8 Best PTC Sites for Click Ads & Survey: Work From Home.

Person confused with captcha website is good
Person confused with captcha website is good

8 Best PTC Sites for Click Ads & Survey.

As we know PTC (Paid per Click) gives you the extra earning option plus the opportunity to work from home.

Maybe you are thinking about why PTC sites.

Because extra income or extra earning from home in free time is always good.

If you are a student then it’s your extra pocket money and if you are working then you can take this a side income.

If you will search online for PTC sites, then there are dozen of PTC sites available in the market and 90% of them is fake.

Still, they are able to maintain their place.

Because in the last few years people are getting more interested to work from home.

This actually increases the interest of extra income. And behind that fake companies are also step in.

So it’s important that you connect with a genuine platform.

Many Big companies invest millions of money for this kind of advertisement and survey. So that they can improve their own productivity and get more customers.

Some PTC sites give you the cash money to finish their survey. And few are providing a reward point.

I have also earned around $60.00 through PTC sites in the past. I am just sharing my experience here and I hope it will help you to choose the right path.

First of all, I would like to say guys don’t think that the PTC side can give you the lakhs of money in your one day job.

You have to be patient in this work. Slowly when you make your strong profile with these companies. Then you can expect more surveys and earnings.

Take this as a part-time and gives only one hour a day it will improve your interest.

And the website will also get to know that you are visiting his site daily, so you will become a valuable customer for them as well.

Maybe you are thinking.

How does it be easy?

Let’s drive in that…

When you will visit PTC sites which I am going to suggest to you.

You will find most of the sites are a very user-friendly and very easy process of free registration.

Just need to provide few details and you can able to create your account in minutes.

No worries about which city or country you are leaving. Because these sites will accept worldwide registration.

You can start work from your home, college, coffee shop or where you are comfortable.

Choose your own time and just log in and visit your account daily basis.

No technical skill required and you will found multiple income opportunities you can earn through planning games on some PTC side and some small task.

The best part of this site that “no investment” required. Get the payout on time without any delay.

Normally each ad click is worth $0.01 to $0.50 (Dependents on the membership sites)

You can get your payment through PayPal or Payza account. Create your PayPal and Payza as well if you don’t have one.

Do not create multiple accounts on a single website else they will block your membership.

Below are few top 8 PTC sites they are popular in other countries too. (Including India & the USA).

If you will work seriously on these sites then you can earn $60.00+ from there.

1. Prize Rebel.

This is one of the trusted PTC sites. Prize Rebel has 8 million members currently on his site (maybe it’s changed in the upcoming time).

8 million members is not a small community. After completing a survey they give you a redeemed cash or gift card.

Prize Rebel provides payment through PayPal.

Sign up the process is very easy just need to create your profile with your email address.

You will get the validation link in your email which you need to confirm and you are ready to go.

2. Swagbucks.

I like Swagbucks as compare to other PTC sites. Another trusted site launched in 2008 and very old in the market.

You can check the customer reviews on his website so that you will get more clearness.

I have earned more than $157.00 just from Swagbucks.

Sign up in Swagbucks.com with your email address and start receiving your survey.

3. ClixSense.

One of the oldest and popular PTC side. Since 2007 this company is paid to his members.

So you can figure out how best to connect with a company like this.

Not only through a paid survey, if you refer any of your friends then also will you get earning here.

In my opinion, ClixSense is the best I have worked here in starting.

I feel boring because of not getting more surveys only 2 or 3 surveys in coming but slowly day has changed and after a few months, I am getting more surveys and earning.

PTC sites are giving work like this, only guys.

In starting you will not the more survey but if you are seriously interested to work with them for a long time.

Then after a few months, you will see the survey count will be increased and you’re earning too.

Sign up in the ClixSense.com process is very easy.

After sign up with your email address, you will get the validation link in your email ID which you need to confirm and then you can complete your other profile details.

4. NeoBux.

I have started with Neobux around 3 years ago and have earned $800.00 here. I didn’t want to give any wrong direction guys.

But if you can work patience full with PTC sites then trust me guys this is a very small amount for you which I have earned.

NeoBux launched in 2008 and it is popular in the market.

I have worked very patiently here in starting. I was losing my mind but after a few months when I saw my earning, I got relive.

You can join here for your extra earning and start work when you have free time.

Every single advertisement will also give you 1 point & 4 AdPrize chances.

You will see some offer-walls available there such as TrialPay and Matomy.

Playing a few games can also increase your income but I will not suggest paying more because maybe you lose you are all earning as well.

If you will able to collect the many coins here then you can increase you’re earning 60% there.

In starting you will get the Ad of prize $0.02 maybe after a few weeks your Ads will change in a higher amount, but for that, you have to stick with your account in a daily basis.

NeoBux also gives a free lottery with its unique Ads where you can view one advertisement and win a prize it’s in your luck, so I don’t focus on that much you can try it for fun if you want.

5. Paiverts.

This is a kind of new PTC website in the market but in a small time frame, it gets lots of popularity.

Paidverts has launched its website in 2014 and to date, he has 31 lakh+ (in future numbers can be changed) members available on his side which is a great count of a figure.

Many people get confused on this PTC site because it is a little different as compares to other sides.

Here you will see the ads in name of BAP and after viewing the BAP ads the next day it will convert in your Ads for which you will get the payout.

You will get the 16 BAP activation ads daily.

After 8-12 hours of BAP ads, you need to check your profile for paid ads.

Investing a $1.00 and buy an ad pack will be more beneficial for you because after that you will not only receive $1.50 worth of ads but you can also do the advertisement of your ads and banners.

6. Vivatic.

You can join here also for a survey job. On this site you will get more than one option, you can choose writing jobs and earn more through a referral program.

Apart from that, you can participate in other tasks and cash offers as well.

Sign up process is very easy with Vivatic. So do sign up and start work from home. You will get the payout through PayPal.

7. Paid Viewpoint.

This site is accepting registration worldwide.

For earning users need to view daily gives ads for example watch videos, playing a game, pay per click, surveys, and participating in other contests.

One of the easiest work from home sites.

The best part of the Paidviewpoint side that here you will get the payment is processed twice weekly via WebMoney, PayPal, and Skrill.

Just remember one user one account allows only.

8. Cashcrate.

This PTC site launched in market 2006, trusted and one of the best-earning options.

You can join here as well and start viewing surgery and ads daily. As you will defiantly hear it before No pain, No gain.

So how can companies pay you without your work, no one pays you free right. Of course, you have to show your interest and courage.

Sign up with Cashcrate and start work with no investment.

Guys these are the PTC side with you can start your earning part-time.

If you can able to give your time and afferent in this then only go for it.

Again I would like to repeat that you have to give patience to the PTC site’s work. So start as part-time and do work from home whenever you have time.

No once give you the money for free. Most people want money in a short time which is not possible. You have to give your time then only you will earn money.

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I have tried my best to provide the best information available about work from home. It will help you out enough.

Now it’s your turn, to tell me that which is the best phase of guide you like most.

Or maybe you have any doubts in your mind regarding this topic. If you have right down your comment now below.