Top 10 Universities in the World [2019].

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This is a complete guide to know about top universities in the world.

In which you can apply or consider for the future.

Every student wants a chance to study at top and respective universities.

So, if you have a plan to go abroad for education.

Then research for perfect university is important.

All other factors are also important which we cannot ignore.

Searching for university is not about, searching the name of universities.

Because most of the students do the same practice.

Searching means to know the reputation of the university, admission criteria, Course fee, scholarship, accommodation, academic faculties, etc..

Therefore, today I am going to share the top 10 universities in the world.

Including QS world ranking of 2019.

Plus you will get the information related to world university rankings of 2019 details too.

Let’s start then…

1). Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Top Universities in the world).

As per current research, MIT is standing on number one position. This is a private university in Cambridge (Massachusetts).

You can definitely consider this university.

MIT is best known for his programs in engineering and physical science.

Other subjects like political science, urban studies and philosophy are also available here.

But, mostly, this university is more famous for an engineering program.

So, if you have an interest in engineering then, this is the best option for you guys.

Admission Criteria: To get admission in MIT, you must have a bachelor degree from good college or universities.

Plus latter of recordation, GRE score, transcripts, IELTS.

Application Fee: It will around $75.00 to $250.00.

Academic Faculties: MIT faculties are awesome, all rising start of the world you can see there.

They accept challenges, they help a lot.

Most of the faculties are involved in the major research area.

So, you can able to understand the quality of the university.

Accommodation:  Yes, you can live inside the campus.

After interring in MIT all fresher need to live on campus.

Which are great opportunities to know more people and faculty?

Now, let talk about the QS world ranking for MIT.

So, Massachusetts Institute of Technology got the overall 100 scores under QS world rankings in 2019.

This is crazy right.

QS World rankings give the marks after checking the university academic reputation, employer reputation, international student progress, and citations per faculty.

Next, let see the world ranking number of MIT in 2019.

So, World ranking number Massachusetts Institute of Technology is 4th number and an overall score is 94.2.

Which is a good percentage of a number!

2). Stanford University.

It comes under second position and one more good option for admission.

This is also a private university comes under Stanford (California).

Stanford University is also popular for engineering plus computer science, social science, Biologics, and Biomedical Sciences.

Admission Criteria: At list high school GPA.

They are very selective in terms of students selection.

A grade should be very good. Sometimes 4.18 GPA a student also get difficulty in admission.

Application Fee: You have to expend $90.00 for the application fee which is nonrefundable.

Academic Faculties: Faculties are very sharp and good.

Comes from a different country with strong grades and knowledge.

Accommodation: Yes, you will get the on-campus housing for all undergraduates and graduate students.

QS World ranking of Stanford University in 2019 is overall 98.06.

And World university ranking is 3rd and the overall score is 94.7.

3). Harvard University.

One of the famous university. Most of the student usually take admission here.

Great opportunities of learning, developing and researching you will get there.

As we all know it comes under United State.

It is one of the oldest university in the nation.

I don’t think so Harvard needs any definition. All know about this university.

Admission Criteria: Admission is very competitive.

If you are top in your class plus have an SAT score at list 1560.

So, overall need a very good grade in your high school. Harvard acceptance rate is 4.7 in 2018.

Application Fee: $75.00 is the application fee.

Academic Faculties: Very experienced one you will get. Supportive, organized and knowledgeable.

Accommodation: Yes, you will do get the housing facility under campus. All fresher or undergraduate have different and best designs living area.

QS World ranking of Harvard University in 2019 is overall 98.5.

And World university ranking is 6th and the score is overall 93.6.

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4). California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

 This university took the place of four under top universities in the world. This is too private and comes under Pasadena (California).

Normally, it’s famous for engineering and science.

But, it also has earth science, biology, computer science, etc…

Admission Criteria: High School GPA of a Caltech. SAT Score Caltech student in 1555. ACT Score of Caltech student 35.

Application Fee: Similarly Harvard, here also application fee is $75.00 Dollar.

Academic Faculties: You will get world-class faculties. Count of faculty is a lot according to different streams.

Accommodation: Yes, a great facility for a student on campus.

Peaceful environment and good taking care of students.

Now, QS World ranking of California Institute of technology is overall 97.2.

And World university ranking 5th and score is overall 94.1.

So, you can assume the demand of these top universities in the world through this ranking too.

5). The University of Oxford.

Prestige’s and popular one and demanding among the students.

After delivery lots of good facts, it comes under the fifth position.

It comes under England country.

Like, Harvard, Oxford is also the oldest university Calles. The big role contributes to the English speaking culture.

It also has 28 Noble prices.

You can choose the course here like, bachelor of Civil Law, bachelor of philosophy, master of fine art, Magister Juris, master of a business and administration, etc..

Admission Criteria: It depends on your course in which you like to go.

However, SAT at least 1400. 700 at the list in writing and others. Plus Act score at least 32.

Application Fee: Need to pay 75 pounds for an application fee per course.

Academic Faculties: Very good division is made for faculty ways. According to department and requirements. The supportive environment and fibulas culture.

Accommodation: Yes, on-campus living facility in there and if any student wants to live out of campus then the student needs to talk to the relevant department.

Next, QS World ranking of the University of Oxford in 2019 is overall 96.8.

However, if we see the World University ranking is one and score is overall then it’s 96.00.

6). The University of Cambridge.

Great university for researching and learning. And this is the reason it comes in 6th under top universities in the world.

You can study architecture, chemical engineering, computer science, economics, classics, archaeology, etc…

Admission Criteria: A leave, A*A*A for most of the science students. SAT score at least 1400 including all test.

Application Fee: It’s around 60 pounds for each application.

Academic Faculties: Highly educated faculties are there. Motivated and experienced.

Accommodation: Yes, the living facility is there if you go for a full-time course then living is not an issue.

After that now, QS World ranking of the University of Cambridge is 95.6 overall.

And World University ranking is 2nd plus overall score is 94.8.

Because of good ranking, only it comes under top universities in the world.

7). ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).

Normally, this university is popular for teaching science, engineering, mathematics, etc..

It’s located in Switzerland.

Its little tuff to get admission in ETH. However, if you have good grand then no worries.

Admission Criteria: Bachelor degree, If have credits then its good,

Application Fee: You have to pay 50 CHF to 150 CHF. Depends on which course application you are taking.

Academic Faculties: Good and energetic faculties.

Accommodation: Here you will get little difficulties.

Because renting a room is normally happens in Switzerland.

So, it good that you research location and area first, before applying in the university.

QS World ranking of ETH Zurich is overall 95.3.

World University ranking is 11th and the overall score is 89.3.

8). Imperial College of London.

It is located in London.

Undergraduate and postgraduate course are available here. It is a public research university.

The best part of this college is that it’s organized by the faculties of engineering, natural science, medicine, and business.

You can go for a course like, chemical engineering, design engineering, earth science, and engineering and etc…

Admission Criteria: AAA (minimum entry), a higher level chemistry or mathematics

Application Fee: 50 pounds to a 100-pound non-refundable application fee.

Academic Faculties: Nice, supportive and experience.

Accommodation: Yes, the residence is available for undergraduate students. Plus have a good social environment.

QS World ranking of Imperial College London is 93.3.

Plus World University ranking is 9th and the overall score is 90.3.

9). The University of Chicago.

Center of University of Chicago in Delhi (India).

It’s known basically for econometric and quantitative economics, mathematics, political science, biology science.

Many more courses are also there.

Admission Criteria: Differently good grade is required.

GPA for fresher students is at least 4.00.

Application Fee: Usually the University of Chicago does not take an application fee from those students have financial aid.

Otherwise, students who don’t have financial aid for that application fee is $75.00.

Academic Faculties: Experience and supportive faculty no doubt.

Accommodation: Yes, they do have a residential campus and the first-year student has to leave there.

QS World ranking of the University of Chicago is 93.2.

But, World University ranking is 10th and the overall score is 90.2.

10). UCL (University College London).

UCL is also a public research university and located in England.

It has been founded in 1826.

You can apply for course like, BA, BSC, LLB, PGCE, Mphil, Ph.D., PGCE and many more.

It’s leading with the multidisciplinary university.

Because of that reason also its comes under top universities in the world.

It is a prestigious university and if you apply for this then it’s a good decision for career growth.

Admission Criteria: Minimum requirement is 3.3 or 4.0 in GPA.

Depend on subject to subject.

IF you are studying outside of the United Kingdom then must attempt GRE test.

Application Fee: 75 pounds to 100 pound. Depend you are feeling from online or paper one.

Academic Faculties: Excellent faculty no doubt.

Accommodation: Yes, they do provide the accommodation facility.

QS World ranking of 2019 for University College London is 92.9.

While World University ranking is 14th and overall score is 87.8.