18 Interview Tips: To Get Hired for Job [Make Impression].

Interviewer giving the interview tips to another candidate.
Interviewer with candidate.

Interview tips.

If you want to crack your interview at once. Then you must know the interview tips. Which makes your interview easy and smooth.

Knowing interview tips will help you to impress your interviewer. Also, let you hired for the applying post too.

Down below I have mentioned almost all major “interview tips” which will help you out in many ways. No matter is your experience or fresher its helps you in both ways.

1. Researching the Company Details.

Before visiting the company for an interview it’s good that you understand the key information. Search about the company details and read the latest update of the company.

Check social media articles about the company, official website and press release.

It will build your confidence in the company. Plus you will get an overview of the company goal.

The interviewer always gets impressed. If you let them know that you are well aware of their industry growth. Additionally, you also get to know that you are fit in that company or not.

2. Solid reasons why you want the job.

Remember also be prepared with a few key selling points. Selling point which can show your interest in applying for the position.

Show them how you are worthy of their company. For example, I am a very good learner, I do have good leadership quality and so on. In other word, give them a reason why should they hire you.

Come up with your abilities, your real passion for work and your valuable ideas. So ideally, you must showcase your selling point.

Because if you are not able to convince the interviewer about your interest regarding work. Then it could be possible that they will not shortlist you.

3. Check the job description.

Many times you might be ignoring the job description details. Just because you have thought that you have enough knowledge.

But I will suggest please read the job description very carefully. And pick up the keywords which the company looking for.

Try to connect those keywords with your previous work experiences.

Or make a sentence that can show an interviewer that you already have the quality of the skills, which is actually required.

For example, you have seen the job description which shows the key skill like excel is required. Then you can say to your interviewer that in the last company.

I have learned advanced excel too through my manager. Here indirectly you are showing your ability to them.

4. Practice More and More.

No matter how much you prepare. When you come in front of HR or interviewer you always get stuck. That means your practice is not having enough confidence.

Plus many times we through that we are prepared. As we have lots of phases and lines available in your mind.

But when times are come to execute the words it does not help us.

That shows a lack of interview practice. So no matter how good you are. Always practice again and again the interview questions and answer.

Start preparing in front of the mirror. Talk to your friends and practice with them.

5. Do interview practice with a friend.

As I have mentioned above practice is very important. One of the best interview tips is, start preparation with your friend.

Find any of your one or two good friends. Tell them to play the role of interviewer and you become a candidate.

After that start the interview practice all day back to back. Till the time you will not get enough confidence in your answer.

6. Make a perfect resume for the interview.

The perfect resume shows your organization skills. Hence, do not just right the resume in any format.

Before making a resume or CV it’s important, that you should know the difference between CV vs. resume.

Make the resume incorrect format and it should look professional. Start the resume with a good resume objective and end up with strengths and hobbies.

7. The first 5 minutes are very important.

As per many HR and interviewer, it comes in notice that. After starting the interview interviewer normal judges you within five minutes.

Most of the time they took the decision also in starting five or in ten minutes.

In the rest of the time interviewer normally check your confidence and your own decision.

Therefore, it’s important that in starting you should show your unique point and selling point. Your interest in the job and your ability of the work.

8. Make a list of common interview questions.

Do not just prepare yourself just randomly. Grab the notepaper and make a list of common interview question answers.

No matter what post you have applied some common interview questions always come. Such as “tell me about yourself”.

So do not avoid simple but important interview questions. In which you can score more marks.

9. Show your interest in the company position.

The position you have applied shows the interest in that. For example, you can say like ‘I was always looking for this position as I have an interest in it”.

Interviewer always looking for the candidate who can stick with the company a long time. Although I have a good knowledge of the position aspects.

Therefore, do not hesitate to show your interest in the position.

10. Prepare a strong example of your work.

You will find the many positions where you have to give an example of your previous experience.

To show your reasonability and loyalty for the company. So note down three or four strong work examples. Through which you can impress the recruiter or interviewer.

11. Be ready for inappropriate questions.

You might get some inappropriate questions from the interview side. For example, related to your children’s planning, marriage status, and gender and so on.

So you can simply say that I am not sure how this question is relevant to this job application.

Or either you can say I am not sure about my future movie regarding children or marriage but currently I don’t have any plan.

12. Make your selling point.

Count of a number will be available for the job position. Therefore, you must showcase your strong selling point font of HR.

For example, if you have any technical skills or you are good at PowerPoint presentation. Which can help your current position then show them!

Plus also explain how this skill is beneficial for their company profit. If you will show the profit of his company. Then surely he or she will get more interested in your resume.

13. Plan your interview demo one day before night.

Do not ignore the interview preparation one day before. Play the interview demo part with you, roommate or friend. Check on self again and again for the perfect interview delivery.

As much as you will repeat the interview question answer that much your mind will going to work fast. Doing practice with a friend is one of the best interview tips I ever know.

14. Always keep more than one resume and note pad in your bag.

Next, always keep four or five resume copies in your bag. Through that, you can attend the multiple interviews in one day.

Other it’s also good because of many times. HR gets lost some pf resume just because of the high number of candidates.

So at that time if you do have the extra copy. So will not get stuck in trouble. Plus instantly you can provide another copy to the interviewer.

15. Reached always early for your interview.

One more very important interview tips. Make sure you check the company location or map one day before only.

Also check how much time it will take to reach by cab, metro, public transport or bus.

After knowing the schedule you’re routing accordingly and reached your interview place early.

At least reached to your interview place 10 or 15 minutes before. Because punctuality is very important in the interview.

16. Keep your body language right.

Keep your body language calm and genuine. Introduce yourself with upbeat body language and a confident smile.

Through that, you can relate yourself to the interviewer. Try to keep your interview light way.

Apart from that wear clean cloth, shoes, nails should be clean and positive energy.

17. Shows a confident smile.

It important that you should not look nerves. Because if once you get nerves it’s impossible sometime to get back of it.

So ideally, keep your confident smile in your face. But make sure you do not count this under overconfidence. Nature smile is always good. Be nature does not show over confidences smile.

18. Be prepared for the question “why should we hire you” yourself.

This is true that we hardly know what the interviewer is going to ask. But it’s not 100% truth. Some common question always comes.

Hence, it’s good that you pre-prepare for these kinds of questions. For example, a question like “why should we hire you” is always come across. So better you remember the answer to this question confidently.

So that you can earn 10/10 in your these common question at least. Prepare yourself for behavior based interview.