How to learn the Japanese language fast and free.

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Many of us thinking about how to learn the Japanese language fast. But before that, I would like to tell you a little more.

If you like to learn Japanese languages then. It’s good that you know little about that country too.

Japan is one of the top countries who has grown economically very fast. India and Japan have been working together for long times.

If you see around, then most of the products. Which we are using it’s given and created by Japanese only. Japanese product has covered most of the country market.

In 1903 when the Japan – India association was founded then, the relation of both country get very strong.

Do you know the name of a few top Japan companies, which has a big name is India too!

For example, Casio India co. PVT. Ltd, Citizen watches (India) PVT. Ltd, Fuji photo film co. Ltd, Sony India PVT. Lmt. These all product belongs to Japan Company, which we used very frequently.

So, you can see how Japan and India have connected economically. Japan has business with other lots of countries too.

Japan has a wonderful culture very welcoming people are there. Every year lots of people visiting Japan for travel purpose and job purpose.

You will be spurious to know that, Japan attends 31.79 million tourists visitors in Japan. Hence, Japan growth rate will increase 6% each year.

Because of all this fact, Japanese languages comes in demand too. It is one of the most speaking languages in the world.

Generally, people think that the Japanese language is hard to learn. But it’s not true, it’s easy to learn beside you have a real interest in this language.

As Indian japan has business agencies, so Japanese language translator also required most on top companies.

Therefore, I am going to share you the ways, that how to learn the Japanese language. Through that, you will improve your foreign language skill.

1). Learn the Japanese Language Online Free.

If you don’t like to invest money in tuition class and like to study free online. Then I will refer that you can use the Duolingo and Busuu online website.

Very awesome online website for the Japanese language. It will give you a time frame for daily study and it’s very easy to start.

One more cool future shows on Duolingo which is, language preference. Which will help you to read the lesson according to your mother tongue language!

Through Duolingo and Busuu site, you can learn Japanese at home too.

2). What is the type of Japanese language?

The Japanese language will be written in 3 different ways. It has 3 types of format, in which the Japanese language work.

First called Kanji, the second one is Hiragana and third and last in Katakana.

Best way to learn a language that you first know the system format of the language. You can recognize these words while you will start seeing them, individual.

Kanji is basically used for the writing system in Japan. Then comes Hiragana, it’s important that you understand and learn the Japanese alphabets. If go the level ways then it would be easier for you.

While attending class use headphone, so that you can listen to the sound clearly and able to pronouns that.

Hiragana is a set of alphabets you can also use free Japanese lessons website as well, which shows you the alphabets along with images.

Next, you have to focus in Katakana, it’s is also used for writing purpose. Additionally, try to understand the differences between Hiragana and katakana.

In short worlds, Hiragana is used for phonetically spelling and Katakana is for foreign words. And kanji is a set of characters which present the whole alphabetic.

3). Learn the Japanese language while using YouTube.

You can easily learn free online Japanese course when you’re using mobile for YouTube.

I will suggest used YouTube channel. They have great student traffic on his channel.

Learning Japanese through this channel would be easier for you. You can see that this channel has, one plus million subscribe member available.

It has various parts, channel teacher will teach you the Japanese language. I like most Japanese grammar tutorial because grammar understanding is always important.

Plus through this channel, you will get the extra tricks and tips. It has 3 different tutorials serious for kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana. Which will incense your Japanese language words consuming capacity!

JapanesePod101 is one of the top channels currently we have on YouTube. And most of the other education portal also recommending this platform too, because of his popularity.

So it’s a perfect way to learn the Japanese language course online.

4). Online Japanese language Degree Program.

Many of big brand companies hiring people, who can speak Japanese languages. Else if you like to work for Japan country only then. You can apply for a diploma or degree course online also.

Best way to become a Japanese language translator is that you apply for an online diploma course.

I would suggest you please enroll with It has great study methods for you. It has around 16,885 students enrolled for a Japanese language diploma course.

It will give you the study duration of 10-15mints. After completing that it has an assessment. Further, you will get the certification.

Enrolling is a very easy process just visit and you will see the option of start course, now click on that and it will give you further information.

And it is a free diploma course, so why not try it and get your certificate. This certificate will increase your resume weight.

5). Learn Japanese book/Learn yourself.

If you have the idea of how to study yourself or you like to read the book then. There are many fantastic books are also available through which you can learn the Japanese language.

I will recommend Japanese from zero! This book is for beginner person who likes to learn the Japanese language. There more book available which you can find in Amazon easily.

However, as a beginner, this book is enough for you.

Apart from that see daily 15 mints japan news through his media source. Try to understand the Japanese words.

And be prepared, because starting phase, is not going to be easy for you.

Because you are totally new to these languages.

But after a while, you will see the improvement. So, it ok if you are not understanding in starting also. Make a habit of listening to the news daily.

Listen to one or two Japanese songs. Through this, your mind will be trying hard to catcher the new words. It will enhance your memory power to focus on words.

Try to know more about Japan culture and tradition. Through that, you will not only connected with that culture mentally.

It will make you strong from inside too, that you have the knowledge of the culture which language learning is your aim.

6). Lean Japanese languages by Universities.

The Japanese language can be learned through the top universities too. Usually, very few students know about that.

These school or universities will teach your Japanese language basic to a high level.

Japanese language demand is in all over the world. 120 million people speaking Japanese all over the world.

Hence, if you learn this foreign language through a top university then you will get good opportunities in the future. Few schools or university name are mentioned below.

  • Doon University.
  • The University of Tsukuba.
  • The University of Tokyo.
  • University of Delaware
  • DePaul University.

According to one survey, we got to know that Japan has the lowest unemployed member in his country.

It has only 3% unemployment. Which is the lowest percentage as compared to other countries!

The reason behind that they work a lot and believe in new invent. Plus they don’t consider any work small or big. They take education also in priority.

If you are planning to go abroad for the Japanese language higher education. Then generally, some university will charge you the $12,000 to $18,000 per semester.

It is an average amount, it could be changed according to the university demand in future.

However, if you talk about Japan education fees then. Japan prefers free education for students who are poor.

But, a top college in Japan take the fees around $11,000 annual fees and entrance fee near to $2,700.

If you like to do free study in Japan then. Japan Government can help you out. They have (JASSO) The international student scholarship program by the government side. You can plan to apply to that.

Plus private scholarships are also available. Which will cut down your fees bit, so that it would be affordable for you! Few low-cost studies abroad providers are very helpful, for example.

  • CIEE
  • IES Abroad.
  • NRCSA Japanese languages study program.

I will recommend that first of fall, strong your basic characters in the Japanese language. And then if you will apply for the Japanese university then it would be easier for you. At list, you are not going black in front of them.

Keep in mind as much as you will practice, you will succeed that much fast.