Best Humanities Courses in Canada for Indian Students.

Humanities Courses in Canada
Humanities Courses in Canada

Humanities Courses in Canada for Indian Students.

Canadian universities are the most famous around the world to provide top-class education and Canada student visas, for the best education and technology learning.

Such as bachelor degree in Canada for international students, advanced diplomas, diploma courses in Canada for international students, 1 Year courses in Canada for Indian students, etc.

If you want to pursue humanities courses to learn about technology and math then there are many humanity courses in Canada for international students and Indian students.

Courses for humanities students get the knowledge of how to discover and interpretation of human culture, along with transmission, development, psychology, information practices, etc.

If we talk about Indian students, then the cost of studying in USA for Indian students is not much high as they also educate well else Canada is again the best country for humanities degree courses.

Benefits of Study Humanities Courses in Canada.

Canadian University provides a variety of subjects in humanities degree courses, it has the best combinations of majors and minors in the humanities and arts, and it taught a great bachelor’s degree Canada in humanities.

Every year thousands of Indian students looking for the cheap cost of studying abroad for Indian students and the best in one country is Canada with excellent international experience and top schools.

Canada has a number of good universities in Canada for Indian students to pursue a career in the arts or humanities.

Humanities Courses in Canada.

Course Full Name.

Humanities Courses in Canada.

Basic Degree.

Bachelor Degree/ Masters Degree/Diploma/Certificate.

Duration of Course.

1 Year to 4 Years (Depends on course type).

Entrance Exam.


Study Humanities Courses Fees in Canada.

20,500CAD to 30,500 CAD Annual.

Average Salary (Depends on Degrees).

68,500 Per Year.

Top List of Humanities Courses in Canada Program.

When we talk about humanities courses or arts courses they are common but the best degree in Canada that comes to mind is a Bachelor of Social Work, Associate of Arts, Bachelor of General Studies, Bachelor of Arts, etc.

Down below you will get the list of bachelor degree in Canada for international students to humanities studies, masters in Canada for Indian students and international students, certificate programs, 1 Year courses in Canada for international students, etc.

Humanities Courses in Bachelor Degree.

  1. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology.
  2. Bachelor of Arts Psychology.
  3. Bachelor of Social Work (BSW).
  4. Bachelor of Arts and Science.
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics.
  6. Bachelor of General Studies (BGS).
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Geology.
  8. Associates of Arts (AA).
  9. Bachelor of Arts in History.
  10. Bachelor of Arts in English.
  11. Graduate Certificate in Social Media.

Diploma Degree in Humanities Courses.

  1. Diploma in Community, Child Studies and family.
  2. Graduate Certificate in Public Relations.
  3. Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Management.
  4. Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership Studies.

Masters’s Degree in Humanities Courses.

  1. Ma in Early childhood education.
  2. MA in English.
  3. MA in Anthropology.
  4. Master of Fine Arts.
  5. Masters of Arts French Language & Literature.
  6. MA in Drama.
  7. MA in Theatre & Performance Studies.
  8. MSc in Administration (Management of International Humanities & Development).

Eligibility Requirements for Study Humanities Courses in Canada.

  • To study in Canada basic requirement is a Canada student visa (So apply with all required documents).
  • English Exam is important for study humanities in Canada (IELTS/TOEFL/IB).
  • Passport Size photo, Passport, Financial Statement, SOP, Recommendation letter, etc.

Course Duration for Humanities Certificate in Canada.

Psychology or Humanities studies programs basically study human behavior. Means humanities social behavior, family historical branches, philosophical, literary, etc.

The student should need to choose the humanities courses as per their interest as they will get the varieties of courses in Canada diplomas, certificates, undergraduate programs, master’s programs, and short-term courses.

       Course Type.           

Course Duration.

Diploma Course.

2 Years to 3 Years.

Certificate Programs.

6 Months to 1 Year.

Bachelor Degrees.

2 Years to 4 Years.

Master Degrees.

1 Year to 2 Years.

College and University for Humanities Courses in Canada.

Let’s see several Canada University that offers several different humanities courses for international students.

  • The University of Ottawa.
  • The University of Toronto.
  • The University of Victoria.
  • Western University.
  • The University of Montreal.
  • Simon Fraser University.
  • The University of Waterloo.
  • McGill University.
  • Concordia University.
  • The University of Calgary.
  • The University of British Columbia.

Cost or Fees of Humanities Courses in Canada.

Tuition fees or cost of humanities courses will depend on the choice of selection institution or university.

Some costs of education in Canada could be high as per their program, rating, and location.

But few colleges in Canada for humanities courses also charge the affordable cost of education in Canada too.

Program Types.

Average Cost.


8L to 12L INR.


3.5L to 8L INR.

Bachelor Degree.

10L to 20L INR.

Master’s Degree.

15L to 25L INR.

Career & Jobs after Humanities Courses in Canada.

After completing the humanities courses in Canada you will find the number of opportunities as per your course type. Some of the humanities job profession names list you can see down below.

  • Social Workers.
  • Economist.
  • Teachers.
  • Authors.
  • Psychologists.
  • Campaign Director.
  • Lawyers.
  • Journalists.
  • Political Secretaries.

Popular Scope after Humanities Courses in Canada.

  1. Psychology.
  2. Economics.
  3. History.
  4. Political Science.

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