Low Investment Business Ideas in India [25 Ideas].

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Hunger people like me or you think many times. Like, what are the low investment business ideas in India we can go through.

There are many low investment business ideas that are running in the market. Which are an affordable and low risk too!

Most of the people have creative and innovative ideas of business. Includes your special skill and ideas you can start a small scale business.

Become a successful entrepreneur is not easy work. However, it’s not impossible too, if you put your right ideas and energy on that.

As of today technology is moving so fast. Doing your own small business with low investment is easily possible.

Perhaps you can prepare for that and have good business ideas.

There are too many low investment businesses available, through which you can start work from your home. Begin a housewife or college student.

These days much online low investment business has come upon the market. Which are perfect fits for the beginner or as a side business!

Many of us ask a question likewhat are the best business ideas in India”.

But if you see around then because of social media, fashion industry, online shopping, consultancy, tuitions, etc. Business is running everywhere.

Small scale business ideas are very beneficial for fresher or beginner. Because it takes less risk and low investment. To become a successful entrepreneur like Bill gates. It Will not only take low investment, but it also makes good business ideas, a positive mindset, and patience.

Remember first plan your business in deep. Better if you research about your business or product, check out the market plans and offers.

Therefore, it’s important that you prepare in advance, aware of the competition. Talk to your senior or mentor if required and get some perfect ideas.

Additionally, be prepared for business, ups, and downs. Because few failures cannot stop “clear vision strong person”.

So, here are 25 of these low investment business ideas you can start in India.

1. Tuition Centre.

One of the most effective and low investment business. Latterly not required any small investment too. Because most of the tuition classes in India running under the house.

Sharing your own knowledge and earn money from that, is the best idea ever. If you will deliver the good tuition classes. Then no doubt that your students count will be increased and you can continue this business as a full time too.

This business not required and investment as I have mentioned above. Only you have to do the marketing in social media or near to your social area.

2. Garment tailor.

As people around the world like self-made design cloths. It comes under one of the popular business now. Especially, if you talk about Mumbai or Kolkata.

Here the demand for tailors is very high. This idea comes under small scale business. Not required much investment in renting stores or shops. You can start with a small house also.

Only need investment in stitching machine, sewing & electricity.

3. Meal Service.

Best small business ideas for housewives or women. As the demand for homemade food has been increased in the workplace.

You can easily start a small business in a very low investment from your home. Supplies the fresh food on the workplace and hostels.

4. Tea/Coffee stole.

One of the best small scale business ideas in my opinion. Normally, most private companies have more than 200 employees.

India is famous for its tea and coffee. So, the demand for tea is always high. If you put the storefront of any company, it would be beneficial for you.

This business does not take much investment. Only you have to invest under milk, sugar, gas, and tea.

5. YouTube Channel.

YouTube is a big platform for a person to showcase their own talent and creativity. No investment required here, make your individual channel.

Upload your videos or art free. Work continuously on your channel. Make a good connection with your viewers and start earning handsome money.

Today if you check online. You will find the people how started their own small business through YouTube. And today they are getting a good profit from this big platform.

6. Breakfast Stall.

You can start a small breakfast stall business with low investment. Normally, food is our basic requirement and daily needs.

Daily working people mostly depend on breakfast stall only. So, only you have to do that to find the perfect space for your business!

Take the permit from the authorities plus complete the legal work. Check the cost of your rent, raw material cost and next fix the number of your groceries.

7. Event Organizer.

As a college student, this is a perfect small business for you. Normally, not required any low investment too.

Many students who do not have money, take the advance money also from work. After completing work they take rest pending amount.

Organizing a birthday party, anniversary, festival celebrations, and Marriage function will not take much time. Investment required only in decorative material. However, this business required your good communication skill and activeness.

8. Dance / Music coaching.

One of the creative and best business ideas. The requirement of investment in very low. If you have the talent of dance or music you can start class from yourself.

Or perhaps you can hire the teacher for that. You can rent the place to start at your house only.

Remember small scale businesses can be pursuer without low investment too. If you have the skill and great planning strategy.

9. Online Course.

Many fewer people are aware of this small business. It’s hardly required much investment. But still, it has the potential to give your high return to your business.

So, I am talking about the course if you know about any particular topic. Students are available all over the world who purchase the online course.

You can make the course under MS word and convert it in PDF. Many online platforms are available in which you can sell this course. For example, Udemy.com. Either, you can purchase your domain and hosting. And you can start your course sealing business from your website.

10. Book Stall.

Yes, we all see the bookstall in school or university. No matter you are in Delhi, Mumbai, or Kolkata. You can see this bookstall easily.

Book requirement never ends. Every year new students come to the university and look for books. This business needs investment in dozens of books.

Also, take the permit for the stall and find a place near to school or colleges.

11. Social media marketing.

As social media becomes the way of reaching the customer. Big companies now taking seriously social media advertisements.

Social media business recently takes the big place of the market. Company hiring people for social marketing.

You can start the sale of this service through your website too. Start doing social marketing for the company and make its own brand name in the market.

In this low investment business, you need only website stability cost and good SEO.

12. Insurance Agent.

You can take this as a part-time or full-time business. This home-based business idea required good communication skills.

You need to sell the policy and in each policy, you will get the commission. This business also required good convening skills for success.

13. Foreign Language coaching.

If you know the foreign language, it could be a very good small scale business for you. Or if you do not know, you can start learning a foreign language. For example, French or Spanish which are most popular.

And after having good knowledge, you can teach to other students while coaching. Low investment only required your skill.

14. Yoga class.

India is also famous for yoga. One of the profitable and calculative small scale businesses. People knowing the benefit of yoga now and looking for a peaceful mindset.

It’s better if you have learned yoga and have a certificate for professional teaching. Else you can start learning form online sides too.

After figure out that, fix the place of coaching and investment required for class.

15. DJ Service.

If you are passionate about the music. Then you can start your small business with DJ service. If you learn the skill which required it would be best.

Less do the practice on that. Starting your DJ service for events or parts. Required CD player, Sound-box, turntable, and few more raw material.

Also, you have to do the social marketing of your brand.

16. Accounting service.

If you have a good knowledge of finance. Then you can handle the small business account accounting. This business either not required much investment.

But if you have a good connection in the market. Then you start this business easily. Keeping a record of a business transaction is a profitable business.

Although if you want you can take training for this business too. This low investment business also has the potential to fix a salary job.

17. Fitness Instruction.

We know that today everyone’s life routine is very tough. So, not many people can maintain the daily fitness routine, gym, exercise, or so on.

So, as a faintness instructor, you can visit the customer home. And you can provide the fitness service to them.

It is a perfect low investment business ideas. Because it reduces the customer extra efforts and you will get the fixed customer.

Only you have to do that, do marketing of your website and brand. Make it popular around social media.

18. Language translator.

If you invest a small amount of money to learn a foreign language. Then you get a good return on your business.

Many small or big companies required a translator for business meeting purpose. Many companies provide a fixed salary also, for that you are very professional in any foreign language.

Additionally, you can take this as your side business. Or can continue as a full-time business. This business has a bright future. No matter you work individually or in a group of the partner.

You will get the high return of your skill through this business.

19. Freelance in content marketing/ photography/Web design/animation.

The best part of this business that you can work freely on any project. This filed will not ask you for bound.

You can choose the project as per your skill and work on your free time. If you deliver a good quality of service.

Then you will get the more customer and you can fix your work schedule accordingly. In today’s many online platform are available who provides you this kind of projects.

You just need to register yourself over there. Along with your profile and skill details.

20. SEO Expert (Low investment business ideas).

Search engine optimization is practical. It is a great platform for earning. If you are an expert in the SEO method. Then you can help any website owner to rank his website on google.

You can lunch your online SEO service in low investment. Or perhaps join any freelance website and make your SEO service gig for business.

21. Travel Agency.

Everybody assumes that in the past many years travel businesses get in a boom. As people desire is get increase now. So people are following the map for traveling.

Travel agency comes in low investment business ideas and it gives a very good commission of payout. Only you have to invest in the host agencies and place rent. And you can start your small business without any much trouble.

22. Online Bakery.

If you do not want to rent a place for business. You can start an online bakery business. However, you have to be passionate about this business as it will take little time to grow.

As the eCommerce market grows a lot in the past decades. And competition is grow to in the market. First, you have to take the domain and hosting for your online website and after that, you can easily run your bakery business from your home.

Many people today placing the order online only for their convenience. So ideally, you just need to follow the trend and best demanding bakery product for the best business.

23. Blogging.

Very limited expanse online work. Give your best shot with your customer service or knowledge-based. This digital platform career can be run easily in small capital. It takes the investment of domain cost and hosting costs regularly.

Plus it also required correct marketing strategies for business growth. So ideally, you must follow the correct audios for your blogging business.

24. ScriptWriting.

Independent scriptwriting is one of the demanding profession in Mumbai. So if you have great imagination power then you can enter this profession. It’s not required any investment and you can also work on a project basis.

This profession also not required space in rent or initial cost for business. Just work according to allocated time and project requirements.

25. CardMaker.

Through appropriate tools and software, you can start the low investment card maker business. Cardmaker business can be split all around the world through the online setup. Always keep a 15-30 sample design with you and build a powerful business.

Only you have to invest the money in website development and software that all. A small business like card maker also develops in your custom relationship method. Plus follow the new card design and words fount size.

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