lets see the example of “how to write a letter of resignation”.

18/05/2020 [Date]

Ms. Rosy Michaels.


XYZ Company

25 Main Road.

White Field, MC 110053

Dear Rosy,

Please accept my resignation letter as notice of my resign from my current position as an operating executive. My last day of employment going to be 18/06/2020.

I received an offer to serve as senior supervision of a dell company, and after careful thought, I consider that this opportunity is very good for my career growth.

I felt pleasure working with you and your department over the last five years. One of the highest careers of my step is collaborating with your client and get a new method of handling operation matters. I wish you luck with your upcoming growth and success.

I also like to ensure you that before my last day of employment I will going to cover all my project work along with reporting.

Rosy, thank you again for your all support and opportunity. I wish your team and department all the best. I like to carry forward to staying in touch with you. If you need any future information then you can email me anytime at [email protected] or call me at 666-665-5555.


Ricky Mathew.

Registration Letter Template.

Ricky Sharma [Your Name].

MG Road, Delhi [your Address].

72/6, D block, 110056, India [Your State/Pin code/Country].

985585585 [You’re Phone Number].

[email protected] [Your email Id].

19/12/2020 [Today’s Date]

Soma Jha [Manager Contact Name].

Manager [Manager Title].

HP Limited [Company Name].

Dear Soma, [Manager Contact Name].

I would like to provide my formal notice of the company from the position. My last date will be February 22, 2020, four weeks from today.

I appreciate your opportunity and support. It not an easy decision of mine. I truly value your training, process knowledge, and experience. It has been a pleasure working with your company and department.

Please let me know if you want any kind of more information regarding this transition. I wish you to call the best for your company growth.



Ricky Sharma.

Registration Letter Dos and Don’ts.

While you are writing a resignation letter you must know what to do and what should not do. Down below you will get the dos and don’ts for your resignation letter process.


  • Do not explain too much about your new job. Because might be you are not get fit in your new job properly and you like to return to your old office. Therefore, you must always make a good place in your senior coworkers.
  • Do not criticize the company or any of employee.
  • Better do not absent in your notice period and do not deny for work.
  • Do not avoid your responsibilities and don’t miss behave with your boss.
  • Quit the job without resigning letter.
  • Don’t try to convince your coworkers to give the resign too.
  • Do not spare the miss information about the department.
  • Don’t change your mind if the senior offers you the high salary it shows them that you do not trust worthy.


  • Do the final discussion of your employment.
  • Help the newcomer to handling your position and work.
  • Discuss all point with HR if have any confusion.
  • Before leaving the organization is organized with your office staff.