How to Remove a Password From PDF File: 5 Quick Ways.

PDF Document Format

Today, I am covering the topic of how to remove a password from PDF file. Because many PDF files required password always when you open it.


To reduce this inconveniences from your life it’s good that you remove the password from your PDF file and save it.


So, that next time it will not ask password in your PDF save files.


Remove the Password by Download Software.


Step 1: Open Google chrome from your smartphone or computer.


Step 2: Type in search bar BeCYPDFMetaEdit click on the first option. After that, you will see the green free download box. Click on that and download the software.


Step 3: Now open the BeCYPDFMetaEdit software and then you have to select your PDF file from your phone or computer device.


Step 4: Down you will get the option of a “Complete Rewrite”, kindly select that option. After that click open.


Step 5: Now one pop up will come up to you for asking inter PDF file password. So, put the PDF file password there.


Step 6: Then click on the Security tab.


Step 7: Now in security system chose the drop-down arrow and select the “No Encryption” option. And click on the save button now.


The PDF file will save in your device after remove the PFD file password.


Means, next time when you will open that save PDF file in your phone or device they will not going to ask the PDF password.


Remove Password From PDF files in Google Chrome.


I have found some interesting google chrome trick which works great. Whenever I was in hurry I used this google chrome to remove my pdf file password and really great.


This is one of the best and secure processes of removing password from your PDF.


Step 1: Open the Google chrome in tab and just drag-drop the PDF file in google chrome address bar.


Step 2: Now you will see that PDF file will get open in your chrome tab only and here it will ask your PDF file password. So, enter the PDF password there and hit submit button.


Step 3: After opening the PDF file. Go to the top right corner and click on the three-line menu option.


Step 4: Click on the “Print” option. After appearances option in the left side click on charge tab. Now one more pop up will aspersers with a lot of options click on “Save as PDF”.


Step 5: Again click on save button in left side only.


Step 6: Now it will ask you the address location where you would like to save this remove pdf file.

Next, select the folder or drive according to your convenience. Put the file name and click on save button.


Here you all done, next time when you will open that save the file in your folder then it will not ask the password again.


Remove Password from PDF Using Adobe Reader Pro.


In Abode Reader I have found one best part that. It has the option of Remove PDF File Password. This function increases the abode reader demand too.


Around the world lots of people using this adobe platform. Therefore, adobe also gives one week free trial of Adobe Reader Pro.


Step 1: Open your PDF file through Adobe Reader Pro.


Step 2: Then it will ask for password so enter the password.


Step 3: Now you will see the lock icon in the window left side click on that lock icon.


Step 4: Now you will get the option of “Permission Details” click on that.


Step 5: In document properties, you will get the “Security” option click on that tab.


Step 6: Here in security method box use the drop-down arrow and select the “No security” option.


Step 7: now click save to your changes. It will ask again for save confirmation so click again save.


The process has completed of remove password from PDF. Now next time when you will open the original PDF file it will not be going to ask you PDF file password.


 Remove Password from Professional PDF Password Remover.


There are some other ways also available through that you can remove your PDF file password very easily.


So the first website is iseepassword PDF Password Remover. Its take only four-steps to remove your PDF password. They are providing a free trial and buy now both option.


Step 1: Download and install the iSeePassword on your computer.


Step 2: After opening the iSeePassword software you will get the two option. So, select the second option “Remove Owner Password from PDF”.


Step 3: Now select the Add File and chose the PDF file. Then select the start button to remove the PDF password.


Step 4: Might be they will ask PDF password once which you have to provide. And after that process will begin all PDF file which you have added get free of PDF password.


You will all set with PDF file without password.


Recover Your Forgot PDF File password.


Step 1: Search iSeePassword PDF Password Remover in the google search bar. Click on the free trial and install in your Windows or Mac.


Step 2: After installation opens the iseePassword software and here you will get the two option first remover password from PDF and second Remove owner password from PFD.


So, select the first option “Remove password from PDF”.


Step 3: Now click on Add file and add your PDF file here. Downside you will get the three option, here you have to select the “Brute-Force with mask attack”.


Note: if you remember any part of password then only you can click on setting less better do not click on setting.


Step 4: next click on the Start button. Now the process will run start and it makes take an hour or day too. Totally based on how strong your password is.


After finding the password you can just copy and paste your password in save text place.


Use SmallPDF Service for Remove Password from PDF.


This is the second online website which can remove a password from your PDF file. Company is providing you free trial too.


Step 1: Visit the website first SmallPDF Service. After that, you will see the lots of option like compress pdf, pdf converter, merge pdf, split pdf and so on.


Step 2: Most probably in the down area you will get the option of “Unlock PDF” click on that.


Step 3: Next new page will show you the option of “Drop PDf Here” chose your PDF file from there and upload it.


Step 4: After the upload process is done select the “unlock file” and save your remover password pdf file on your computer.


Now you can access your save pdf file with any restriction.


Note: However, this online password remover website could be harmful to your document security. Because many of online website copy you pdf file data too.


So I will suggest that better use the google chrome step which we great. Still, it’s totally up to you which you prefer most.