Top 15 Phone Interview Questions & Answers.

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Phone Interview Questions.

1. How did you find the role?

You can answer the question. Like you have checked the opening details in the online job portal. Such as, LinkedIn, monster, or other job portal sources.

If you have found the opportunity through any personal connection. Then you can let them too. It’s good to share.

Therefore, I get the notification through my job portal and I came across the job. 

Another way you can simply say that. I have found this job opportunity through my [mention exact place details where you have found the details].

2. Tell me about yourself.

When phone interview questions, get started. One very common interview question comes “tell me about yourself”.

Because the interviewer or recruiter wants to hear your background details in your wordings.

So while answering that, do not explain unnecessary information.

Try to explain you’re experienced, professional qualification and how you are qualified for the applied position.

Remember start with you a few personal details. Then explain your academic and professional degree.

After that let them know your current job position and role.

Add little additional skills details. Show your willingness for success. Plus shows the excitement you have for a new job.

I wrote the in-deep article on “tell me about yourself” with examples.

3. What is your strength?

For sure possibility is there recruiter can ask you about your strength in phone interview questions.

The purpose of asking is just knowing the skills which you bring to their company.

Or you can also say that the interviewer is interested to know the details of your additional skills.

Explain the strength which can help in applying a job profile. Do not repeat words like other candidates! Also, be careful with your communication skills too.

I wrote about how to answer the questions like what is your strength in deep, for more information click here.

Still, I would like to share some best example here:

  • Creative thinking.
  • Organizational skill.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Task Prioritization.
  • Multitask.

4. Why did you leave your last company?

One of the most asking phone interview questions. The Recruiter is interested to know what your terms of leaving the last job. Have they been positive or negative?

So be careful and if you left your last job because of any critical issue. Then better do not share your negative terms.

Usually, none of the recruiters will hire you if you show them the negative terms.

Possible recruiters afraid the same situation could make them in trouble. Do not complain about your responsibilities. 

Answering this question will also showing your ethic, voice tone and attitude with your last company.

Let’s imagine you get fired by the last company. And it’s not your fault.

Then do not feel assumed and share your real words with the recruiter along with an explanation. However, do not drive in deep in case of a fired situation.

Try to drive the interviewer mood in your future goals and planeness. Avoid the back beaching of your manager or coworker.

5. Why do you want this job?

Through a phone, interview the interviewer is asking this question. Because he/she like to know your real hunger for the applying position.

The Interviewer wants to see your positive behavior for the current position. Hence, neither decrease the values of the previous job. Nor said this job is going to better from the last one.

Don’t give negative and unprofessional interview question answers.

Better read about the company profile and relate your wiliness to work with the company.

Through this question recruiter also like to test your seriousness for the position and understanding.

6. Why should we hire you?

The possibility of asking this interview question on the phone is very rare. However, it’s always good to prepare yourself for this question too. Before starting your phone interview.

Here you have to show them your good points or you can say your sailing points. Do not hesitate to showcase your achievements and reward.

I have already written in deep answer with examples of preparing the interview question “why should we hire you” here.

7. Why do you want to work here?

Now the interviewer is like to see you’re eager. Do not miss this good opportunity. Do not give the foolish answer like” I need to job or I won’t work to do”.

Asking this question shows that, the interviewer wants little good words for their company.

To impress the recruiter in that way only. Give 2 or 3 true compliments about the company.

Talk about company growth and interesting products. Also, add how much you are motivated to work with the current company.

If still you are confused then in my opinion just visit applied company online website and read about their progress and achievements.

8. Describe your current or previous job responsibilities and work.

Might be you will face this question too in your phone interview questions. So let see how to answer this question too smartly.

First, explain the same job responsibility which you have mentioned in your resume. 

Second, he/she like to see how far you are delivery responsibility as compare to your offer role.

Third could be possible they want little deep information about responsibility and role. 

The best way to answer this interview question is to start with a brief overview and then explain the points.

You can also answer in “STAR” stands. Means tell step by step like situation, Task, Action, Result. This is called the STAR method.

For example, what situation you get in your workplace. Next need to explain the action and task flow.

What activities and tasks are required to resolve the situation? And what results you have received after taking action. 

9. Why are you looking for a job?

Asking this question in your phone interview questions. Shows that the recruiter wants to know how much you are serious about the job. 

They want to confirm that you are taking the position as part-time or for a few months’ survival.

For example, you might be doing your master’s degree or any other professional degree. 

However, currently, you want this job. But after completing your master’s degree you have planning to move to a different company.

Therefore, do not open your planning in front of the recruiter. Behave positively and answer the question calmly.

Talk about your goals, skills improvement, trust in the company and so on.

10. Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years?

This interview questions come because the interviewer wants to see your career goals align.

I also want to know are you interested in the future company internal IJPs or not.

What are your pipe dream and being famous plans?

So ideally, you have to answer like. I am enthusiastic to develop my career realistically. Like to become a process manager or project trainer within 5 years.

11. What are you passionate about?

Some recruiter is interested to know you’re really passionate. However, some recruiters like to know how much you are fit in his job profile role.

It can be varied and we cannot read the recruiter mindset. So in this situation, it’s better that you answer safely.

You can explain what motivate you at work. Or how can you able to create fun with your work.

Apart from that helping people can be also one of the passionate work. Try to relate your passion with a related work profile. Still if might you not get any similarity.

Then its ok don’t make fake key relations and just explain you’re a normal passion.

12. Are you willing to relocate?

A very logical question to just check whether you are flexible or not. Asking these kinds of questions in phone interviews didn’t means that in reality, they are going to relocate you.

But the recruiter always queries to know. That’s how you will go to perform in a tough situation.

Or could it be possible that in the future this kind of case could happen? So are you ready for the responsibility with other locations too or not.

13. What are your salary requirements?

Might be you will face this question in your starting interview. Because recruiter like to know your expectation comes with role budget or not.

Apart from that recruiter also like to see that you are overqualified or under-qualified for the role.

So it’s good to answer like you are flexible. But also required a certain increment which improves your lifestyle and family responsibility too.

The phone interview is also normally happening because the recruiter will let know your salary range and offer according to that.

Remember while you are doing negotiating interviewer always starts there range from a low one.

So put your preference once or twice. But do not stick with your salary range. Else it can make a bad impression too. 

14. When can you start?

You will be heard this question end of your interview. Remember the company never want that candidate who wants one or two months for joining.

So minimum to the max you can ask one to two weeks only. Or if you are not doing any job then the most positive answer is “I can join as soon as possible”.

So don’t push yourself hard in this question. And answer the question in one line.

15. Do you have any questions for me?

When you get this question means you get the opportunity to communicate a little more. This is the right time to show the recruiter how interested you are.

For the current position. Ask some simple question for example.

  • How frequently IJP has happing here.
  • What is a higher post in the applied process?
  • Can you explain the role in depth?
  • Do you cover travel expenses?
  • What are other benefits I will get apart from medical?

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