How to Improve Vocabulary fast [4D Rules].

men running for vocabulary books

Why we need to improve vocabulary. Speaking English is not only good enough, till the time you do not have vocabulary words in your sentences.

Many people find that vocabulary words are tuff to remember. But if you follow the correct strategy. Then it will not let you down in that way.

Therefore, today you will get the process of learning vocabulary words in a perfect way along with fun games.

1). Start Reading (to improve Vocabulary).

To keep the vocabulary words in your mind. The best way is, to read as much as you can. Or read at least one hour per day.

If it’s hard for you, because of your workload then read at least 30 minutes daily without any miss.

Do not read any random book or newspaper. Read the stuff in which you have interested. If you are interested in sports stuff then read sports magazines, sports books.

If you like novels, movie scripts, cooking stuff or travel book. Then read books related to those topics.

Additionally, following those books in which you do not have much interest. Surely, not going to enhance your English vocabulary.

While reading, when you find the words. Which are different or new for you. Just make down draw line through pencil on that word.

Also, underline the words in which you have a pronunciation issue.

Do not distract yourself with note paid or anything else while reading. Notepad stuff will distract you at the point of reading.

So, I will prefer to do the drawn line down the words. And right down in notes later after finishing your chapter.

2). Write or Record (to improve Vocabulary).

Now, check out the words which you have been noted down. Find the words in the vocabulary dictionary. Do not use any dictionary.

The most top dictionary, which you can refer to is the Oxford Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary, Merriam Dictionary.

Add 5 or 10 vocabulary words in your daily list. After making list on note paid or in Stack card.

Write down adjective plus other forms, of listed words for example.

I have found the word beautiful which is adjective. Then I have founded its other forms beautify (verb), beauty (noun), beautifully (adverb).

Make a list of all form of one word, and after that make sentences of those words.

Not just any sentence, make a sentence which makes real sense of that word visibility.

Use only English to English dictionary to find words meanings. Do not use English to Hindi, English to Spanish, English to French kind of dictionary.

Because for a while might it could be helpful for you. But in daily life, when you will try to use those remember words, in sentences then you will face an issue.

So, always refer English to English dictionary. One word has four different forms, as I have mentioned before.

Means you have got the four more words in your mind. Which will be useful for other sentences too. Hence, you have to make list, one by one of your all words along with sentences.

Do not rush to remember all the vocabulary words. Its take time and patience.

Generally, work which goes under the rush, will never worthy. So start slowly try to remember 5 words in the starting phase.

After a while go on 10, then 15 according to your understanding level. You can also record these words, forms, and sentences in your phone recorder.

In traveling time or standing in the bus line, it will good to listen to these words.

Vocabulary words can be also improved. When you wrote down words in note-paid. Writing has a strong ability to capture words.

Refer here for “How to improve English fast”.

3). Review All Your Words.

Fix one review day in a week. Review all vocabulary words which you have completed. Ask your family member or friend to ask you those words, and sentences.

If you remember exactly, all then start applying those words in your daily life.

Check your memory power, try to enhance it. Try to use hard vocabulary words with meaning full sentences. For example,

  Daily Used Words          His Vocabulary Words.

  1.  Very Happy                  Jubilant.
  2.  Very Tired                    Exhausted.
  3.  Very Stupid                  Idiotic.
  4.  Very Clean                   Spotless.
  5.   Poor                           Destitute.
  6. Very Dirty                     Squalid.

As you see now that instants using two words. We are using only one word, for showing our expression. It’s called vocabulary improvement.

This is magic of vocabulary. It makes sentence short and more effective to listen.

If you repeat the word in your every sentence. Then it looks quite often. Generally, everyone does this but, we don’t recognize till the time we do not focus on it.

If you like to find your mistakes.

Then, write down your daily activity in one notebook. Check how much time you have repeated one word in your whole story.

When you find that words make a list of it and find its vocabulary words. This is the perfect way to know your weakness.

Also, check the synonym words for good practice. Because synonym gives the exactly or nearly the same as other words work.

Hence, make one list of synonym words, whenever you got the free time. So, it will also improve your vocabulary in a different way.

4). Listening Power (Improve Vocabulary).

Listening words and sentence is also one of the powerful strategies to gain our vocabulary. Therefore, start listening to English news or English stories.

I would suggest you subscribe with Ted is one of the biggest platforms, where many achievers come and tell about his life story or struggle story.

This channel has 13 million subscribe. Listen to one story a day find out the new words. Which you do not hear before and note down in your vocabulary list.

And repeat the process of find words forms and review yourself once a week.

Normally, many people follow the roots strategy to remember the words, For example, Inject, Reject, Eject, Object, and Subject.

But, personally, I don’t suggest this because of it quite confusing for a person who is new.

However, if you are comfortable with this, differently you can continue with this.

But I would not suggest this to a person, who is totally new. You can also improve your vocabulary through, planning vocabulary games.

Making a vocabulary list in your mind is a long term process. It will not work in one week or one month. You have to work continually on a vocabulary. Then only you will be improving on this.

Additionally, don’t forget to use your vocabulary words in a daily sentence and watch one English story in

Only remembering words, will not be going to help you out. Till the time you are not applying them.

These two methods will always push you to find and read new words. So, do remember all this strategy. And after a while, you will see the improvement in your vocabulary.