MRI Technician Course [Certificate & Diploma].

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MRI Technician Course.

MRI Technician Course.

This article is going to help students regarding the MRI technician course details and the career advantages of MRI technicians.

The Mri certificate program taught about how students have to run the MRI machines. Plus how to take magnetic resonance imaging for full body diagnosis.

Medical science every equal part getting constant evolution, therefore the healthcare sector provides various courses in the science stream after 12th class.

Such as CT scan technicians MRI technicians also use MRI machines to get to know about human body issues.

After a diploma in MRI technician along with one or two years of experiences candidates can start their own MRI technician clinics. For MRI test or CT scan test.

So ideally, the MRI technician course after 12th gives students great careers and growth prospects in the field.

Also, the MRI technician degree or certificate course has great scope in both hospitals and nursing homes. A technician certificate provides good income and bright future path.

MRI Technician Course Details.

MRI full form is Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is also known as a subsection of the radiology course.

Right after a technician degree if a student wants to pursue a high education such as specialization. Then radiology courses are the first ones that come to mind.

As we know medical technician courses like MRI technician teach about the technique of medical imaging and generate images of inner human anatomy.

Generated images help doctors for identifying the diagnose diseases and other conditions of organs and the human body.

Let see few popular mri technician or certificate courses names.

  • Certificate MRI Technician Courses.
  • Diploma Courses for MRI Technician Courses.
  • Under Gradate MRI Technician Courses.
  • Post Gradate MRI Technician Courses.

Diploma Courses.

  • Diploma in Medical Radiology.
  • Diploma in Radiology & Imaging Technology.
  • Diploma in Radiology Therapy.

Bachelor Degree Course.

  • BSC in Radiology.
  • BSc Hons in Medical Radiotherapy.

Post Graduate Courses.

  • MSc Radiology.
  • MD/MS Radio Diagnosis.
  • PG Certificate in MRI Technician Course.
  • PG Diploma in Radio Diagnosis &Imaging Science.

So according to the above MRI technician courses category. Students can choose their interest in technician course either degree or diploma.

Course Duration.

Total depends on institutes and colleges, still, most of the institute could provide around 3 months to 12 months course for technician certificate.

Eligibility Criteria.

MRI technician course eligibility depends on the choice of the course students have selected.

Some of the Mri technician degree courses required entrance exams and some take admission on a merit basis.

For MRI technicians in diploma certificate courses, common eligibility is the 12th standard market sheet with 50% of marks.

On the other hand, technician degree courses can also opt after 12th class.

A student who wants to do the MRI technician course after 10th must have working experience in X-ray or ct scan can apply for the technician certificate course.

For the post-graduation MRI technician course graduation in radiology, courses are basic eligibility. Such as BSc in radiology or BSc Hons in medical Radiotherapy.

Many colleges and institutes also opt in the students who have PG diploma courses or diploma certificates.

Course Fees.

The MRI technician course fees vary as per candidate course selection. Such as diploma in MRI scan course fees is approx. 1 Lakh.

Another side bachelor degree in MRI certificate program course fees is around 1 lakh to 2 lakh.

However, if you approach the government colleges for the diploma and certificate program then course fees could be around 50k INR to 60k INR.

Course Syllabus.

Most institutes and colleges are following some common subjects for ct MRI technician course. Check a few of the subjects name down below.

  • MR Pulse Sequences.
  • Biological Effect MR.
  • Medical Imaging Technique.
  • X Ray Working Area.
  • Basic Principles of Magnetic Resonance.
  • Selection of MR Coils & other.

Career Prospects & Job Opportunities.

If a candidate will do the certificate course they will get entry-level technician jobs such as diagnostic labs work, MRI Scanning crevice, medical imaging labs, etc.

But if candidates complete the degree technician course, then they can apply in the same field but supervisor technician posts.

Skill Required.

  • Technical Knowledge.
  • Physical stamina.
  • Arithmetic Skills.
  • Interpersonal Skills.
  • Detail Oriented.

Job Responsibilities.

  • Maintain the medical history of the patients.
  • Explain the procedure to the patients.
  • Acknowledge the patient questions.
  • Need to follow the MRI scanning guidelines.
  • Follow the doctor order for the scan process.
  • Identify the faulty imaging errors.
  • Explain the doctor about the complete analysis of the patients.
  • Right operating the MRI machines.


After ct scan mri technician course completion entry-level salary of MRI technician depends on various things.

Such as your technician job profile, job location, certificate authorization, etc.

However, starting level of technicians could be earned around 6k INR to 8k INR.

Students who have a bachelor’s degree in technician could be joined as an MRI Technologist and can earn around 2.5L to 3.5L annual.

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