Better Way to Answer “What Do You Do”.

candidate are waiting holding CV for their interview.

Usually, interviewers ask this question “what do you do” to just get to know you in shorthand. This means person interest to know about your experience accumulated or qualification details.

This question is awesome to answer because it shows up your achievements and passion. It might look a very simple question but it has lots of hiding questions.

Because after given the answer to “what do you do” you will be judged accordingly your answer only. So ideally, do not give an easier answer which cannot define your personality, career or achievements.

Also, do not even give state forward answer, because through that you are indicating interviewers that you are not interested much about answer this question.

Basically, under the answer to this question “what do you do”? You have to showcase your communication skills, value, helping nature towards others, and the ability to make an official relationship. You can also share your passionate part or what you exactly do for others.

1. The Normal Answer You Gave.

Generally, the jobseeker is not able to understand the question properly. However, most of the time they give the answer which not either good or bad.

Some Examples:

  • I work as a Sales Manager.
  • I am doing my Post Graduation.
  • Currently, I am doing lots of things.
  • I am a student.
  • I am looking for a job.
  • I teach English to near the local school.

Let’s get clearer on that. As I have mentioned above this question is asked to know more about you in short. So basically, it’s always a good approach if you give the relevant answer.

2. Don’t Give Fake Answers “Be Relevant”.

Never give a fake answer to your interviewer. Do not make a story that cannot suit your personality and resume.

Here you are not only explaining yourself but your work experience too. So if you lie that recruiter knows because they have that much experience. Through that, they can easily relate your words according to your facial expression.

Do not afraid to talk about your dream job and career expectations. Do not talk about references too. Avoid fake answers because through that. You might get disqualified for the job.

Always talk which relates to your personality or career.

3. Explain The Career Objectives.

While making a resume you have always mention the career objective in the first right. The purpose of mention career objective in your resume, CV or biodata. Is to define your career ability in a short phase.

Shows your goal and expectation from career. Come up with enthusiastic and competitive words. Do not talk about past failures. Just show how much you are passionate about your career and future goal.

Don’t show that you are looking for money increment only in life. Show the values of your dream job and so on.

4. Explain Your Qualifications And Work.

Another best way to answer the question “what do you do” is. To explain your qualifications or work experience. Your academic qualification will show the mirror of your skills and knowledge.

If your qualification degree relates to the position you applied. Then show how beneficial it is that you already have deep information about that programmer or skills.

Or if you are pursuing any course, then also you can relate your course skill would be utilized for your organization’s growth.

Also, include your past work experience. Explain how much you learn and how much you applied and improve accordingly.

If might be you are unemployed for some time. Then could be possible that this question “what do you do”. Interviewers asked for just know what you are doing currently for leaving.

Here you can explain your part-time hobby job details. Such as teaching, online work, freelancer and more.

I wrote about most asking the interview question “why should we hire you” to check out here for the full article.

5. Fresher “Talk Something You are Passionate About.

If you are fresher and not have any work experience then. You can talk about your passionate stuff. You can say like I am very much passionate about photography. And in free time I always take good photos. In the future, I would like to learn more about my passion and want to sale online photos too as a passion.

Through this answer, you can make the conversation interesting and also shows up something which you enjoy a lot to do.

Another example, you can say I am also passionate about graphic designing and I am looking forward to graphic designing business in the future.

6. Don’t Show Family and Friend Obligations.

If you express your feeling regarding family obligations. Then it shows that you are looking for work because you are under the press of responsibility.

Through that, you are also giving an idea to the interviewer that if might you get a better opportunity or job. You could be a switch from his organization.

So do not talk about family obligations. Second, do not show that you like to join the organization because your friends are already working there.

Because this kind of answer shows, that you are not much interested in the job position. But more interested in the friend circle.

So ideally, unless the recruiter not ask for family and friend matter. Do not jump on those topics or issues.

7. High Point of your Achievements.

One better way to answer the question of “what do you do”. That start talks about your previous company achievements and awards.

Talk about your major possibility in the prevision office. Most of the time after hearing your awards and achievement recruiter get impressed by you. And could hire you too.

Explain the major learning path and deliver quality work. So basically you have to promote yourself and tells your favorite part of work. Give value to your work. Tell how you are helping your office members. How your manager appreciates you in your good work.

Show how quick you can solve the issue related to the same position. The work experience proper details also shows your storytelling skill which is great as per communication skill.